The best natural body scrubs for sensitive skin

The best natural body scrubs for sensitive skin. As you probably know, the key for healthy and glowing skin is to clean it properly and by saying that, I mean you need to remove all dead skin cells. 

The best natural body scrubs for sensitive skin. A handmade body scrub might be the best solution for dry
and dull skin.

What is the best way to promote healthy skin if not organic body scrubs? Of course, that small particles from sugar are rubbing every little skin pore to the deepest level until it removes dull skin and promotes healthy skin.

Why body scrubs are so popular amongst skincare products?

Well, the skin is the largest organ in the human body and it carries most part of toxins, these toxins are building up if you do not perform a proper detox diet. Once your skin accumulates toxins, you might notice small spots, too dry or too oily skin, perhaps ingrowing hair, body odour, yes all these can be removed with a natural body scrub.

Why I’m saying natural body scrub, is because the ph or scrub must be as close to your skin as possible in order to restore a balance in your skin health. Chemicals and parabens from skincare products are dangerous subtle enemies of healthy skin which over the years can develop serious skin conditions.

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Before I didn’t pay much attention to skincare products, I was trusting big brands without questions and I thought they know what they are doing until I realize some serious changes in my body.

Grab this marvellous organic body scrub free of parabens and chemicals. Click on photo to shop. 

Fabulous skincare from Juliete Creations

The best natural body scrub for sensitive skin. Organic coconut body scrub for sensitive skin.
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Of course, the unpleasant changes that occur in my body might not be only from skincare products, but food or hormones also.

I was shocked to see that some brands have included castor oil in wet wipes ingredients, which everyone knows castor oil promotes hair growth. Once I realize that wet wipes have castor oil as ingredients I decided to stop using them.

Long time, I have used wet wipes to remove makeup and to refresh my face a few times a day. After a while, I start to notice some fluffy hair on my face, which made me think that is because of castor oil from the ingredients of wet wipes.

For your own good, never trust a company just because it has got a reputation, do some research before you choose what skincare product to use. Read the labels in detail and if you are not satisfied with the information’s, search online for opinions.

When you choose a body scrub, make sure it doesn’t have alcohol as ingredients, because will dry your skin instead of moisturizing and check the ingredients carefully to make sure you won’t find castor oil or parabens.

Every skin condition has got a deeper cause. You need to find the cause and treat it accordingly. If body scrubs do not improve your skin as you want, book a dermatologist to examine your skin and offer you professional advice.

Meanwhile, you can indulge your body with organic coconut body scrub from Juliete Creations. A soft sugar scrub with a luxurious texture. Try it by yourself and see what I’m talking about.

Organic sugar scrub for sensitive skin. Handmade Coconut scrub for sensitive skin.

Active Manuka Honey body scrub

Handmade natural manuka honey sugar body scrub from Juliete creations
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from Juliete creations

Most of the brands that are selling manuka honey cosmetics are using a very tiny extract or not at all, because of the cost of this special ingredient. Active Manuka Honey body scrub is created handmade with 100% natural ingredients ( no need for preservative because is created in small batches and sugar is a natural preservative too)

After you use this precious body scrub, your skin will feel 500% smoother, softer and well hydrated, not to mention the fragrance, you will fall in love with it.

What is the best way to promote healthy skin, if not organic body scrubs

How to use body scrubs:

Body scrubs are best used while you shower, apply by doing gentle circular motions until you reach every part of the body, except your face. While massaging your body with the sugar scrub, time to time, add water to make the cleaning process easier.

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  1. Brittney Pagan says:

    I’m going to have to test out these natural body scrubs on my son. He has very sensitive skin and we struggle to find products that he can tolerate.

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