Mesmerizing Halloween makeup looks. Try these Halloween makeup ideas and bring out the maleficent or the princess that lies within you. The best Halloween makeup ideas to try this year.

With the current situation, I don’t really see any of us attending any Halloween party this year, but still, no one is stopping you from doing a creepy character or a sweet princess makeup look and taking a selfie for the love of gram.

Social media is already flooded with spectacular Halloween makeup looks that either give you chill just by looking at the picture, or make you give it a try to your artistic talent.

In the following list, I have included some extremely talented MUAs that went beyond any kind of imagination and created the best Halloween makeup that will totally make you want to enroll in a makeup training class as soon as possible.

For more ideas and to learn makeup tricks follow the makeup artists listed in this guide. You will get impressive tips to achieve a magnificent look with the right tools.

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1. Jarritos-Mexican Halloween makeup looks

jarritos-mexican halloween makeup looks

Sugar skulls and Jarritos – what else do you need to have an authentic “Dias de Los Muertos”? Those who are looking for the ultimate spirit of celebration – spooky and edgy, though festive and fun will recognize this spicy makeup!

2. Butterfly skull Halloween makeup looks

Butterfly skull Halloween makeup looks
image source Instagram: @ludmilamua

Looking for a feminine and regal, though mesmerizing look this year? This makeup combines the fragile beauty of one of the most celebrated creatures in the world with the grim and solemn energy of Death itself. Glamorous and dark – this makeup will turn you into an ultimate femme fatale!

3. Cute Floral Halloween Makeup

 Cute Floral Halloween Makeup
image source Instagram: @sapplesauce666

Those who want something unconventional and don`t fall victim to traditional dramatic visions of skull makeup will be fascinated with the gentle and innocent nature of this look. But things are not always what they seem to be and this magical forest creature may turn out to be a vicious monster!

4. Scary neon Halloween makeup

Scary neon Halloween makeup
image source Instagram: @katiifirecat

Leave glitters and feathers for your grandma! Modern monsters live in the rhythm of a big city, hitting highways in the search of speed and adrenaline or flashing here and there at the trendiest nightclub. Turn the bass on and hold tight – this neon monster is here to take you on the adventure of your life!

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5. Fantasy Cat Halloween Makeup look

Fantasy Cat Halloween Makeup look
image source Instagram: @ludmilamua

True madness and permissiveness – the whimsical atmosphere of your favorite childhood book spiced up with the edgy touch of dramatic shades and curvy shapes. Feel like going ultimately wild? Throw your cards on the table and hop into the rabbit hole –we have something special just for you tonight!

6. Pink cat fantasy Halloween makeup

Pink cat fantasy Halloween makeup. The best Halloween makeup ideas
image source Instagram: @ludmilamua

Feel like a bigger knob today? Embrace this look inspired by the mad hatter and white bunny at once! Hurry up – the ball will start soon! But don`t forget to draw some lonesome wonderer! After all, what is the point of a fairy tale, if there’s no one to be charmed?

7. Sweet Cat Halloween makeup look

Sweet Cat Halloween makeup look
image source Instagram: @makeupbyclare_

Are you a wild thing that does not mind being tamed, though? Become an ultimately independent queen of any party with this dramatic and feminine makeup. Furry and gentle, but can show her sharp claws any time – this is the message that any hunter will instantly get. And only the bravest ones will dare to start the chase.

8. Joker Halloween makeup

Joker Halloween makeup
image source Instagram: @r_derojo

Why so serious? When the celebration is not just on but goes ultimately wild – it is time for the queen of the crazy to show up. Take over any party with this fascinating monstrous makeup. Show them who reigns the parade today and then jump into the shadow when they least expect it. This iconic makeup will turn you into a party legend today!

9. Creepy Death Halloween Makeup look

Creepy Death Halloween Makeup look
image source Instagram: @arvenfawn

Only the bravest ones dare to play with Death itself. And only they have a chance to win! This mesmerizingly frightening, though regal makeup will turn any Halloween queen into an ultimate aristocracy. Death has never been so fascinating. And it is up to you today, who to take, and who to spare!

10. Fantasy Sea Princess Halloween makeup look

Fantasy Sea Princess Halloween makeup look
image source Instagram: @emmafarrellmakeup

Disney princesses step aside when this true queen of the ocean steps forward. This fascinating look will draw everybody’s attention, while only a true empress of the sea will manage to pull it off. Whether you are planning to be a singing Serena today or a selfless little mermaid, choose to be as original and stunning as the ocean itself.

11. Avatar Halloween makeup look

Avatar halloween makeup looks

Strong and independent though gentle and sensitive – you will take them to your Universe, show all the wonders or push down the cliff. This makeup is for a wild queen who knows how to become an iconic character just being herself… but who said that an avatar can only be real?

12. Scary princess Halloween makeup

Scary princess Halloween makeup

In the world of magical princesses, dare to demonstrate your true multifaceted nature with this stunning look. She is gentle and regal, dead inside but is still willing to live and love. Some might find you scary, others will be truly fascinated with your mysterious look, but no one will stay indifferent.

13. Skull Queen Halloween makeup

Creative makeup ideas

An ultimate Queen of the Dead – this complicated regal look is meant for an ultimate femme fatale. She will hold them tight in her bony fist and sit high on her golden throne as an icon of the party is supposed to. Glamorous yet edgy – this look will turn you into a mysterious legend today!

14. Maleficent Halloween makeup look

Maleficent makeup look

When dark meets elegant – Maleficent must be the most fascinating villain in the history of fairy tales. A betrayed fairy, a strict but just ruler of the magical forest, she does not fall for the false charms and carries true love in her dark yet soft heart.

15. Floral classy Halloween makeup idea

Floral classy  makeup

When everybody will come dressed as sculls and monsters, you will take over the party with this gentle yet dramatic floral look. This rose has some sharp spikes, but it is only up to her whether to show them today.

16. Scary Autumn Goddess Halloween makeup look

Scary Autumn Goddess makeup look

 She comes quietly and lulls us before the cold and death of the winter take over. This Autumn Goddess look is scary yet fascinating. It lures you into the quiet and romance, embraces, and soothes. We all know what comes after but Autumn remains the most beloved season of true philosophers and poets.

17. Mythical character face paint

Mythical character face paint

When you don’t want to be one more face in the crowd, grab your brushes and makeup kit, and create your own. This mythical creature looks like all of them together but is still unique and recognizable.

Want to draw everybody’s attention today, try this makeup and get ready to tell your own story after being asked “Who are you today?” for the 100th time.

18. Spider makeup for Halloween

Spider makeup for Halloween
image source weheartit

When beauty and glam meet creepy. We are all afraid of spiders and still, everyone is fascinated with their sophisticated webs. Gentle and artistic, they are strong and deadly for those who get caught in them. And are you today with this original makeup.

19. Gypsy Gitana Halloween Makeup look

Gypsy Gitana  Makeup look
image source Instagram: @bybrookelle

She will charm you with freedom and lure you into her vicious world. This gypsy makeup is not one more Halloween look, but an image of a truly fearless and independent queen of the cursed.

20. Poker cards face painting Halloween inspiration makeup

Poker cards face painting inspiration makeup

Poker face indeed – nobody will ever be able to read behind that powerful look. Will you pass or raise the stakes today? It is up to you. Anyway, they will never be able to see your true intentions and you can do whatever you want today!

21. Cute Halloween makeup look

Cute Halloween makeup look
image via unsplash

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