Dibs Beauty review and their best products that are trending right now. Are you wondering what is all about Dibs and don’t know if it is a trustworthy brand or how good their products are? To help you clear all these questions, I’ve compiled this comprehensive guide, including the best Dibs products that are all the rave and influencers’ favorites. So step in to find out everything about this trendy makeup brand!

Dibs Beauty review and their best products that are trending right now

There’s no doubt about the ever-evolving nature of the beauty industry, with new brands emerging, more often than not, to create ethical, innovative, eco-friendly, and inclusive beauty products.

A lot of upcoming beauty brands have chosen to share with the world their take on what beauty is and also encourage people to embrace their uniqueness. Among these new brands is one that has quickly gained love and attention from beauty enthusiasts worldwide, and it’s no other than Dibs Beauty.

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Dibs Beauty review and their best products that are trending right now

Dibs Beauty is a brand that embraces diversity and versatility, encouraging every person to fall in love with their unique or one-of-a-kind beauty all over again. There’s so much to discover about Dibs Beauty, and we’ll be covering that and more, so stick around to the end!

Insights About Dibs Beauty

Have you ever wondered what beauty products you would take to a deserted island with only one small bag to carry all your essentials? Well, the founders of Dibs Beauty wanted their products to be the first thing that comes to your mind. Multi-functional and portable products that won’t take up space and also have more than one purpose.

Desert Island Beauty Status, popularly known as Dibs Beauty, was founded by Courtney Shields and Jeff Lee and launched in 2021. A first look at the co-founders might make you wonder how they even relate, given that Courtney is a fashion and beauty influencer/content creator and Jeff is a lawyer.

However, it all comes together when you realize that Jeff definitely had an interest in the beauty world (he was a successful beauty pageant coach). So, with connections and fate, he met with Courtney, and they instantly clicked, sharing ideas on what type of products their brand would put out. They both had a desire to sell products that were versatile and easily approachable.

It shows that their message and spectacular products won the hearts of many, given that within their first 9 months of launching, they made over $3 million in sales.

The Mission of the Brand

The unrealistic beauty standards set by society are something that Dibs Beauty wants to counter, making it clear that people are different, and that uniqueness makes them beautiful. Beauty comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes, which means that there shouldn’t be one or two ways to define if a person is beautiful or not. The brand, through its products, is pushing to empower people to take back their self-confidence and see the beauty in their unique features.

We have to give thumbs up to them for not conforming to conventional beauty standards and allowing everyone to create their definition of beauty.

Dibs Beauty Overview

Dibs Beauty as a brand is focused on producing elevated makeup essentials that are multi-purpose, vegan, cruelty-free, and easy to use. As you probably know, the biggest makeup trends promoted by influencers and celebrities are more natural and glowy, pushing the message that less is more. If you want to achieve that type of luminous look, you should consider getting on the Dibs Beauty train.

With a team of talented beauty enthusiasts, Dibs Beauty has created various high-quality beauty products that can meet the needs of people with any skin tone, skin type, and even personality. It’s impressive how much thought went into crafting each product to meet the needs of individuals from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

The days of underrepresentation in the beauty market for people of color who feel left out are no more, and we’re glad! It was always so questionable how the “darkest” shade of foundation or concealer in the earlier years of beauty was so light as if trials were not carried out; well, that’s in the past now with inclusive brands like these. Dibs Beauty makes available products with different shades and formulas that sit beautifully on any skin type.

In addition, Dibs Beauty seemed to understand the dilemma of ladies wasting so much time sorting through so many beauty products that only have a specific use. Who wouldn’t love to get ready in a shorter amount of time with just a limited number of beauty essentials that are easily applicable? Absolutely no one. The ingredients used in formulating every Dibs Beauty product also have impressive nutritional values for your skin.

Dibs Beauty Products Reviews

So far, Dibs Beauty has released several unique products with formulas they commissioned and own. Every product comes in different shades and colors, making testing vital in the production process. Shades and colors are often tested on different skin types and tones to produce top-notch products. Where technology cannot help a process, Dibs Beauty finds a way to create tools to achieve it.

We should also mention that Dibs Beauty products look and feel really good when layered, stacked, and used together. To achieve this, they mentioned some ingredients they use in their formulations, like phthalate-free, vegan, Leaping Bunny-certified, allergy-tested, etc. In each product, you’re also sure to find nutritious ingredients like castor oil, sunflower seed, and other natural and organic ingredients that are safe and effective.

Dibs Beauty has makeup products for the face, lips, eyes, body, and sets, which are all multifunctional. Some of Dibs Beauty’s trendiest products that caught our attention are;

  • Desert Island Duo Blush Stick
  • No Pressure Lip Liner
  • Eyes On You Set
  • No Pressure Lip Gloss Topper
  • Status Stick Face and Body Highlighter
  • No Pressure Lip Definer

We will now go into each of these products listed with all you need to know about the overview, shades, benefits, how to use them, and some customer reviews.

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Desert Island Duo Blush Stick

We all know the glowy look is trending right now, and if you’d love to achieve that flawless bronze or healthy flush look, this product is for you. The Desert Island Duo is the perfect product for amping up your facial features instantly. What makes it so much better, it’s basically two in one, with one side having a blush and the other having a bronzer.

We absolutely love this product because it’s not just confined to your cheeks. You can use it to highlight any part of your face. The Desert Island Duo impressively comes in 8 different shades listed below that match different skin tones.

  • Shade 1 is a combination of Out of Office and Vacay Vibes.
  • Shade 1.5 is a combination of Bloom Service and Bronze Voyage.
  • Shade 2 is a combination of You Do You and Mood Boost.
  • Shade 2.5 is a combination of Cool Girl and No Shade.
  • Shade 3 is a combination of Full Deets and Spill the Tea.
  • Shade 4 is a combination of Not So Basic and Iced Chai.
  • Shade 5 is a combination of Ride or Die and Wing Woman.
  • Shade 5.5 is a combination of Wine Not and Cocoa Kiss.
  • Shade 6 is a combination of Plot Twist and Level Up.

Application is effortless as you can achieve a beautiful luminous look by focusing the bronzer on parts of your face where the light naturally hits. You also get a healthy flush when you apply the blush on the bridge of your nose, chin, and even your lips. It’s up to you to blend with a brush or your fingers; it looks great either way!

There are so many skin-loving ingredients added to this product, like mango seed butter, vitamins A, E, and C, and Sodium Hyaluronate, which offers lasting softness and plumps instantly. Then antioxidants blend that makes the skin feel fresh and look glowy.

From the website, we could see customers praising how well the Desert Island Duo blends into their skin, the pigment of the blush and bronzer, plus their moisturizing properties.

No Pressure Lip Liner

As the name implies, the No Pressure Lip Liner allows you to line your lips without effort with maximum results. This Dibs Beauty liner is perfect for those new to make-up and professionals because it glides across your lips, and you don’t have to worry about smudges. They sit perfectly on your lips and will not move one bit! There are six different shades perfect for different skin tones for you to pick from.

  • Shade 1 is called On the Rose and is a soft nude rose.
  • Shade 2 is called Excuse My French and is a medium nude pink.
  • Shade 3 is called Tell Me More and is a cool dusty rose.
  • Shade 4 is called Pretty Spicy and is a poppy pink.
  • Shade 5 is called Love Language and is crimson red.
  • Shade 6 is called Last Word and is very raspberry.

There are so many fun ways to use this lip liner; there’s no one right way with Dibs Beauty. You could decide to emphasize the shape of your lips by using different shades of the liner to contour, enhance the outer edges of your lips, outline and fill in your lips without lipstick, and go with the trendy 90s style with just lip liner and gloss.

Dibs Beauty certainly knows the importance of moisturized and healthy lips. Hence, the product has many antioxidants, vitamins E and A, and also omega-9 that help to prompt cell turnover and softness.

Some reviews praise the No Pressure Lip Liner for being super easy to apply by gliding smoothly and for its creamy texture. Of course, they also love that it stays perfect all day without getting cleaned off.

Eyes On You Set

The Eyes On You Set is the perfect addition to your makeup essentials because it comes with a luxury eyeshadow portable palette, a multi-purpose brush, and eyeliner. Each of the products added to this set makes application a breeze.

If you’ve been having issues getting an eyeliner that doesn’t ruin your entire makeup and is crease-proof, this set is for you! You also get a fantastic makeup brush to blend or build on any product. Depending on the looks you want to achieve, you can get the Coffee or Roses version.


  • Coffee: Palm Palette (coffee in hand), One Liner (brown), Blending Brush 9
  • Roses: Palm Palette (Roses in hand), One Liner (Plum), Blending Brush 9

There’s really no one way to apply these products because they work well together or individually. You can easily blend and stack the products effortlessly. Remember that the One-Liner is long-lasting, so try to work quickly. Lovers of this set say how valuable it is for the price, and they love how pigmented the eye shadow palette is.

No Pressure Lip Gloss Topper

Who doesn’t love a gloss to glide over your lips, leaving it plump and refreshed smoothly? Literally no one. The No Pressure Lip Gloss Topper is one of the most hydrating and versatile glasses out there. For those who hate having a sticky feeling from glosses, this is for you.

You get the maximum effect from applying the gloss over bare lips or with lipstick and liner. When a formula has passed through France and Korea, it’s no wonder it’s award-winning. It comes in two colors for you to pick from or to get both.


  • Wit (clear)
  • Charm (pink)

The gloss is infused with cherry oil which promotes elasticity and cell turnover with lots of antioxidants. You taste a hint of vanilla when applied, which also helps improve your lips’ texture.

As you would have guessed, you can effortlessly apply the gloss over defined lips without any lipstick for that 90s look or with lip liners filled for a more chic and glossy look. From the website, we see verified buyers gushing about how great the lip gloss is by itself or over colored lipstick. They love how hydrating it is, shiny, and not sticky, which is honestly every girl’s dream.

Status Stick Face and Body Highlighter

Step out looking like the queen you are by enhancing your beauty with this face and body Status Stick Highlighter. There’s so much hype about this product, as seen on Tik Tok and we must say it’s worth it! Dibs Beauty breaks all beauty norms as usual by making a multi-functional and safe highlighter for the face and body. It comes in 3 shades, as listed below.

  • High Road Highlight
  • Good Life Gold
  • Unbothered Bronze

Given the fact that it’s for the face and body, the ingredients used to manufacture it are very nourishing and moisturizing. We see the likes of Mango seed butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, Niacinamide, vitamin B3, and many more!

The consistency of the Face and Body Status Stick Highlighter makes it easy to blend with hands or a brush. You can also go in directly from the stick; it’s up to you! Use a shade or two to highlight your collarbones, shoulders, cupid’s bow, and cheekbones, and we could go on and on.

In the words of a customer, the product “Glides like butter and blends like a dream.” Others have praised its shimmering glow, perfect for face and body, effortless blend, and how it instantly elevates every look to boost confidence.

No Pressure Lip definer

In perfect collaboration with the No Pressure Lip Liner is the Lip Definer. Define and fill your lips like a pro with this easy, effortless pencil. There are three shades available for you to pick from, and you don’t have to worry about smudging or wearing off.

Lip Definers

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark

Just like the lip liner, it’s filled with ingredients like omega-9, cherry oil, antioxidants, Vitamins E and A, and many more. Some 5-star ratings share how smudge-proof it is, love for the colors available, the texture, and the ease of use.

You can also save up by purchasing sets with all the essentials you’ll need, like the Something New Set, Team Bride Set, Carry On Brush Set, Getaway Glow Set, and The Ultimate Line Up.

Dibs Beauty Services

Well, we are so impressed by how smooth, prompt, and helpful the customer service is for this brand. Amazing products with top-notch customer service go a long way in helping any brand gain loyal customers and attract new customers.

Both Courtney and Jeff are dedicated to providing good customer service, which sometimes makes them stay up late at night trying to address every question or complaint a customer might have.

They have a return policy with a portal that’s easily accessible, and you can decide to get a refund or a store credit. Usually, processing orders take 48 hours, but when there’s a high volume of orders, it might take longer. Terms and conditions certainly apply here. To know more about their services and policies, you can check out their website.

Dibs Beauty review


In conclusion, the possibilities are endless with makeup, so don’t be shy or scared to express your unique personality and showcase your gorgeous features with Dibs Beauty.

Well, have I answered all your questions about Dibs’ beauty? Or did I miss anything, and you think I should include it in this post? If so, use the contact page and send me a message, and I will do my best to update this page.

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