Is Scentsy legit? My honest review after I tried their products. Are you wondering if Scentsy products are worth the hype? I, too, was like you after I saw some TikTok videos praising this brand, and I said, why not give it a try?! To help you conclude, I will reveal my experience trying Scentsy products and how good they are. Plus, I will share everything about the Scentsy brand, how it operates, and much more. So stay tuned and take your time to read this review entirely. You won’t regret it!

Is Scentsy Legit? My Honest Review After I Tried Their Products

Since it was founded in 2003, the Scentsy brand has been polarized. On one side of the fence, you have people who absolutely adore the scented products and are regular customers of Scentsy’s consultants. On the other side of the fence, you have those who believe the brand’s business model is shady and have criticized its process of recruiting consultants.

And then you have a good number of people left who are torn on what side of the fence to join. To trust that the Scentsy brand is legit? Or to believe the criticisms and buy from Scentsy’s competitors instead?

If you have found yourself on the fence and are looking for experiences that will nudge you in what direction to pitch your tent concerning Scentsy, I’ve got you covered! Keep reading to get a deep insight into the legitimacy of Scentsy and just how good their products are.

Is Scentsy legit? My honest review after I tried their products

Scentsy review. Is Scentsy legit? My honest review after I tried their products

Since I discovered Scentsy products, my journey with their bath soak, shower gel, and handwash has been delightful. As someone who appreciates the power of scents to create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere, I was eager to try out their range of products because of their appeal package and also the impulse buying after seeing the raves on social media.

As a self-proclaimed fragrance enthusiast, I recently had the opportunity to test out Scentsy products, and I must say that I was really impressed.

Scentsy offers a variety of products, such as body care, home fragrances, and cleaning supplies. Their collection includes wax melts, warmers, diffusers, and air-purifying fans to fill your home with delightful scents.

From the moment I received my package, the attention to detail was evident. The packaging was not only aesthetically pleasing but also ensured that each product arrived in perfect condition. I ordered the Daiquiri collection of bath soak, body wash, and hand soap. Since was the first time I bought beauty products on impulse, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but just like any other store, the transaction went smoothly.

As soon as I placed the order, I received a confirmation email that the representative of Scentsy from my area (Northampton, UK) would ship my order within days, which it did. So, all I can say is that everything went great, but if you are looking for a deeper analysis of Scentsy and how I found their product quality, keep on reading as I have something interesting to share regarding their products.

What is Scentsy?

You might’ve already noticed that on their About page, the company does not describe their services succinctly. Their long-winded info on what Scentsy does could be due to the criticism the company has received over the years, but the issue is that it doesn’t give potential customers a clear look at what Scentsy is. So, what is the Scentsy brand all about?

Scentsy is a fragrance company that sells scented products through a multi-level marketing process. Founded in 2003, they are a private company based in Meridian, Idaho, with over one thousand employees. The company delivers a variety of fragranced products to customers or hosts through ‘parties’ through their consultants.

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What products does Scentsy sell?

scentsy reviews

The most renowned product from the Scentsy company is the Scentsy wax bar. The heat melts these block bars from accompanying warmers to perfume your home, office, and other personal spaces. The product is designed to melt the scented wax without fire or smoke as a safer option for scented candles. The wax bars also combine fragrant oil and paraffin wax, made in 8 break-apart sections.

Apart from the wax bar, the company also sells diffusers that release high-quality scents from oils into rooms. Other products Scentsy is known for are cleaning solutions, personal care items, and laundry items.

How does the Scentsy wax bar work?

Pretty easily. To avoid soot, smoke, and fire in your house or office, the Scentsy wax bar comes with heating elements. This is typically a light bulb that gradually thaws down the wax, eliciting the fragrance of your choice to rejuvenate your mood!

What is the quality of Scentsy bars?

One fact users of Scentsy’s products can attest to is that the fragrances are fresh and authentically made. Each of the wax bars is built with scent formulas that create unique results. The company makes use of a scent pyramid, with the top part of the bar having its combination of aromas, the middle section having another combo of aromas, and the base coming with unique scents.

For instance, the pink cotton bar has fresh air, clean cotton, and pink berries at the top, the middle has green apples, pear blossoms, and orange flowers, and the base has vanilla sugar and sandalwood. The care with which these scents are compiled is rather impressive. This means that even with one bar, you can enjoy different fragrances while using them.

How long do Scentsy bars last?

This is another aspect that speaks to the good quality of the bars. Scentsy bars are long-lasting due to the design of the warmers. The warmers are made to melt the wax at a steady pace, therefore eliciting sufficient aroma to brighten up your room’s aura without burning through the wax too quickly. This means that you can make use of your wax for a long time if they are well maintained. 

Some factors that might influence how long the bar lasts include your chosen intensity for the fragrances and the ingredients in the scent. But the bottom line is this: if you are looking for cost-effective scented wax to indulge in, Scentsy bars are quality options!

How good are the Daiquiri products from Scentsy collection?

Scentsy review. Scentsy Daiquiri collection review

Okay, so I don’t want to sound picky, but as beautiful as the Scentsy products look, they are a bit overpriced compared with a more regular body care brand. Besides, when I tried opening the liquid soap, its dispenser was somehow stuck, and it took me about 2 minutes to open it.

scentsy liquid soap review

Nevertheless, the vanilla soap is very lovely, and the scent lasts on the hands for a good number of minutes after washing. Also, the soap lasts very long since the consistency is not very thick; therefore, you don’t have to use too much when washing your hands.

The Scentsy bath soak smells nice, and I like that it is packed with Magnesium and many other important minerals for our health. The only downside of this product is the sealing. After I opened it, I couldn’t seal it back. Therefore, I had to use two clothes pins instead. Look at the image below.

How good are the Daiquiri products from Scentsy collection
Scentsy bath soak review
Scentsy bath soak ingredients review
Scentsy bath soak review. Scentsy reviews. Is Scentsy legit? My honest review after I tried their products
The Scentsy bath soak leaves the water pink ( which I love it and is ideal for Barbie theme)

Body wash was the only product from Scentsy that had decent quality container. It was plastic sealed, unlike the liquid soap, and the smell was gorgeous. It leaves the skin soft with a nice fragrance that isn’t overpowering. Despite that, the size of the body is very small for the price of £11 ( or $14). I mean, you could buy a Dove body wash instead, and the quality easily matches Scentsy or is even better. Besides, a Dove body wash doesn’t cost more than $5.

Scentsy Daiquiri vanilla body wash review
Scentsy vanilla body wash ingredients and review

On top of that, Scentsy charges shipping fees, which was £6 ($8) in my case. You need to check their Shipping page to understand better what to expect when buying from them. So, in simple words, the Scentsy products are overrated, and you have so many other options that can be far better than this brand.

As I mentioned, I just bought these products purely to debunk the rave that this brand spreads on social media and to save you from falling for their clever marketing systems. For an even deeper analysis of Scentsy, keep on reading, as I will explain how Scentsy multi-level marketing works, plus how they recruit and organize parties to sell their products.

Is Scentsy legit?

Although their MLM sales procedure is not a standard process and hence has raised more than a few brows, Scentsy is a legitimate company. The brand has licensed partnerships with known brands like Marvel, Disney, WB, and Looney Tunes.

They’ve also received commendable recognition, with Newsweek listing them among America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity in 2023, Forbes naming Scentsy among the Best Employers for Women in 2022, Idaho mentioning them in its Idaho Private 100, and DSN listing them with the Best Places to Work in the US in 2022.

With all of these credentials, you can confidently buy from Scentsy, assured that your purchases will make their way to you.

How does Scentsy operate?

As a direct selling company, Scentsy’s salespeople are called Independent Scentsy Consultants and are the only outlets through which the products can be acquired. This means that customers can’t purchase Scentsy at a retailer or wholesale shop.

The independent consultants are the sales force that sells on a contractual basis without being full-on employees of the company. Consultants sell products through parties hosted at home or online, fairs, tradeshows, fundraisers, and other places where small crowds can experience the scents.

This method, according to the brand, was chosen because the products are experiential. Customers need to experience the scents to be convinced to make their purchases. It goes without saying that this cannot be done in a retail shop. Also, their MLM distribution method lets the company to manufacture and sell a larger amount of products than allocated spaces at retail shops would allow them to.

The brand is always open to consultants who can host parties to gather friends and family and introduce the scents. If you would like to become a Scentsy consultant, you can check the Scentsy website to sign up. Once you are signed up, you will have your own dashboard called Scentsy Workstation, where you can check orders, track conversions, and even set up a separate domain(website) for selling the products.

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If I can’t buy Scentsy products from retailers, where do customers buy Scentsy products from?

As a direct selling company that works with consultants, the only way to purchase Scentsy products is to find a consultant closest to you and attend one of their home and online parties or their stints at fairs. To back up this sales method, the company insists that the products are best experienced in larger numbers.

You can think of Scentsy as a business model similar to Avon. Just like Avon, you can purchase Scentsy products directly from their store or through a representative in your town. In my case, I bought directly from Scentsy, and the representative from my town shipped the product and emailed me the tracking number and all the details regarding my order.

To locate a consultant whom you can purchase from, visit their website and select the ‘Find a Consultant’ option at the top of the webpage. If you can’t attend one of the parties the consultant is hosting, then the best way to buy your own products is to host your own party with family and friends.

Once you reach out to a consultant, they will show up at your party with display products, fragrance testers, and whatever other items the party needs. Your friends and family will have fun with testers, and as the host, you can get discounts and free products.

While some people are open to this direct sale method, for others, it has been a source of discouragement from buying from the brand. Not everyone will be willing to host a party to convince friends and family to buy fragrances. This is one major reason why the brand has been subject to criticism and why some people might believe that Scentsy is a scam.

How can you host a Scentsy party?

Firstly, you will contact a consultant to let them know you want to host a party. Next, you will decide on the party’s location with your consultant, who will let you know the available options. Once you choose a spot, you can invite family and friends. Lastly, the consultant will arrive at the chosen destination with sample products, answer any questions you and your guests have, and collect your orders.

To earn any of the host rewards, your party is required to sell at least £245, versus $245. You can host the party online, in person, or on the go.

Why do people talk about Scentsy discontinuing fragrances? Is this suspicious?

Some people believe that Scentsy discontinues its fragrances because they are not selling, and while this can happen, it is not the only reason the brand discontinues its scents. The brand’s official reason for discontinuing its fragrances is to maintain a sense of freshness in their products.

The more you fill your space with a particular fragrance, the more likely you will grow over-accustomed to that smell and lose the ability to perceive it. Discontinuing fragrances and producing new ones prevents this from happening and retains the excitement with every new fragrance created. Another reason is due to the seasonal changes. Some months call for springy and summery scents, which may not be widely appealing in the autumn and winter months.

What do customers do if a beloved scent is discontinued?

In a scenario like this, you can reach out to your Independent Scentsy Consultant. They can help you find a fragrance with similar ingredients and properties to the fragrance that has been discontinued. You can also do this yourself by using their fragrance families to carry out the search.

Twice yearly, Scentsy also allows customers to choose discontinued scents that they want to be brought back into stock. You can participate in this program and vote for your preferred fragrance!

Are Scentsy products 100% natural?

The answer is no. While some oils used to create the aromas are natural oils, there are also synthetic ingredients added. The company likes to provide their customers with a wide range of choices and cannot simulate aromas like ‘summer thunderstorms’ and ‘crisp ocean air’ with natural oils. Therefore, they add synthetics. While this means that the products are cheaper than all-natural fragrances, if you have an allergic reaction to synthetic scents, you won’t enjoy using Scentsy products.

Do the Scentsy bars expire?

Yes, the bars expire if kept for longer than a year. Due to this, it is not advisable to stock up on too many of the fragrances or buy more than you are sure to finish in a short time!

Is Scentsy Available worldwide?

No, Scentsy is not available worldwide. Not unless you wish to employ a VPN to find a consultant on their website, which is not advisable! Their perfumed products are available in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, and more. But other regions, like countries in Africa have been blocked from accessing their website.

For a commercial site that repeatedly declares that Scentsy is used all over the world, this course of action hasn’t done the brand any favors in winning over their critics. So if you don’t reside in the countries mentioned above, it is important to make sure their website is available to you before taking the steps to patronize them!

Scentsy competitors and similar brands

Scentsy has established itself as a leader in wax melts, body care products, and reed diffusers. Although their products might be promoted as unique and high-quality, there are many similar brands that offers equal products. Some are cheaper, and others more expensive, but the truth is, the market is full of scented melt wax and body care products. So, let’s explore some of Scentsy tough competitors, so you can come to a better conclusion and choose the brand that best suits your needs and budget.

Yankee Candle

One of Scentsy’s key competitors is Yankee Candle. With decades of experience and an extensive range of fragrances, Yankee Candle has become a household name for many fragrance enthusiasts. They offer a vast selection of scented candles that cater to various preferences and occasions.

Bath & Body Works

Another notable competitor is Bath & Body Works. Known for their wide range of personal care products, Bath & Body Works also offers an impressive collection of scented candles and home fragrances. Their products are often praised for their long-lasting scent throw and unique blends.

Jo Malone

Additionally, Jo Malone is renowned for its luxurious fragrances and elegant packaging. While they may not specialize solely in wax melts or candles like Scentsy, their home fragrance range provides an alternative option for those seeking premium quality scents.


PartyLite offers a variety of candles, home fragrances, and decor items, including their unique GloLite candles and warmers.

Pink Zebra

Similar to Scentsy, Pink Zebra provides a selection of scented wax melts and warmers, allowing customers to create custom fragrance blends.

Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon offers a range of candles, wax melts, and fragrance products for the home, with an emphasis on high-quality scents.

Candle Warmers Etc

This brand specializes in electric candle warmers that gently melt scented wax, providing a flameless alternative to traditional candles.

It’s important to consider factors such as fragrance longevity, product variety, pricing, and customer reviews when comparing these companies. Each brand has its own unique strengths that appeal to different consumer preferences.

Some of Scentsy’s Most Popular Products

Some of the trending fragranced products from Scentsy include:

Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar

The Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar is one of the top products from the brand. Made with quality paraffin wax, it provides a long-lasting fragrance released when placed into the warmer. As the bar thaws, a sweet and nutty aroma circulates through your space. You can enjoy the bar without worrying about smoke, soothe, or fire. Some ingredients include benzyl benzoate, soybean oil, vanillin, and gamma dodecalactone.

Pink Cotton Scentsy Bar

For lovers of fruity scents, the Pink Cotton Scentsy Bar is a sweet combination of pink berries and vanilla sugar mixed with the clean scent of cotton. This fragrance is a good choice for feminine spaces such as dorm rooms, bachelorette parties, girl trips, sleepovers, and so on. It is also great for creating a fresh and fine mood. For tight, cramped apartments, the cotton Scentsy bar is an especially good pick!

Amazon Rain Scentsy Bar

If you love rainy days with the smell and ambiance, the Amazon Rain Scentsy Bar is a rated pick you will quickly appreciate. It will fill your space with a rainforest aura with this lush combination of coconut milk, orange zest, night-blooming jasmine, and melon. Made with paraffin wax like all the other waxes, the fragrance is long-lasting, and the bar is safe for use.

Caramel Vanilla Strawberry Natural Oil Blend

The Caramel Vanilla Strawberry Natural Oil Blend is a combination of sweet, fruity scents that are great for the spring and summery months. Even during fall and winter, if you crave a springy atmosphere, you can recreate it using this oil with a diffuser. The natural oil blends are derived from ingredients from worldwide for lovers of fragrances.

Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Natural Oil Blend

Available at 13.05 euros, the Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Natural Oil Blend is loved for its mixture of scents. The natural blend oil will fill your room with the enlivening scent of the lavender flower, the sharpness of mint, a steadying nutmeg, and the uncommon scent of eucalyptus. Most of the ingredients in this oil are naturally derived. This means those who suffer allergic reactions to artificial scents can choose this oil as a substitute for the Scentsy wax bars. 

Melon Water and Aloe Natural Oil Blend

The Melon Water and Aloe Natural Oil Blend sells at 87 euros per 100 ml and is also naturally derived. The essential oils and ingredients are combined to create a high-quality fragrance with a scent you can only get from Scentsy. The fragrance is cool, with scents of cucumber and aloe vera melded in melon water.

This melon water and aloe blend is especially recommended for hot days when you desperately need a chill aura. And on frigid days when you want the interior of your house or office to match the weather outside, this oil is a good pick to add to your diffuser!

Pink Pineapple and Rose Natural Oil Blend

To enliven your space, the Pink Pineapple and Rose Natural Oil Blend is a solid choice. It is a combination of a sweet rose with pineapple juice and the uncommon fragrance of juicy pear. This combination of fruity and floral will appeal to a broad range of tastes. So if you share a house or office space with others, you can try out this natural oil blend as an option almost everyone will be comfortable with.

Ascend Diffuser

The Ascend Diffuser is one of the top-listed diffusers on the Scentsy website, loved for its unique design. The iridescent coating of the diffuser will fit neatly with your décor and even add a nice, elegant touch. It has a reservoir of 120 ml and can elicit oil fragrances for up to 8 hours. It has a lighting effect that displays colors, including a candle-flicker effect. This way, you can completely customize your room’s mood however you like!

With all of these elements that we’ve explored, we are giving Scentsy a 6.5 out of 10 rating. Their sales and marketing strategy has uncommon steps that can discourage some buyers, but the quality of their products is top-notch! 

Do I recommend Scentsy products?

Scentsy products review. Are scentsy products worth it

I would not recommend Scentsy products because they are overpriced, and you have to pay a shipping fee on top of the actual product price. Besides, the product containers can be a hit and miss, so there is a possibility that you will receive a liquid soap with a defective dispenser or, in my case a bath soak that the zip isn’t working. I cannot speak for the other products, but I will update this page as soon as I order the air purifying fan.


Did you find this review helpful? Have I answered all your questions about Scentsy, or did I miss anything? If you have something else that you want me to add to this page, feel free to email me by using the contact form, and I will do my best to update this review with fresh content.

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