How To Become A Shein Ambassador and make money. Are you an influencer or fashion blogger and looking to expand your income by becoming an ambassador for Shein? Look no further as I put together a complete guide on how to become a Shein influencer and make money from commissions and receive free clothes every month. Plus, how to spot Shein scam messages, emails and how to stay safe from impostors from this fashion brand.

How To Become A Shein Ambassador and make money

    Influencer marketing has taken the advertising industry by storm as every brand, big and small, are putting a lot of focus on social media influencers. When talking about some of the top fashion e-commerce brands that make use of influencers to promote their products, Shein cannot be left out.

    How To Become A Shein Ambassador and make money

    Shein is well-known worldwide for its trendy, fashionable, and affordable selection of products. We can attribute a lot of their success to taking onboard ambassadors to help market their product offerings on social media.

    That being said, you most likely have so many questions running through your head about how to get started and actually succeed as a Shein brand ambassador. Well, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity and let you know in detail how to become a Shein brand ambassador.

    What Is The Shein Ambassador Program All About?

    Shein has become a household name amongst many fashion enthusiasts who love trendy designs but aren’t willing to break their bank accounts. It’s undeniable that a huge part of Shein’s success is tied to its ambassador program. This initiative enables both big and small influencers to collaborate with the brand and create content that helps to boost engagement and drive traffic to the brand’s website whilst unlocking exciting opportunities for the individual, like collaborating with other brands.

    The main concept of the Shein ambassador program is to create a partnership mutually beneficial to both the brand and influencers who match their aesthetic and target audience. Shein ambassador programs aim to effectively use an influencer’s audience/reach to promote/market Shein’s product offerings by creating customer-centric content that can turn potential customers into loyal shoppers of the brand.

    Apart from just promoting the brand’s products, influencers also help to increase Shein’s online presence, which is vital in today’s digital age. In return, the influencer gets access to personal discount codes, and monetary compensation and even gets to know firsthand about new collections.

    Shein Ambassador Programs Available And Requirements

    Shein Campus Ambassador Program

    The first Shein program on our list is a more recent one and it’s called the Campus Ambassador Program. Just like the name suggests, the program is focused on students all over the United States who love fashion and would love to represent Shein on their campus and even among their social circles. This program enables students to network, create communities, and of course enrich students with financial opportunities.

    The campus ambassadors would promote Shein’s products, events, and campaigns to help raise awareness about the brand on their college campuses. This is a pretty impressive move because the first set of individuals who would love to look good at an affordable price are college students. So, this program allows Shein to get first-hand access to information about this particular demographic of audience to help improve or make changes where necessary.

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    Responsibilities of a Shein campus ambassador

    • Create Valuable and Engaging Content: One of the responsibilities of an ambassador of the brand is to create engaging content that features Shein’s products. You would need to have a good amount of following and reach to be selected to promote Shein’s products to your audience and influence them to purchase. It is expected that the type of content you put out will bring traffic to the brand’s online shopping platform.
    • Posts shared on Shein’s ambassador social media accounts could include product unboxing, positive reviews, styling tips and inspirations, and many more. In essence, the content would appeal to that particular demographic and drive sales.
    • Promoting Shein as a Brand to Love in your Campus: As a Shein ambassador, you are expected to make your peers and your social networks aware of the brand and fall in love with their products too. This could be done by organizing small events and sharing promotional materials about Shein’s offers, the latest collections, and so on.

    In addition to this is hosting events that are sponsored by Shein. As a campus ambassador, you may come across the opportunity to host and organize exclusive Shein fashion shows, contests, pop-up shops, and many more, in a way that is appealing to your campus community.

    • Giving Effective Feedback and Insights: Lastly, the role of a Shein campus ambassador is to give the brand some firsthand insights and feedback about its product offerings. This would allow Shein to make tweaks or changes and also improve or implement new marketing strategies. With the help of their campus ambassadors, they would know how to meet the needs of campus students in the United States.

    Perks of Being A Shein Campus Ambassador

    Becoming a Shein campus ambassador definitely has some benefits which include:

    • Getting exclusive discounts and offers that allow you to get Shein’s products at a discounted price.
    • Networking with other Shein influencers, ambassadors, and representatives when there are exclusive events organized by the brand.
    • Enjoy freebies and merchandise from Shein that usually include clothing, accessories, and so on.
    • Improve your resume and chance to become an ambassador for other big brands with the hands-on experience you get from working for Shein. You could attain skills such as content creation, event organization, social media marketing, and many more.

     Requirements to Become a Campus Ambassador

    To be eligible to apply for the Shein ambassador program you need to meet the general requirement which includes;

    • Being 18 years and above and schooling in a university/college in the US.
    • You must be authorized to work in the US and fully understand that this is a referral commission program.
    • Acknowledging that federal or state taxes in connection to your commission must be reported or paid by you.

    In addition, the program is run on a semester or academic year basis and after completion, you may have the opportunity to become an ambassador for Shein. To get more in-depth information about the Campus Ambassador Program, you should check out their website.

    Note that the requirements and rules of the Shein Campus Ambassador programs may be changed by the brand without prior notice. This means that you need to visit the Shein website to stay updated with any new changes or send an email to [email protected].

    Shein Ambassador Program


    The second Shein ambassador program is a more general one that hopes to build long-lasting relationships with individuals who share the same values as the brand. A potential Shein ambassador must have at least a particular number of social media following with high engagement, a love for fashion, and a strong online presence. Chosen ambassadors of Shein would work closely with them on campaigns, promoting their product offerings, and many more projects.

    Requirements of Becoming a Shein Ambassador

    • The first requirement of becoming a Shein ambassador is to have a large following and engagements on your posts. In case you weren’t aware, there are 5 types of social media influencers which include Nano, Micro, Mid-Tier, Macro, and Celebrity influencers. 

    To stand a chance to be considered as a Shein ambassador, you need to be a micro influence who typically has;

    • 5000-25,000 Youtube subscribers
    • 50,000-150,000 Tiktok followers
    • 10,000-100,000 followers on Instagram

    Micro-influencers are considered by Shein because it’s expected that your audience would listen to you and trust your recommendations. Shein acknowledges the value you provide as a micro-influencer and would love to promote their products through you.

    • The second way to be eligible to become a Shein ambassador is to align with the brand’s values. Not just values but your audience should be the kind of people that Shein would consider their target audience. Your personal brand aesthetic, type of content, and reach should be in line with Shein’s.

    To put it simply, your style of clothes or fashion preferences should be similar to the type of products that Shein offers as a brand. Also, your audience should be similar to the target demographic of Shein, which makes them sure that when you promote their products on your page, they will actually love them and purchase.

    Lastly, no brand wants a controversial influencer that would negatively affect their online brand reputation. This is why your values and what you post should be ethical and generally unproblematic.

    • Lastly, to be considered to become a Shein brand ambassador, you need to have an authentic approach to creating content that can translate to more sales for the brand. You should be able to keep up with fashion trends and new content creation styles to stay on top of your game and effectively promote Shein’s products.

    Responsibilities of a Shein Ambassador

    Your responsibilities as a shein brand ambassador would include but not be limited to;

    • Promoting Shein’s product offering throughout your social media accounts but creating high-quality content that drives engagement and sales. These could include lookbooks, fashion trends, how-tos, product reviews, and so on as they align with the different social media platforms.
    • Using the brand’s promotional videos, images, discount codes, and so on together with your content.
    • Featuring Shein’s products and promoting new collections, seasonal campaigns, and others to promote the brand’s online presence.

    Benefits of Becoming a Shein Ambassador

    • As a Shein brand ambassador, you get to have access to exclusive offers and discounts that allow you and your followers to get Shein’s products at discounted prices.
    • If you’re on your a-game as a Shein ambassador, you might get compensated monetarily or get commissions based on sales gotten from your discount codes and links.
    • You get to attend exclusive Shein events and meet industry professionals and influencers and generally build your social networks to have access to more profitable partnerships and opportunities.
    • Lastly, you get the opportunity to find out early about new collections or upcoming campaigns and even give some feedback

    How to apply for the Shein Ambassador Program

    The application process for the Shein Ambassador program differs from that of the Campus Ambassador Program. This is because to get picked, you need to put in a lot more effort to be considered. Here’s where you should get started.

    • Create different styles of content featuring Shein products across your social media platforms that show what you can offer to the brand and then tag @sheinofficial and use #shein and #sheingals.

    Get your followers to engage with the posts more than ever to stand a better chance of being selected.

    • The next step is to send a pitching email to [email protected] linking your social media account, introducing yourself, and pitching your interest to collaborate with their brand.
    • We hope you get selected then the next step would be to negotiate your terms. Get professional help where necessary so that you don’t lose out.

    One extra tip to add is that if you get selected to become a Shein ambassador, stay consistent and put out professionals and high-quality content that would drive engagement and traffic back to Shein so that they value you and even extend the collaboration.

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    Popular Shein Gift Card Scam

    Let’s move a little bit from the Shein Ambassador program to how you can avoid being scammed by cyber criminals pretending to be Shein. A new popular type of scam made waves recently where some ladies were told that they had won a free Shein gift card and were asked to fill in their personal details and pay a small shipping fee. In return, they got nothing which made it obvious that they were scammed.

    Unfortunately, a popular e-commerce brand like Shein has had so many cases like this, and though they have tried their best to reduce its occurrences, they can only do so much. It’s not uncommon to get a free gift card as a reward from Shein or at a discounted price if you are a loyal customer. However, scammers are also aware of this and want to take advantage.

    As a customer or someone who wants to collaborate with Shein, you should pay close attention when you receive emails from brands that are too good to be true. To avoid being a victim of a fake Shein gift card email, there are three steps you should take;

    • Verify that the email is an official one. These scammers will make the email look identical to the legitimate email so observe it and confirm from the Shein website to be sure. Go through every letter and symbol to be extra sure.
    • If the email looks too good to be true, call customer support of Shein for further verification.
    • Check for pixelated images like the company logo because, most times, scammers don’t use high-quality images.
    • An extra tip is to look for spelling errors and punctuation mistakes. Also, observe the details being required from you. If it’s unnecessary, contact their customer support (details directly from their website) for verification.

    Be aware of scam emails from Sheinofficial

    This is the latest scam where impostors of Shein are trying to scam you by asking you to pay $65 or $75 for shipping. They pretend that they are working at Shein, and they ask you to pay this amount for the first time before they send you 10 free pair of clothing. Besides, they pretend that they will offer you compensation every month valued at $2000, other bloggers have been offered even $4000, just to pay the shipping fee they are asking.

    This scam alert has recently dropped into my email after I posted an image on Instagram and I tagged and mentioned Shein. The scammers sent me a few emails, and they were very keen on enrolling me into their @sheinofficial and @sheinofficial program. As internet safe geek I am, I was nearly going to feel for these scammers until I checked the email that they had contacted me. This collaboration comes from a Gmail account ( [email protected]).

    This is just one email that they are using, but the scammers are impersonating other brands, too, not just Shein. Since I tagged Sheina dn Ciderclothing, on the same day, I received the exact email from Sheinofficial and Ciderofficial asking me to join the influencer program and pay a $65 shipping fee for receiving 10 free clothing items. Obviously, I refused, and once they realized that I didn’t fall for their scam, they dropped the messages and never hear from them anymore.

    To wrap up, working as a brand ambassador with Shein is an amazing opportunity that can grow if you showcase the value you can add to them as a brand. Remember that before you go ahead and take any steps, get confirmation from their website for any recent changes to the terms and conditions of becoming a Shein ambassador, and also send any questions you might have to their official email only.

    We hope you enjoyed learning about how your passion for fashion and content creation can not just be monetized but create more amazing opportunities for you in the fashion industry. Till next time!

    Final words

    Did you like this comprehensive guide for joining the Shein influencer program? Are you going to apply and make some extra money, or have you still not decided yet? Whatever you choose, remember to always do your research and if some email seems sketchy, is best to avoid interacting with it and contact directly the Shein representative. They should be able to help you and answer all your questions.

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