20 Brands Like LoveShackFancy for unique feminine dresses. Are you looking for unique boho maxi dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd anywhere you go? Look no further as we round up some of the best brands, like LoveShackFancy, for feminine dresses and stunning accessories. So, whether you are looking for a prom dress, a wedding dress, or another special occasion, you must check these alternatives to LoveShackFancy.

20 Brands Like LoveShackFancy for unique feminine dresses

LoveShackFancy made the dreams of all the ladies who adore having a feminine, whimsical, and timeless vintage wardrobe collection come true. From making her perfect bridesmaid dress to capturing the hearts of so many belles worldwide, Rebecca Cohen has created a brand that flatters the female body in a sexy yet ethereal and elegant way.

20 Brands Like LoveShackFancy for unique feminine dresses

LSF has a collection of some of the most gorgeous boho flowy dresses, skirts, knits, sets, and so on that fit any occasion and will instantly brighten up your day. This brand stands out from the rest thanks to the distinct look and feel of the designs, carefully made with lightweight fabric, soft hues, and intricate handwork with feminine energy at its core. See all the LoveShackFancy Q&A you are asking for at the end of this post.

See all the LoveShackFancy Q&A you are asking for at the end of this post

However, it’s no surprise that with such attention to detail and purposefulness in the design, there’s a jaw-dropping price tag attached to each piece. LoveShackFancy has what every girly girl desires in her closet, but the prices are just through the roof. That’s why I have prepared 20 brands like LoveShackFancy that you can indulge in as a lover of romantic designs with flirty silhouettes that won’t make you turn your wallet upside down.

Top 20 Brands Like Love Shack Fancy You’ll Adore!

Are you excited to discover brands like LoveShackFancy? Okay, let’s get into it!

The brands featured on our list were selected based on their similarities to the aesthetic, quality, and fairytale vibes of LoveShackFancy. While some have more affordable pricing, others have a similar cost as LSF’s. The former is perfect for fashionistas who don’t have an issue with LoveShackFancy prices but want more places to shop for similar designs.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means we might receive a commission if you decide to buy something at no extra cost to you.

1. Cleobella brand like LoveShackFancy

Cleobella is a brand known for wearing vintage-inspired, beautiful, and ethically handmade dresses. Like LoveShackFancy, this bohemian brand has a wide collection of flowy dresses, flared layers, ruffles, and pretty soft colors.

Browsing through their website, you’re definitely going to find eye-catching floral prints and detailing that also give an enchanting feel. Apart from dresses, Cleobella also has a wide collection of bags, wallets, hats, and other accessories made with sustainability in mind. 

Regarding pricing, Cleobella is more affordable than LSF, and you can even save more when you shop in their special sale section.

2. Free People brand like LoveShackFancy

Free People is also a boho brand like LoveShackFancy that offers women some classy, trendy, and vintage-inspired designs. Just like the name implies, Free People has pieces that allow women of all ages to express their unique styles with designs inspired by the 60s and 70s with a modern-romantic touch. You’ll adore this brand’s selection of maxi, mini, white, party, and printed dresses.

If you’re looking for where to get vintage and unique pieces that can be used to set up a timeless closet, then Free People should be your next stop. For the prices, they are pretty much more affordable than LSF though they still have some pieces with a higher price tag.

Apart from their dresses, you can also find intimates, activewear, swimwear, accessories, and so on available on their site with a special sale section.

3. Bardot store like LoveShackFancy

Like LoveShackFancy, Bradot has a lovely selection of gorgeous dresses with sexy silhouettes that you’ll absolutely love! One major uniqueness of this brand has to be the cutouts in their dresses that will flatter your body so well.

Quite similar to the floral prints, flares, laces, pastels, and classy look of LoveShackFancy, Bardot can provide some staple dresses perfect for every occasion. In addition to their soft hues, you can also find plain dark colors for more corporate occasions and tops, skirts, jeans, and knits from sizes 6 to 16.

From day to night dresses, daily and party dresses, you can shop till you drop and still have a happy bank account. Also, enjoy free express shipping on orders above $150 within Australia.

4. Sabo

Off Shoulder Nalu Dress similar to LoveShackFancy
get this dress at saboskirt

When it comes to pastel whites, bellowing blouses, and intricate cutouts, Sabo could give LoveShackFancy a run for their money. This online clothing brand has a collection of so many bright and flowy dresses that are perfect for a beachside adventure.

Just like LSF, Sabo has some lovely designs that have this softness and femininity to them with a modern touch. Adorning any piece from Sabo will make you look chic and confident. You can also browse through their collections; After Sunrise, Villa Vera, Isola, The Day We Met, and labels; Sabo Luxe, Sabo Swim, Sabo Intimates, and many more.

Affordability-wise, you can confidently shop their designs and still have some change left in your wallet. Free shipping for orders above $150 and gift vouchers are also available to you.

5. ASTR The Label alternative to LoveShackFancy

Fashionistas all over the world fell in love with the captivating and subtleness of LoveShackFancy floral prints and designs, which perfectly enhance your feminine beauty without taking all the attention. ASTR can do that for you at an affordable price without compromising the quality. 

ASTR offers you outfits for every occasion, from Spring break to wedding guests and festivals. Every fashion item on their site has been carefully crafted to give you a modern fairytale look with a touch of elegance and class.

Did we mention that they’re affordable? Oh yeah, we did! Go through their lovely campaigns – Spring Melody, All That Glitters, A Week Getaway, and many more – collections and even wedding selections.

6. Lulu’s the most similar brand to LoveShackFancy

Lulu’s is a store with many similarities to LoveShackFancy by skillfully merging vintage aesthetics with some modern flare.

Creating distinct patterns and romantic and chic designs to enhance the feminine softness of the modern lady is a specialty of theirs. Don’t worry, babes; the price tag won’t scare you away. You can also check out their wide selection of swimwear, shoes, accessories, and many more!

7. Chickwish pretty identical to LoveShackFancy

Are you looking for some dreamy and enchanting pieces that are also timeless? Then Chickwish welcomes you. One thing we love about this boho fashion store is the European vintage aesthetic they present.

Similar to LoveShackFancy, Chickwish offers you elegant designs that can fuel your cottage-core aesthetic without looking out of trend. Check out their collection of clothes in gorgeous laces, prints, cutouts, maxi, and floral embroidery.

Pricing for this brand is quite reasonable (Floral ruffle trim pleated dress for $39.90), and they are currently running a sale on their site. Run, don’t walk, ladies.

8. Cult Gaia

Do you want to look effortlessly chic and confident in pieces that can stand the test of time? Then you need to check out Cult Gaia. A first glance at their selection makes you think, “Wow, they have some pretty captivating pieces. I can’t resist!”

Well, you wouldn’t need to resist the charms of their designs because they come at a fair price. If you want to show up at any event in unique pieces, effortlessly slaying, just like what LoveShackFancy can offer you, Cult Gaia can be your next stop without robbing a bank.

9. Yumi Kim

A beautiful blend of pastel colors and soft details gives Yumi Kim a place on our list. If you love the more sweetheart and romantic features of dresses on LoveShackFancy, then you should be able to find several similar styles unique in their way to satisfy your soft gal aesthetic.

We really can’t help but mention their wide selection of maxi dresses with the most intricate details perfect for spring and summer outings. Though cheaper than LoveShackFancy, it’s a bit on the pricier side, but we have to say it’s worth it!

10. Etsy Boutiques

Ladies, you’ll be surprised at the number of eye-catching and beautiful dresses very similar to LoveShackFancy that will appeal to your whimsical side that you can find on Etsy. There are so many unknown local designers that put their all into each outfit, and they sell them at very competitive prices.

Our focus is on ethereal and boho fantastical dresses, so all you need to do is search for cottage-core or bohemian dresses, and you’ll be in awe of these talented designers.

11. The Reformation

Right off the bat, the Reformation is pricier, but they can justify the tag because they’re an eco-friendly brand. Every beautiful piece on the Reformation website is made with sustainable materials and follows ethical standards.

That being said, this brand has a wide selection of sexy and elegant styles that you’ll adore as a fan of LoveShackFancy. Their designs appeal to the female body and tick the romantic feel and timelessness box. Another selling point? They have sizes available for every gorgeous body type to enhance your feminine energy.

12. Petal & Pup

Petal & Pup is a store that’s more appealing to the younger generation. They have a beautiful selection of boho designs that are more on the casual everyday wear side. This Aussie brand, just like LoveShackFancy, has an interesting take on bright colors, flares, cuts, and silhouettes.

Are you looking for a crowd-pleaser outfit? A dress or set that’s perfect for a garden party or a flattering look for your adorable baby bump? They have it all at Petal & Pup. If you’re also looking for more classy and plain nudes and dark colors, you don’t need to look any further.

Now your favorite part, yes, they are affordable, and the quality is unmatched. In addition to dresses, you can shop for pants, tops, knits, and sets, and we can keep going. Their site is easy to navigate and also has categories to make your shopping experience pleasant.

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13. Selkie

Where are the fairytale girlies? We know you’ll squeak a bit for this one. Selkie is a fashion store with enchanting designs that you can wear today and still be on trend. They show their mastery by creating different pastel shades, floral prints, puff hands, flares, and every detail a princess could ask for.

Enjoy shopping through their wide range of whimsical and vintage styles with modern twists. Like LoveShackFancy, Selkie wows us with soft laces and materials with the most body-flattering fitting. Whatever your body size is, you can look like the princess that you are.

For pricing, it is very similar to LSF, but like we always mention, you can discover more enchanting designs here. Apart from dresses, you can also browse through their collections of knits, tops and bottoms, outerwear, and many more.

14. Staud

Soft hues, breezy blouses, flowy with ruffles, intricate details, and a vintage timelessness are what we love about LoveShackFancy and Staud. Staud takes the definition of boho to a new level, giving all their pieces a trendy and classy vibe.

We love their play with colors and cutouts to make every woman feel oh la la. Staud has similar pricing to LSF but with more variety in accessories, bags, shoes, knits, outerwear, and many more.

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15. Shein

Shein always finds a way to make our lists, and it’s because they have such a wide variety of styles and designs to suit any aesthetic. Literally, you can find many similar styles like what you’ll see on LoveShackFancy at very affordable rates and good quality.

This giant fashion store has various collections, and you can find floral, lacy, and bohemian-style dresses there. The vintage and classy attires aren’t left out from this store; they always have something for you to choose from for every occasion, so head on over and even get some amazing discounts. For stores similar to Shein, check this page.

16. Sister Jane

Pretty, nostalgic, and sweet are words that can describe Sister Jane. For all the ladies who love the soft and classy part of LoveShackFancy, you’ll adore Sister Jane. This London label has some pretty elevated bohemian styles with some touches of retro and whimsical elements, perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. One unique feature about Sister Jane is their distinct prints and patterns you can’t find anywhere.

Sister Jane is also a sustainable store with very similar pricing to LSF, but like we always say, you can choose from a wider variety of designs. They bring in new capsule collections weekly and have some great selections for men.

17. & Other Stories

& Other Stories is an online store that allows you to create your own stories through fashion. Like LoveShackFancy, this store’s appeal comes from its minimal, stylish, and timeless vibe.

They have a wide range of designs made with pastels, monochrome, and flattering silhouettes to make you feel and look like the stunning woman you are. We’re sure their prices won’t scare you away, so check them out. In addition, they also have some lovely accessories, shoes, bags, swimwear, and so on.

18. For Love & Lemons

From the uniqueness of its name to its vibrant and attention-grabbing pieces, For Love & Lemons meets the needs of all fashionistas who love taking charge. This store will appeal to you if you love the enchanting vibe that LoveShackFancy offers you with its collections.

For all the young fashion-forward ladies who want a fusion of vintage and modern/trendy outfits to flatter their silhouettes, this brand would be a dream come true; well, only if you can afford it. They’re on a higher budget than you might like, but their designs are just so pleasant. Oh, and before we wrap up, you need to check out their lingerie collection because they have some of the most colorful and intricate details, and we know you’ll love them.

19. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is another clothing store that prioritizes mother nature and still delivers when it comes to timeless and vintage-inspired outfits. Just like LoveShackFancy, Christy Dawn creates clothing that celebrates femininity and also versatility.

This store has a series of attires to pick from for all daily wear as well as special occasions. If you’re a mom and you want to introduce your kids to ethically made and boho-style outfits, you’ll find a thing or two here. For the petite and curvy ladies that need body-flattering dresses, you wouldn’t want to leave after you open their site. Do keep in mind that their pricing is similar to LSF, though you can get 15% off your first order.


Reddress might come last on our list, but it’s certainly not the least. This store is perfect for women of all ages who seek to fuel their love for timeless vintage looks that will always be appealing even in years to come.

Similar to LoveShackFancy, Reddress has a large selection of classy and elegant designs that still make you feel like a baby girl. Arrive at any event feeling confident in your Reddress attire, and you’ll get head turns. The best part is that they are affordable, with amazing quality and details. Your shopping doesn’t need to stop at dresses and babes because Reddress also has accessories, sets, graphic Tees, sandals, and so much more!

LoveShackFancy Q&A

1. What is LoveShackFancy aesthetic?

LoveShackFancy aesthetic is a blend of romantic vintage-inspired fashion characterized by its dreamy silhouettes, delicate floral prints, and ethereal color palettes. Drawing inspiration from bygone eras and nostalgic elements, LoveShackFancy creates a unique fusion of bohemian elegance and timeless charm. The brand’s aesthetic is a celebration of femininity, with flowing dresses, ruffled details, and a touch of playful nostalgia, inviting individuals to embrace a romantic, carefree spirit in their everyday style.

2. Why is LoveShackFancy popular?

LoveShackFancy has captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its popularity stemming from a perfect blend of whimsical charm and timeless elegance. LoveShackFancy’s ability to evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and effortless sophistication has garnered a dedicated following. Moreover, the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail adds to its allure, making LoveShackFancy a go-to choice for individuals who appreciate a perfect fusion of vintage-inspired aesthetics and contemporary allure.

3. Who makes LoveShackFancy? – Founder of LSF

LoveShackFancy was founded by Rebecca Hessel Cohen, a former fashion editor passionate about vintage aesthetics and timeless elegance. Established in 2013, the brand reflects Rebecca’s love for bygone eras, showcasing her unique ability to blend nostalgia with contemporary fashion. Rebecca Hessel Cohen’s vision and design sensibility continue to shape LoveShackFancy’s success in fashion.

4. What style is LoveShackFancy?

With a nod to bygone eras, LoveShackFancy seamlessly fuses bohemian charm with contemporary allure, creating a unique and enchanting fashion identity. The brand’s style celebrates soft pastel hues, ethereal fabrics, and a playful yet sophisticated approach, making it a go-to choice for those seeking unique feminine dresses.

5. What is the age range for LoveShackFancy?

The brand often attracts a younger demographic, and thanks to its timeless and versatile designs, it is suitable for individuals of various ages. LoveShackFancy’s pieces, with their flowing silhouettes, delicate prints, and feminine details, can be effortlessly embraced by anyone seeking a touch of vintage-inspired charm.

Whether you’re a fashion-forward young trendsetter or someone with a more classic style, LoveShackFancy offers a range of pieces that transcend age, inviting individuals of different generations to indulge in the brand’s romantic and enchanting allure.

6. Where is LoveShackFancy produced?

I know how much you yearn to get a good answer to this question, and luckily, LoveShackFancy manufactures its clothing in various locations, including the United States, India, and China.

Stores like LoveShackFancy

Final words

Putting this list together whilst humming Enchanted by Taylor Swift was so much fun for me. Women of all ages deserve to let femininity shine through enchanting and classy designs without burning a hole in their pockets. When next you want to go shopping for chic, boho, and vintage-inspired styles, remember to check these brands out, and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!

Did you like these brands like LoveShackFancy? Have you found a feminine dress to suit your style and budget? I hope you did; with so many cottage-core dresses, deciding which one to buy is hard. Just focus on where you will wear the dress mostly and what accessories you already have to style it. From there, you can narrow down your budget and colors, and that’s it. Happy shopping!

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