Where do fashion bloggers and influencers sell their clothes

Where do fashion bloggers and influencers sell their clothes – 13 best platforms and methods where influencers sell their unwanted clothes.

Fashion is one of the most important parts of living with the flow.

Where do fashion bloggers and influencers sell their clothes - 13 best platforms and methods where influencers sell their unwanted clothes, all details by missmv.com
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Everyone knows that fashion bloggers are extremely important among society and digital world. Just when you run out of imagination to style your outfits, fashion bloggers come up daily with fresh content, hauls and try-on videos that changed the way we dress.

Being a fashion influencer require to buy new clothes in every season in order to look trendy and create content for your followers, but that comes with a hefty bill and lots of outfits that end up sitting years in a closet.

As much as you like to keep all the clothes, shoes and bags, you need to make space in your wardrobe for new styles in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Professional bloggers and influencers registered with a PR agency are receiving free designer clothes much often that you can imagine. Now, you might wonder what bloggers do with all their clothes and stuff if they get so many free goodies. The answer is quite simple; some bloggers choose to keep very expensive designer clothes for themselves, while others are offering the goods as a prize for a social media giveaway.

But there are bloggers also who sell their clothes, and further to this article I created a list with some of the most well-known marketplaces where you can scoop some luxury outfits for a fraction of their total price.

The reason why bloggers choose to sell their clothes is obvious.

As a lifestyle and fashion blogger myself, I need to make space for new clothes and being a savvy person, I want to squeeze some cash out of unwanted fashion items. With the money raised from selling my clothes and shoes, I invest in new trendy clothes, but also in my blog missmv.com ( a blog require regular investment in order to turn it into a profitable business).

If you ever want to own some clothes from your favourite influencer, check these websites and get ready for shopping

Here is a complete guide on where fashion bloggers sell their clothes:


Depends on the country that you live, eBay is the handiest marketplace to find pre-owned designer clothes, shoes, bags and perfumes for a bargain. I have to say that eBay is by far the easiest websites to buy and sell clothes and anything else, but also to check reviews of the buyer and seller, so everything is happening through a safe system.

I just want to point out that you have to be really careful when you want to buy designer items from eBay and even when you sell. There are people with bad intentions who might try to trick you in various methods.

Where bloggers are selling their Luxury designer clothes and bags. Discover all marketplaces where you can buy collectible items for discount, by missmv.com
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For example, somebody who sells designer items does not describe accurately the condition of the item, or worst cases, the item is not original.

The same thing can happen if you sell clothes on eBay and you send a parcel to the buyer without a tracking number. It happened to me when I start to use eBay the first time. The buyer will open a dispute and declare that they haven’t received the item and will request the money back; in this case, the eBay will automatically refund the money to the buyer.

The one who wins in this situation is the buyer, since he/she gets the item for free and a refund.


One of the most popular media sharing platforms on the planet, Instagram is a very popular spot for bloggers to sell their clothes. The Instagram marketplace is massive: it has over a billion users & a little over 2 million businesses rely on Instagram for a living.
Fashion bloggers usually sell on Instagram through an affiliate link; every time someone buys from their referral link, they earn a commission.

Instagram is one of the most profitable advertisement platforms that convert sales pretty easy if you have a decent number of followers interested in fashion.

Personal blogs

You probably noticed that many bloggers recently included a section on their top blog menu, called “ Shop”, “ Store”, or “ Shop my Looks”.

Think about, you already drive traffic to your blog, and why not take this opportunity to sell your unwanted items to your followers. Your blog gives you the chance to create better connections with your audience and they already know your style, so adding a Shop page into your blog will maximize your income and you will keep all the money, without paying commission to a third-party website, except PayPal.

Luxury pawn shops/ fashion pawnbrokers

If you have a large collection of luxury designer clothes, bags,( if you wonder, yes pawn shops accept Louis Vuitton bags and shoes too), jewelleries and supercars, the best way to sell them is a luxury pawn shop.

Luxury pawn shops to buy and sell rolex. What is a luxury pawnbroker and what it does. Pre-owned rolex for sale
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So how does a luxury pawn shop works?

When you think about a Posh Pawn Shop you will know that they dealing with rare and collectable watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Tudor, Bvlgari and many other brands, but not only designer bags and gold jewelleries; some luxury pawn shops are ready to accept even planes.

Fundamentally, a luxury pawnbroker does everything for you; you call them and set an appointment, they come to your house and take a look at the designer items you want to sell, they check their condition and will approximate the price of which they can offer.

Sometimes a fashion pawnbroker will take the designer bags and shoes to their elite customers who collect luxury and rare fashion items, following a successful sale or not. If the fashion broker manages to sell the goods will bring the money directly to your home.

This is the most discreet method for bloggers and models to sell their designer clothes and jewelleries without any hassle and to get the maximum price for their items.

If you not keen to sell your items, you can borrow money against your luxury designer watches and bags. Basically, if you are in an emergency and need money straight away, you can get a loan against your collectable items, if that’s the case, make sure to repay the money on time to avoid being charged huge interest or worst scenario to lose your luxury watches.

If you had the chance to see on TV – The Posh Pawn Shop series – aka Prestige Pawnbrokers you will understand better how the system works. Is also a pleasure to watch this TV program since you have the chance to learn so much about luxury and collectable items.

Clothes parties/ Swish party

In the past I come across a blogger who wrote a lovely article about this topic, sadly I cannot remember the name of the blog.

To plan and run a clothes party you don’t even need to have lots of friends.  Luckily, we live in digital era and posting on your social media and inviting your followers to such an event will be the best thing that can happen to you as a blogger and to your fans.

A swish party is definitely the way to go; your fans have the chance to meet you in reality and buy your clothes, meet other bloggers, make new friends and grow your followers ( as you might expect, everyone will post on social media about the party and of course will tag you as a host).  After organizing a clothes party, your followers will increase tremendously, depending on who is attending the event.

You might wonder what is and how it works a swishing party, so here is a very detailed article that explains everything, from attending to organizing a clothes party.


Poshmark is one of the most user-friendly platforms for bloggers to sell, and for loyal followers to buy clothes. There are virtually no shipping fees for customers, as the price is added in the product’s and the user gets a complete breakdown of the item as soon as they try to purchase the items.

The best thing about this platform is that you don’t need to take professional photos of the items you want to sell, therefore a quick snap with your smartphone will do the work.

Poshmark is popular mostly in US, so if you want to buy clothes from an American influencer, that’s the place to register.

Facebook marketplace/groups

Facebook marketplace is another place to buy pre-owned designer items, from your favourite bloggers, and from regular people.

Since you already have a Facebook account and is free to use, you can sell many fashion items through marketplace and groups and the best part of selling on Facebook is that you have the option to vet the buyer, only if their profile information’s are visible and not private.


Tradesy is more like a trading platform – a bazaar. It is technically designed to sell all kinds of designer items, but bloggers use Tradesy to sell their own branded clothes.

The best thing about Tradesy is the fact that only allows selling of goods that are authentic. Cheap, knockoffs are not allowed on the platform.
In fact, Tradesy is one of the biggest platforms where fashion bloggers sell their clothes. The seller gets a complete shipping kit, and returns are handled by the company. Tradesy earns virtually nothing from each sale, making them a really great platform for newbies at least.


Mercari is a very popular app in US and Japan, with many bloggers and regular people who sell their unwanted items, from clothes, shoes and bags, to electronics, gadgets and even house décor.

The Mercari app is user-friendly, which allows you to list an item for sale in less than a minute. That’s impressive and time-saving, especially for bloggers who have very limited time.


Depop is another marketplace app well known by bloggers to sell their clothes. The coolest thing about Depop is the fact that you can add videos and pictures with the products that you sell, compared with other apps which don’t have the video feature.

Buyers are more determined to purchase an item when you show all the details in a video. I personally haven’t used Depop yet, but I shall give it a try in the future.


Shpock is a versatile app that allows you to create a store and sell online with just a few taps on your phone.

I never quite used Shpock, since they charging a monthly fee to sell through their app, but is worth to try if you looking to buy outfits for a few quid. 

You might like to read, how bloggers can afford designer clothes


When I joined Vinted I was pleasantly surprised to discover a whole community of bloggers on this platform. Everyone is selling their clothes for a lot less than their original price, besides, Vinted has highly engaged forum where people share tips to sell, or advice to buy pre-owned designer items, but various topics also.

On top of everything, Vinted is charging only 5% commission for every transaction, compared with eBay which is charging 10% commission for every transaction.

Go ahead and join this platform, you will discover genuine people who talk sense and are ready to offer their help.


Preloved is a UK marketplace where you can sell pre-owned clothes, cars, electronics and all kind of stuff.

From their website, I notice that they charge a small annual fee of £5 and you can upgrade to £20 for extra features. I haven’t used this website at all and I don’t see myself buying or selling anytime soon there since they charge both parties, buyers and sellers, a flat fee each year.

Preloved is useful maybe for somebody who is running a large business and want to expand to tap a new market, otherwise, I don’t see why a regular person will pay a membership to see a dress and two pair of shoes, without knowing what chances you have to find a buyer.


Let’s summarise the marketplaces where bloggers and influencers are selling their clothes:

  1. Ebay
  2. Instagram
  3. Personal blogs
  4. Luxury pawn shops/ fashion pawnbrokers
  5. Clothes parties/ Swish party
  6. Poshmark
  7. Facebook marketplace/groups
  8. Tradesy
  9. Mercari
  10. Depop
  11. Shpock
  12. Vinted
  13. Preloved

These are the major platforms where fashion bloggers sell their clothes. Some are cheap, some are expensive & some are a blend between useful & interactive. You just need to experiment ad choose the one that suits you and find it easy to run, or shop.

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