5 Smart Shopping Tips for Buying New Clothes. Are you looking for tips and advice on buying clothes online and in physical stores? Want to shop smart and learn how to choose outfits that you will actually wear but also how to style the garments? Take a few minutes to read these smart shopping tips for buying new clothes and your spending habit will change forever.

5 Smart Shopping Tips for Buying New Clothes
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Shopping smart is a skill you want to master when buying new clothes. Having this skill is helpful for those who want to build their own style and even those who already have their own aesthetic.

When you shop smart, it means that you only buy clothes you’ll actually wear and stay within your budget. Moreover, you ensure that you’re purchasing garments you can wear multiple times and style in different ways, thereby adding to their value. If you want to be a smart shopper, make sure to take note of and follow these tips the next time you plan to add new items to your wardrobe. 

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Decide on a Style You Want to Achieve

Decide on a Style You Want to Achieve. 5 Smart Shopping Tips for Buying New Clothes
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Before you go shopping, it’s better to focus on a style you want to achieve instead of looking for specific garments to buy. When you simply focus on individual pieces like a cute top or a particular jacket, it’s easy to forget to consider how the garment will look on you and match your other clothes. Thus, you could end up buying something that may not suit your personal style. If you’re unable to return the garment, you also end up with a somewhat wasteful purchase that takes up space in your closet. 

On the other hand, if you focus on recreating a certain look, you can determine what garments you need to accomplish a similar aesthetic instead of completely copying the exact same items.

You can then check your closet for possible substitutes and lessen the number of items you need to buy. For example, if you want to achieve a “winter preppy look,” you can search for those keywords online. Doing so might give you outfit ideas that feature a lot of tights and plaid skirts. Instead of buying various jackets and sweaters, narrow your list to shop tights and skirts and pair them with tops that you already own. 

Do Your Research on Individual Garments

Once you have an idea of the specific elements that you most enjoy in a look you’re going for, you can now search for individual pieces online. Doing so will help you find stores with designs similar to the style you want to achieve.

You may also find alternative styling suggestions and other pieces that can further complement your look. Checking online can also help you compare similar apparel from different brands. As a result, you can determine which piece would suit you best based on prices, sizes, materials, and other factors you may be looking for. 

Moreover, doing your research can help you decide whether to buy online or in-store. Each clothing brand will have its own specifications when it comes to sizing, so a size medium in one store might be considered a small or even a large in another store.

When shopping online, check the store’s size chart to see if the clothes will fit you. Read reviews for the item you want to purchase to ensure the quality and accuracy of the sizing. In addition, don’t forget to check the website’s return policy in case the item you receive doesn’t fit you or matches its photo. If a perfect fit is important, consider making the trip to a physical store instead before finalizing your purchase.

5 Smart Shopping Tips for Buying New Clothes


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Try on the Garment in Store

When you’re shopping in-store, take advantage of the opportunity to try on clothes. You should try the garment in different sizes: your size, the size below, and the size above.

The specific measurements for these standardized sizes may differ with every brand, and they may not account for the natural differences between human bodies. For example, the length of a shirt may just be right for your torso but feel too tight around your chest or too loose on your arms. Therefore, having three size options in the fitting room will make it easier for you to choose the right clothes.  

You can even go to the store wearing other clothes that you intend to pair with the garments you’re thinking of buying. Doing so will help you determine whether the new pieces are really worth adding to your wardrobe. For example, if you want to purchase a pair of skinny jeans, you can wear a t-shirt you plan to wear with the jeans often. 

Start with a Lot then Choose What to Keep

Start with a Lot then Choose What to Keep
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Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, it’s best to start with many choices. When you do this in-store, bring as many options as you can to the fitting room. Doing so will allow you to check how the items look on their own and when matched with other garments.

You can also try out different colors and see how they complement your skin tone. From this process, you can develop a better idea of what apparel works with your body and what doesn’t. Return the items that don’t match the look you’re going for, or complement your body shape. Keep doing this until you have narrowed your choices down to the clothes that you’re truly satisfied with and that are within your budget. 

Smart shopping tips for buying new clothes that will change your spending habit forever

If you’re shopping online, you can add clothes to your cart based on how well-suited they are for recreating the style you’re going for. Keep adding items to your cart until you’re ready to purchase. Before checking out, study the items in your cart again.

Check if you already have similar clothes in your wardrobe and visualize how these additions would look with what you have. Remove items that look too similar to items you already own or don’t match the pieces in your closet.

Take a Selfie in the Fitting Room 

Take a Selfie in the Fitting Room 
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If you’re ever unsure about whether a garment looks good on you, take a selfie while you’re trying it out in the fitting room. Sometimes, looking at your photo will give you a better overview than a large mirror. Looking into a mirror can cause you to only focus on certain areas, like your torso or legs, so you can’t appreciate the outfit in full. 

Taking a selfie can also help you compare your photos with the photos of outfit ideas you might have saved. Check if you are able to highlight your best features and if the outfit is as flattering on you as you imagined. In addition, you can send the selfie to a trusted friend or two to help you decide if you should buy the garments

Shopping smart may seem difficult at first because you have to be thorough and pay attention to a lot of details. However, following the tips above will guarantee you a productive shopping experience with little risk of buyer’s remorse.

You will also have a better time establishing your personal style and updating your wardrobe to reflect your tastes. Moreover, if you continuously abide by this guide, shopping for new fashion items will definitely get easier as you build on the knowledge of what clothes work best for your body. 

Did you find these shopping tips helpful? Have another clothes-buying tip that you will like us to include in this post? Drop us a message and we will share your advice with everyone so we can all buy fashion items more consciously.

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