Is Blanc Space Legit? My Brutal Review and Alternative To This Brand. Are you planning to buy a new phone case and don’t know how safe and trustworthy Blanc space is? To help you make an informed decision, I’m going to answer all your questions on this page without holding anything back. So step in to read this Blanc Space review entirely because you will thank me later!

Is Blanc Space Legit? My Brutal Review and Alternative To This Brand 

We have delved into a fascinating time when phone cases are now a part of our fashion accessories. Everyone is matching their phone cases with their outfits or buying phone cases that look especially captivating in mirror selfies and TikTok videos.

This new obsession with phone cases is further throwing companies like Blanc Space into the spotlight. After over a decade in the business of manufacturing phone cases, more and more people are learning about Blanc Space.

You mostly likely have too, if you’re perusing for good recounts, to decide whether to buy from the brand or not. After using the phone case, this is my honest review to help you decide!

Is Blanc Space Legit?

Blanc Space review

Yes, Blanc Space is a legit and real company, so you can rest assured on this front! I wouldn’t have received my phone cases if it weren’t a legit company. Besides, I did intense research to bring you all the information you need about his brand and how they started selling phone cases.

A quick overview of Blanc Space and how it started

The company launched eight years ago as ‘Case Chimp’, starting out moderately by selling phone cases on Amazon and eBay. Even selling on these sites, their customers received purchases in good condition and without complaints of fraud.

Due to consistently manufacturing trendy cases that kept up with the new models of iPhones, Case Chimp’s customer base grew, and they proceeded to build their own website. Moving on to their own website, they increased their number of cases and designs, and this appealed to more people.

The success of this upgrade led to the launch of Case Warehouse, which strived to meet the desires of every phone case lover. By 2021, Case Warehouse became Blanc Space, and the brand has remained in the business ever since. Therefore, you can be certain that the business is a legitimate one and that any purchase you make from them will be delivered.

Does Blanc Space make personalized phone cases?

Blanc space phone case review

Yes! One of the inspirations behind ‘Case Warehouse’ is the brand’s interest in providing phone cases for everyone’s taste. The brand is dedicated to creating phone cases to suit the preferences of the elderly and young, men and women, the simple or complicated, and virtually everyone wants in the market. So apart from the cases already available on the site, Blanc Space also provides services to create personalized phone cases.

Their website has an on-site customizer that lets you design your case before payment. This boon is sure to make the brand stand out amongst many others in the industry. Sometimes, what we like might not already be available, and getting the chance to design it is an amazing way to show their love for their customers.

Why does the brand constantly change its name? Is that suspicious? 

According to the website page, the brand changes its name based on their updated vision and mission. They changed from Case Chimp to Case Warehouse in 2018 because they wanted their customers to know they could get a steady stream of cases in various designs and colors from them.

In 2021, they were already catering to people from different countries and had the freedom to be more expressive with their branding. So they launched the name Blanc Space to show that phone cases are more than tools to guard your phone. They are canvases upon which their buyers can tell stories about themselves and be more expressive.

Therefore, their phone cases are a ‘blank space,’ and then you can build upon it with minimalist designs, cultural illustrations, fan art, portraits, and many more. Basically, the brand’s mission is to present an avenue for people to have fun with creativity, and they also practice what they preach by being dynamic and expressive with their brand. So don’t worry; their changed name isn’t because they are a sketchy business!

Is Blanc Space Legit? My Brutal Review and Alternative To This Brand 

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Where does the brand ship to?

While Blanc Space manufactures phone cases in the UK, the brand ships to countries worldwide. They ship via Royal Mail, FedEx, and USPS, dispatching goods from Monday to Friday. So once you place an order on a weekday, you can be certain that it would begin shipping the next day. While their site promises worldwide shipping, check if these delivery options come to your location first before placing an order. 

In the UK, I received my package within 4 days after I placed the order, which is very fast and a significant advantage over other brands.

The product pages are also designed to show you an estimated delivery time, including the dispatch time and the shipping time. This is a measure they’ve taken to set a customer’s mind at rest as your goods come over to you. You can check out their delivery information page for more insight on shipping goods to the UK, US, and Europe. 

How broad are their case options?

blanc space phone case reviews. Is Blanc Space Legit? My Brutal Review and Alternative To This Brand 

This is one area where Blanc space praises can be heartily sung. The company has over three thousand designs available, offering filters on their website to narrow your search, as there are so many options. They also have cases for the models of iPhones between the 8 model to the XS MAX model. On the site, you can select your phone model to view the range of cases available.

Do you want print cases? They have it in marbles, animal patterns, anime art, musical prints, camouflage, floral, Barbie cases, personal photos, and many more. If prints are not your style, they also have clear phone cases for different phones. Of course, there is also the opportunity to design a case to fit your preferences.

Their options are rather broad, and if your phone’s model is among those they provide, you’ll be a happy shopper here.

For my phones, I have chosen Leopard Print Stylish Abstract Faces phone case for the iPhone 13Pro Max, Vintage Japanese Illustrations Cherry Blossoms for iPhone 8, and another Girl Gone Wild phone case which was free and I wrapped it nicely to gift it to my sister. I also purchased a Tempered Glass Screen Protector and ordered the wrong size ( my mistake), and hence I’m on holiday while writing this review, I cannot return it. But I take it as a small loss on my side. No hard feelings…

How affordable are Blanc Space phone cases?

Compared to other phone case brands, Blanc Space prices are higher. Their average price is £20 per phone case, which is a substantial sum, especially. And converting it to dollars will add up to $25.39, which is quite pricey for a phone case. Nonetheless, they are still cheaper if you compare them with Apple phone cases where the price is double or higher.

The bright side is that Blanc Space has sales sometimes, where some products go as low as £12 so that you can grab more than one case during these sales. Also, the pouches are of good quality, and you get free shipping when you spend up to a particular amount!

Blanc Space discount code

OK, so after checking Blanc Space prices, you obviously think they are a bit more expensive than other brands. Therefore, to get the Blanc Space discount code, they have a summer sale right now where you can add any three items to your basket and only pay for 2, plus you get free shipping. Another option to get a Blanc Space discount code is to visit discount codes websites but bear in mind that these codes don’t always work.

Furthermore, you can browse the hashtag #blancspace on Instagram to get discount codes from influencers who promote the brand. This trick works for almost any brand or anything you want to buy online.

Lastly, the last resort for scooping a deal from this brand is to leave them a review. After I had received my order, Blanc Space sent me a £5 coupon to leave them a review with a photo on their website. This might be something to consider if you plan on buying one phone case for yourself and after for someone you love.

How compatible are Blanc Space phone cases with iPhones?

How compatible are Blanc Space phone cases with iPhones?

Other than how pretty a phone case looks, it is important to also consider the compatibility of the product to the phone. My main drawback when using my Blanc Space phone cases is that they make my phone heat up when I open social media apps like YouTube. While YouTube can be a tasking app on phones, some people use it so frequently that it’s hard to ignore this downside of the phone case.

The side effects of an overheated phone include a shortage of battery life, glitches in the app, crashes, and damage to internal components. All of these are issues that should make phone users wary of anything that heats up their devices, including phone cases. So if you are a big user of apps like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram reels, Blanc Space may not be the best accessory for your phone.

Another drawback is the space where you plug the charger cable. It seems a bit narrow, and you have to double-check if the charger is completely inserted, otherwise, you might end up with a dead battery on your phone in the morning( if you are charging the phone overnight).

Are Blanc Space cases protective?

Another important function to consider when purchasing phone cases is how well they can protect phones during falls. Blanc Space phone cases stand up to the task in this aspect. Their phone cases are made with solid materials that protect the fragile surfaces of your iPhone. They have raised bezels to protect the screen and cameras and TPE shock-absorbing technology. Many of the cases have also been drop tested to eight feet. So if you tend to drop your phone often, Blanc Space is a great option to keep your phone safe.

Can the customized designs have errors?

Some reviewers have shared that a few of their phone case customized designs had errors, but only because of how the users edited the design. The printer could not pick up the design, so it came with an error. So yes, the customized designs can be affected by a few errors; hence it’s best to opt for designs the printer can pick up when you choose. Otherwise, you can contact their efficient customer service to solve any issues.

What other items does Blanc Space offer?

What other items does Blanc Space offer

Other than captivating phone cases, Blanc Space also offers tempered glass screen protectors to guard the most important part of your phone. They have tempered glass camera lens protectors to keep your camera lens from cracking or scratching.

You can find a rope cross-body strap to carry your phone hands-free here. The straps are adjustable, sweatproof, and waterproof for both indoor and outdoor activities. Blanc Space also offers phone rings that attach to the back of your phone case to hold your phone more securely. These rings also make taking pictures and videos much easier.

You will also find phone airpods cases, airtag holders, and phone charms here. Blanc Space is more or less a one-stop online store for phone accessories. 

Is Blanc Space eco-friendly?

Blanc space packaging review

Blanc Space has eco-friendly practices, starting with their hand-made phone cases. This allows them to reduce how much materials are utilized in making the cases. Their packaging also includes zero carbon, is plastic-free, and is recyclable. The brand encourages customers to recycle the packages for sustainability. Lastly, the cases are partly made from recycled materials, contributing to their sustainable practices.

According to their website statement, over ten thousand of their cases are recycled, and the brand has offset a hundred percent of the carbon emissions produced during their delivery process. With these measures in place, Blanc Space is undoubtedly an eco-friendly phone accessory brand!

As you can see in the above image, the packaging of Blanc Space is outstanding, and I was super impressed seeing the paper box and bag with a lovely aesthetic appeal. It is not happening every day to order a phone case and receive it nicely packed like Blanc Space. That is another advantage that makes this brand stand out from the competition.

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Are Blanc Space cases MagSafe

Blanc Space phone cases are MagSafe ( wireless charging), but the case doesn’t have magnets. So you can enjoy these phone cases while charging your phone on the wireless device of your choice.

Blanc Space returns policy

Ok, just like every online store, Blanc Space’s return policy must be inspected diligently. They offer a 60 days return window that allows you enough time to decide whether the phone case is ideal for you. Unless you ordered a personalized phone case or the product is part of the bundle Buy 2, get 2 free for example, the return is possible and the shipping fee is covered by the customer. More about Blanc space return policy you can read on their website.

I know you were expecting to get free shipping on returns, but you have to understand that logistics costs money, and if you don’t pay shipping, that fee will be included in the price of the products eventually. Somehow, companies have to make money.

Blanc Space phone cases alternative brands

Blanc Space vs Casetify

If you like Blanc Space products and would love to find similar brands, or if you think their phone cases are too expensive for your budget, just relax because there are many alternatives.

Jelly Cases

Jelly Cases are a wonderful alternative to Blanc Space as the brand also provides a broad range of designs for phone cases. They have clear cases for minimalists, electroplated cases, floral cases, abstract designs, and more. And the materials used to manufacture the cases are thick for protection without being too heavy to carry.

Jelly Cases provide other accessories like camera lens protectors, tempered glass screen protectors, airpod silicone cases, and more. You can find waterproof phone pouch bags, magnetic car phone holders, and Bluetooth speakers on their website.


At Etsy, you can find all kinds of aesthetic phone accessories. From phone cases to bags, pouches, and so on. Besides, some sellers allow personalized orders, too which makes it a powerful competitor to Blanc Space. Not to mention that phone cases on Etsy are way cheaper compared with Blanc Space.


Like Blanc Space, Casetify also provides phone cases in almost every design you can think of. For instance, during this Barbie movie season, you will find a fascinating pink collaboration of cases on the website! Buy cases with floral patterns, surrealist designs, quotes, unique illustrations, barcodes, camouflage cases, and many more. The brand is also beloved by celebrities such as Joe Jonas and Kylie Jenner, so you can get top-quality phone cases here!

Similar to Blanc Space, the brand caters to iPhone models 12 to 14. They provide cases for iPads, MacBooks, and Apple watches. For Android users, Casetify has cases for Samsung products as well. 


Blanc space alternatives and competitors

Who hasn’t heard of Shein. They sell a broad range of products, from clothing and accessories to home decor items, gadgets, and phone cases. To be completely honest, my previous phone case for Pro Max was from Shein, and I was really happy with the design, aesthetic, and durability. For £3, the quality was great and has never heated up my phone while using social media like Blanc Space phone case does.

I’m sorry to say that if you love Blanc Space, but I rather care for my phone battery and lifetime than aesthetics. So, I will go back to using my Shein phone case even though the design is bland and simple, it goes well with all my outfits.


Casely caters to Apple and Samsung users, with phone cases for iPhone 6 and above. So for users of iPhone X and below, you won’t feel left out with this company! Casely also provides cases that are more affordable than Blanc Space phone cases.

You don’t have to break the bank to get multiple cases for different occasions. And you can buy other accessories such as power pods, AirTag cases, phone loops, phone rings, glass screen protectors, and sticker packs. Their designs are broad, varying from animal print to retro cases to checkered patterns, heart designs, and abstract designs. Casely also speaks to a street-style aesthetic, so if that is your style, you’ll feel right at home with their offerings.

Another reason the brand is an excellent alternative to Blanc Space is that Casely products are sustainably made. The brand also donates a portion of its sales to good causes. Casely cases also come with one year warranty and have easy returns.  

Final words

While Blanc Space phone cases are pretty, and the website offers many perks and discounts, I wouldn’t recommend their products because of the high price. While a phone case is very important for ensuring real protection to your gadget, there are cheaper alternatives on the market with a beautiful appeal and that serves the purpose.

I would recommend Blanc Space only if you cannot find your desired aesthetic, or want a personalized phone case.

So, did you enjoy this review? Have I answered all your questions or did I miss anything? If so send me a message by using the contact form from the bottom of the website and I will do my best to update this page. Thanks!

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