Top Pinterest alternatives to share your artwork. While Pinterest is the queen for growing a blog and finding genuine customers for your business, is not a bad idea to diversify and syndicate your content on other platforms.

Top Pinterest alternatives to share your artwork

Pinterest is and will always be the main source of inspiration for almost anything, from art to food recipes, fashion, home decor, DIY craft and makeup. With a quick search, you will quickly discover high-quality content that people love to share on this amazing platform.

There is no doubt about how unique is Pinterest itself, but lately has been too many glitches and many content creators had their account marked as spam for unknowing reasons.

As much as Pinterest encourages creators to share their work, their algorithm sometimes makes you pull out the hair, especially if you are a blogger and rely on Pinterest traffic.

For new bloggers and artists, Pinterest is a real gold mine to promote your work for free and get tons of visitors ready to buy your products. If you find yourself unlucky and feeling like giving up Pinterest, there are other alternatives to share your work.

While I don’t encourage you to abandon Pinterest for good, taking a break and experimenting with other platforms is part of marketing strategies to diversify and find a different audience that might be interested in your products.

Take a look at these Pinterest alternatives to share your artwork and be discovered worldwide.


Dribble, much like Pinterest, is aimed at complying with the needs of budding designers who are looking for a similar experience. The tag line of Dribble claims to be the “leading destination to find and showcase creative work” and brings together artists from distinct realms such as illustrators, graphic designers and digital creators.

The best part about Dribble lies in the verity that no matter where you come from or, what your forte is, you will always find a large group of audiences praising your work.

Additionally, Dribble has got a variety of features when you search to find content. Options to select geo-location, tags and many others are making it the perfect competitor to Pinterest.

We Heart It

We Heart It, as the name itself suggests, is made up of all things aesthetic. Although this website is not as specialized as Pinterest and focuses on a more basic experience, you can upload your artwork and discover new users who share similar interests.

Joining We Heart It is quite easy and the dashboard is quite limited compared to what Pinterest offers. The downside of this website is the Google ads that are popping everywhere on the website and make the loading pages fairly slow.

We Heart It has a feature similar to Pinterest boards, called Collections where you can organize your content by categories, or save images from other users. Regarding how viable is to drive traffic to your website and find new customers, We Heart It does not convert as much as we hoped.

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The only advantage to share your content to We Heart It is if you want to build strong authority backlinks for each blog post you write. With an impressive DA 76, is worth to share an image with a link pointing to your newest article.

Pin Me

Alternative apps to Pinterest that every blogger should join


Founded by Google in the recent months, Keen has strong chances to be a good Pinterest alternative website.

What makes Keen different than Pinterest is that Keen uses Google Search and machine learning to help surface content that is related to your interest. The same as Pinterest, Keen has options to share your content with others, organize it or maybe keep it private.

Developed by Google specialists, there is no doubt that Keep will grow at light speed, perhaps even overtaking Pinterest in terms of what can offer to its users.

Inspiration Grid

If you don’t think Pinterest has a versatile collection or, have simply browsed through everything that the site had to offer, switch to Inspiration Grid to upgrade your skills and show the world what you have got!

If its the first time when you hear about Inspiration Grid, allow me to explain what is and what it can do for you this website.

Inspiration Grid is essentially an online magazine that assembles artists from every corner of the world and serves them with a sturdy foundation to build their dreams and careers.

Honestly speaking, the visual content of Inspiration Grid that showcases fashion content, architecture, contemporary art, design, illustration, typography, and such others is unmatched.

Even though you will not be able to have boards to save the artwork you like, you can inexorably tickle your creative bones and publish handiwork that is imaginative and resourceful.


If you are in search of a platform that will collect and present you with varied results for each of your interests then, Pearltrees is the one you should try.

Besides sharing documents, pictures, and URLs, you can also take screenshots from webpages that you find interesting and informative and introduce them into your unique selection using the website’s browser extension.

Moreover, with the features of Pearltrees at your disposal, you can create collections and sub-collections to further segregate and organize your artwork.

The moment you upload something, Pearltrees will supply you with similar assortments posted by other users so that you can implement the necessary changes or, strive to make your work better in the forthcoming days with the unusual ideas.

Let’s not forget that Pearltrees grants 1GB of storage space to every user for free; but, if you exceed that limit, you must bear the additional charges.


Believe it or not, Juxtapost is one of the most sought-after websites like Pinterest for interior design and rightfully so.

In fact, Juxtapost was created to work as an advanced version of Pinterest with all its attributes but, the latter soon grew in size and started to bring forth all the features that it was initially lacking in.

The platform has innumerable categories delineated under it such as education, décor, humour, health and beauty, arts, internet, and several others for the benefit of its users.

The user-interface is simple and straightforward and if you come across something pleasing to the eyes, it can be bookmarked and shared with others as well.

There is an option from where you can directly upload your images on any given post-board and if you wish, click on the “more like this” button to find similar photos shared by other users. 


Picsy would allow you to have access to every element put across by Pinterest, and that too, with a decent interface. Other than sharing and discovering quirky posts and images, you can sort photos by searching based on categories such as illustration, art, photography, and fashion.

Quite like Instagram, Picsy has tabs placed at the corner of the page by clicking on which, your posts will be shared on the platform instantly.

These are some of the best Pinterest alternatives for bloggers and art creators. If you have any suggestions please comment below and I will include them if they prove to be a Pinterest alternative app.

Let’s summarize the best Pinterest alternatives for bloggers to share your their work:


We Heart It


Inspiration Grid




Pin Me

The best Pinterest alternative websites

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