Top 12 reasons to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram to scale your business

Top 12 reasons to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram to scale your business. Why Tailwind is a must-have to grow your blog traffic and succeed as a blogger.

Top 12 reasons to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram to scale your business.

There are more than 12 reasons to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram to scale your business, but I have summarized to give you an idea of how crucial is automation for your blog and social media.

Before I started to use Tailwind, I’ve seen it recommended by many bloggers and couldn’t understand what was so special about this blogging tool. When I get stuck with my blog traffic, I finally decided to give it a try, and boy, there is a whole ecosystem that will scale your business in a matter of days.

The beauty of Tailwind is that they offer a free trial so you can juggle with the features and understand how it works, then upgrade your account whenever you ready to take your blogging business much serious.

With Tailwind free trial, you can schedule 100 Pinterest posts and join 5 tribes, a pretty good deal I’d say. For Instagram, you have the option to schedule 30 posts at the peak time when your audience is more active along with hashtags suggestions to make your content discoverable.

If you’re a new blogger and your budget is tight, Tailwind free trial should be enough for you to lift your website of the ground and schedule Instagram posts for each day for the whole month.

I’m pretty sure that you won’t stay long with your Tailwind free trial. Once you learn how Tailwind works and mastered beautiful pins, is well worth to upgrade to Plus plan so you can access more features.

Currently, I’m with Tailwind Plus plan which is recommended for bloggers and small businesses and you are allowed to schedule 400 Pinterest Pins and 30 Instagram posts per month. Once you upgrade your Tailwind account to Plus version, you will have access instantly to dedicated support, eBooks and articles that will help you grow your blog traffic rapidly.

If you want to accelerate your blogging success, try Tailwind Plus, is a totally game changing and I’m sure you will get addicted sooner than you think.

 Why every blogger should use Tailwind to scale their business?

Blogging means time consuming, lots of tasks that has to be done in order to become successful and make full income. From writing great articles, to shooting/filming or researching images, creating attractive pins, building backlinks and maintaining a social media presence; everything is part of being a full-time blogger. Of course, you can hire a freelancer to help you with various tasks, but is very difficult to find a professional that will add real value in what they doing, besides, is another cost added to your blog business.

For the price of 4 Starbucks coffee cups, Tailwind will do the job for you.

The way Tailwind works is pretty simple. Once you created an account, find tribes that are very active and related to your blog niche. I strongly suggest to upgrade your Tailwind plan so you can join more than 5 tribes; once you do that, you have more chances to get your pins viral which converts into traffic to your blog and sales.

If you want to start using Tailwind for free go ahead and see why I love it so much.

Tribe Powerup is an extra feature that allows you to join more tribes, a must-have blogging tool if you want to get more shares to your content. When you join tribes, read the rules, share at least two pins, for each one you schedule, don’t spam and be consistent.

Now let me share with you the top 12 reasons to use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram to scale your business:

1.Automation save precious time

Creating organized and professional Pinterest and Instagram feed is inevitably time-consuming and needs a lot of effort. With Tailwind’s bulk drag and drop calendar option, you can do this easy process when you have your morning coffee.

Is a dream come true to have your Instagram and Pinterest posts shared while you sleep. If you have international followers, it makes sense to schedule posts for different hour interval to reach as many people as possible and Tailwind will do that for you, with just a few clicks.

2. Increases reach

To get many eyeballs on your content, you need to know when is the best time to share on Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind will automatically detect when most of your followers are active and schedule the content for the best time slots.

When I discovered automation, my blogging business has become easier and now I have more time to create fresh content every day. Your time and energy are invaluable, therefore, to avoid burnout, embrace automation software’s, they are saving you from getting exhausted and will speed up the process to make money with your blog

3. Resharing content with Smatloop

Take advantage of seasonal content, such as Christmas, Easter and Valentines’ Day and try Tailwind Smartloop. Tailwind Smartloop is a feature that let you curate a collection of posts that you intend to share again and is related to the event that’s about to happen. All you have to do is to add pins to your Smartloop and the app will spin them at certain hours.

If you want to make your seasonal pins discoverable before an event, is best to schedule the content in Tailwind Smartloop with at least two months beforehand. Having said that, is not a fixed rule how to use Smartloop; you can schedule pins for a landing page where you sell an online course, host a webinar, an event, or your blog shop that contains your affiliate products.

Be very careful what kind of pins you include in Smartloop, don’t mislead people, offer value, otherwise they will choose to hide the pin from their feed, which means Pinterest will not show your pins again to those users. In rare cases, some people can even report your pins if they find it misleading.

4. Share content directly from your blog and website

Another cool benefit of using Tailwind for blogging is that you can schedule images directly from your website. Once you installed Tailwind extension for Chrome, Firefox and much effortless once you download the app on your smartphone, you can schedule pins in a few seconds.

To be able to schedule images from your blog directly on Tailwind, make sure the size of pictures is according with Pinterest pins. Here is a good article from Canva that explains better Pinterest Pins sizes

You can include pins in each article you write to save time, but also to encourage your audience to pin your images, a clever marketing tactic that will boost your blog traffic if applied correctly.

5. 30-Day History Archive

You can keep a track of posts that you scheduled in the last 30 days and analyze performance of every pin, tribe, board and Pinterest profile activity. Once you know what performed better, create similar content and repeat the process.

Tailwind insights will help you understand what works and what not, use everything has to offer this platform because is created specifically for bloggers and brands to grow their businesses. 

6. Trust – Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest and Instagram

Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest and Tailwind which makes it safe to use, knowing that you won’t get your account banned for using a third party app.

7. Connect with tribemates

Connect with tribemates who will support and share your content; the system works something like, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. The more content you share from others, the more re-shares you get.

When joining Tailwind tribes, you build a strong reputation and have the chance to network and get collaborations with other bloggers or businesses.

8. Schedule pins to multiple boards

You can schedule a single pin to multiple boards; in fact, Tailwind recommended this practice. If you cannot find Pinterest boards, just follow me on Pinterest and request to join any board you like from my page. I will gladly accept you and follow you back.

I own a few Pinterest boards with lots of activity and I’m in many other boards related to fashion, fitness, food, crafts and blogging tips. Have a look at the boards on my page and pin attractive content to get viral. Check my Pinterest page here to see all the boards.

9. Affordable

There are many scheduling platforms, some of them more reliable than others. From my research, I can tell that Tailwind is by far the most affordable scheduling platform for Instagram and Pinterest. In fact, I couldn’t find any marketing tool that allows me to schedule Instagram posts and Pinterest pins for free. If you know one, please let me know.

10. Easy user interface

Tailwind interface is one of the easiest scheduling software to make your content discoverable. I personally love sharing new content and I could do that for hours without getting bored.

11. Master your Instagram with Tailwind

If you not using an automated software to post on Instagram you wasting precious time my friends. I have to admit that I just started to use Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts, but this service looks promising.

Once you upload an Instagram image, Tailwind will help you make the most out of your content. A cool feature that gives you professional and interesting Instagram captions templates, for example ( inspire, connect, promote, relate, educate, repurpose).

Pick one template and Tailwind will suggest you some of the best Instagram captions that will make your profile look very professional.

Another option to boost your Instagram reach is Tailwind Holidays calendar. As you know, trend is your friend, create content that’s trendy, St Patrick Day, Easter, Earth Day, Tailwind shows you even what hashtags are best to use for Holidays.

For normal posts, you can check what hashtags are easy and difficult to rank for; green hashtags means is easy to have your content discovered, while orange hashtags are extremely popular and hard to get on explore.

Tailwind will suggest you the best times to schedule Instagram posts, but you can customize it if you like. You can still post manually on Instagram and Pinterest if you want to scale your business. I use both methods, manually and automated posts, especially for Pinterest, is so easy to find eye-catching pins and save them on my boards.

12. Schedule your Instagram posts to Tailwind tribes

This is an extra reason why you should use Tailwind for Instagram. You cannot schedule directly Instagram posts to Pinterest boards and Tailwind tribes, but you can resize the images if you want to, and schedule them in your Tailwind Pinterest section ( in the left corner, you can see the switch button).

Once you schedule your Instagram images, all you have to do is to include your Instagram link in the link source, you can find that on the bottom of every scheduled pin. Many bloggers are sharing their Instagram posts to tribes and just as Pinterest, you have many chances to go viral if your content is really attractive.

Bright images are the ones that perform the best on Pinterest. Check your competition and see what content they sharing, don’t copy their work, just get some inspiration and use Canva to create professional eye-catching pins.

If you want to give Tailwind a go, do it with confidence, is like a secret weapon to fuel your blog.

If you have any questions about how to use Tailwind, please leave a comment below and tick the boxes to be notified of new comments.

I really hope you enjoy reading this article, and please share it on social media if you find it useful, it will help my blog massively.

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