The best alternative apps to Instagram

The best alternative apps to Instagram. Switch to a better app to build your brand and find new customers for your business. Influencers join these Instagram alternative apps that have less competition and is so much easier to grow your popularity.

The best alternative apps to Instagram
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Instagram alternative app that you should keep an eye on or sign-up now to build your brand faster than struggling with Instagram.

Let’s talk social media!

Instagram is, without doubt, the most popular app for photo sharing, with over a billion users worldwide, this giant tech company has changed the life of many people in the last few years.

Are you fed up with the Instagram algorithm and want a social media app with quality content that rewards you?

As we all know Instagram is free to join and use its cool features such as photo editing, videos, stories, and live streaming, but nothing comes free in this world.

We trade our data, all our information’s in order to use Instagram platform, and we like it or not, we have to accept the ads that come with this social media app.

Over the years Instagram has changed the life of many regular people who love to create awesome content and those who see the opportunity to make a living out of social media.

But not everything is bright and sweet when joining such a large network where everyone looks perfect, bragging about their luxury and perfect life, driving supercars and travel all around the world.

Recently Instagram has been the subject of many radios and tv debates about what impact it creates for mental health and how is affecting regular people who feel stigmatized, either financial, emotional or by their body image.

Is hard to scroll through Instagram and see gorgeous girls/men’s who have a perfect body, wear expensive fashion items and enjoy their luxury lifestyle without you as an individual to be affected.

It is in human nature to feel gutted and ask why you don’t you have all these things in your life, forcing yourself to want more, to achieve a perfect body, bury your head into debt just so you can afford luxury items to share them on social media. Trust me, life is much more than that.

There are many other cool apps that offer high-quality content

It seems that everyone forgets that everything nowadays is scripted, just like TV shows, 99% of the content on Instagram is staged. Not to mention that using Instagram to market a business and get sponsorships from brands is extremely hard these days when everyone wants to become an influencer.

If you still want to make a living from creating content, there are many places to show your work and connect with like-minded people.

I have created this article to show you that “there is life after Instagram”. If you fed up with Instagram algorithm, and struggle to reach your audience, let me remind you that you can find cool people on different networks.

Real people with values, knowledge, and talent, where you can learn and benefit by networking with them.

Let’s have a look at what’s next after Instagram:


If you haven’t started a YouTube channel yet, please do it right now. YouTube is the best Instagram alternative to make money from brand partnerships, to promote your business and on top of everything to get paid for every visitor that watches your videos. How cool is that…

I’m extremely grateful that I started my YouTube channel in 2018 and videos that I made two years ago are still bringing income every single month.

You don’t have to create perfect videos in the beginning, is important to start and experiment. Take a look at my oldest videos to get some inspiration.


Twitter is the only site and app on this list that not only replicates many of Instagram’s photo filtering features but is also excellent to build your brand.  Since the end of 2012, the Twitter app for iPhone has a cool photo editing feature that mimics the basic capabilities of Instagram photo editing tool.

Twitter is one of Instagram’s best alternatives, with 126 million active users, is easy to discover and be found through hashtags, or when someone re-tweet your content.

Many people forgot the power of Twitter and how important is when you want to drive traffic to your website, to your YouTube videos, to sell or to build an email list. The amazing thing about twitter is how effortless you can follow, like and re-tweet someone else’s content, which create a boomerang set of actions for your profile.

Be cautious how you use these features because you have a limited number to follow and like others, if you do it too fast, twitter will limit these actions (same as Instagram). Overall, this app is definitely worth to try and grow your following tribe to get brand partnerships. 

Let’s connect on Twitter: @MissmvMaria

If you haven’t give much attention to Pinterest maybe is time to do it now


Pinterest is one of the best new platforms when it comes to photo-sharing apps like Instagram, however, is not a social media service in the traditional sense.

Pinterest it works mainly like a search engine, your content gets discovered by keywords, when somebody follows your boards, by promoting it directly/Pinterest ads, by joining engaging boards or when Pinterest recommends your page along with other users.

Although Pinterest is a strong component of photography, lately short videos are getting more attention than static content.

For bloggers, Pinterest is vital to growing an audience, you need to master every single feature of this platform in order to build an email list and promote brand products in front of 290 million users.

The secret to being successful on Pinterest is to create fabulous content, from cooking recipes to hairstyle ideas, makeup tutorials, fitness and bodybuilding to interior decoration, all these ideas need to be the right size for Pinterest image format, or videos (you can use Canva to resize photos for any social media platform).

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Just as any other social media platform, Pinterest introduced story pins, a cool feature that allows your page to be discovered by many people and boost your visibility. You can include website links, endorsement products, and hashtags, just as Instagram does.

To expand your online presence, start a Pinterest page and share quality content, you might be surprised to discover amazing opportunities on this platform.

To boost your Pinterest page, you need to join a few boards ( Pinterest boards are a group of pins, that allow you to contribute with your own pins, or someone else’s pins, is great if you want to promote a product).

Social Media Apps like Instagram. instagram alternative for artists.
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Imgur is one of the best answers to what’s next after Instagram. This app has become popular among millennials because it allows sharing an unlimited number of photos, videos. 

Imgur is excellent if you are looking for an intuitive and beautifully designed interface to display the best content in your feed, or to be discovered and build your brand name.

The downside of this website is that is highly moderated, don’t freak out if your images might get deleted. If you looking to self-promote your images and content, this app is not the best to do so, since many users upload mainly funny content, aka animal videos, babies and so on.

Most definitely a fashion/beauty brand won’t join such a platform, therefore you have to choose another app if you looking for something similar to Instagram.

Video sharing is the future of social media and advertising


This app is mostly about cute content created by fashion bloggers and influencers, but also for people who want some inspiration to style their outfits should choose this cool app.

Although is easy to navigate, upload and share images on Weheartit, the features are limited compared with Instagram. Same as Imgur, this app is highly moderated, any sponsored content/articles you write on the blog post section is not allowed and will be deleted.

Speaking about the audience, is quite difficult to build a large follower base on this platform, maybe because of how the website works, or perhaps inactive users.


If you’re looking for an app that adds a touch of professionalism to your photos, trust Google Snapseed. Acquired by Google, this app gives you the ability to edit like a professional without the necessary skills. No matter what other apps you install, nothing can beat Snapseed editing tools.

The Best Instagram Alternatives. Here are several other social media services you can use as an alternative for Instagram
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TikTok is one of the major competitors of Instagram. Formerly know as musically, this social media app is used by younger people to create short videos, like dancing, lip singing, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, prank videos, and funny animals.

Many tech developers predicted that video is the future of content sharing and advertising, and TikTok does exactly that, it allows users to upload short videos making it one of the fastest-growing social platforms at the moment with 500 million active users.

Financial speaking, many brands have already run successful advertisements on TikTok, the next step is TikTok influencer partnership. Pretty soon we will see products endorsements, but that’s not the only way to earn an income from this platform.

TikTok has a cool feature that allows users to send coins to creators, after all, this is what everyone wanted, to be rewarded for their time spent on social media and to share their creative work.

The best social media app for influencers to earn a reward for creating fashion styles


24Buttons is an app with exactly the same layout as Instagram, with cool features to upload, edit and add music to your photos/videos. What makes this app distinctive is the ability to earn commission by sharing images with outfits and accessories, tagging the store and product from where you bought them, just as Instagram shops do.

When someone visiting your page and sees an outfit that wow them, once they tap on the image, they will be redirected to actually buy the product, earning you a certain commission for every single sale you make ( is not clear how much is the commission, but giving it how easy is to navigate and use the app, you should give it a go).

21Buttons is still in its early stage, everything should be cool until it gets oversaturated, as you know the earlier you join and make a name for yourself, things will come easier.

Adobe Photoshop Express

 Adobe Photoshop Express was once in the list of favourite photo editing applications, but recent changes that have eliminated many of its more advanced effects have not pleased some users. However, for the basic version, it is Photoshop “Lite”, and you cannot go wrong.

The app has over 20 filters and an excellent auto-correction feature to quickly adjust themes.

Being a subscription app is less luckily to be used by teenagers who post 10 selfies a day on social media. Adobe Photoshop Express is widely used by professional influencers and photographers who create high-quality images, people who make a living out of digital content.

Every project you create with Adobe photoshop express has a feature to allow your content to be discovered by 11 millions of members across the platform.

To get high paying collaborations you need to create artistic content of any kind and share your work on Behance. Many professional photographers are using Behance to create presentation page of their work, so selfie and naked pictures are not the type of content to share on this platform.


If you are looking for an app that provides a robust community like Instagram, EyeEm is for you / with over 20 million users, it’s a great way to take pictures, find inspiration and even earn money. By doing so, you can choose to take photos using the app or import them from your gallery to launch the experience.

One of the most interesting features, which distinguish Eyeem from other social platforms, is that the application scans your photos and uses a smart algorithm to identify the most aesthetic images.

In addition, you do not have to worry that these images become public straight away,  you have the option to choose when to publish your content. 

Even though this app is mostly for photographers to upload, share and sell their images, as a model you can do that too.

Many brands are hunting for unique and creative content for their campaigns and inspiration for their products, so this platform can be the holy grail for you if your creations are relatively outstanding, you can seal a good deal out of Eyeem.


Vero Is an app that will somehow revolutionize the way we use social media. In the last few months, Instagram users felt the sour taste of relying entirely on Instagram and they felt the effect really hard, driving them to search for an alternative.

Just as any social media app, Vero has basic and advanced features, from sharing images and videos, to music playlist, books, movies and locations. The location feature is probably going to be really cool for local businesses.

For example, restaurants, coffee shops and so on, people with a large following base will most likely be approached by local businesses to share their location in exchange for ££££)

The app is loading very fast and is free of ads, as the developer is promising to keep it free of annoying adverts for first members after they might charge a monthly fee.

This ultimate website offers collaborations with giant companies from the film industry


Surprisingly this social media app is a real alternative to Instagram. As you look at Ello features, you will quickly notice that is above IG and most importantly, you will discover high-quality content.

If you expect to see hot girls in their underwear, this social media platform is not for you and you should stay on Instagram. Ello is designed to share creative content, from artistic images to interior décor and illustration, the concept is similar to Tumblr, but works in a different way. 

Once you join this network, you will notice so many opportunities to get collaboration with giant companies from the film industry, where they offer to pay between 1000$ – 4000$ per project. Of course, you must have video/photo designing skills in order to get paid such amount for a project.

The cool thing about Ello app is that people can repost your images on their page and help you grow your followers pretty quick.

Another feature that attracts many users on this app is the giveaways, run by brands in collaboration with Ello team, they offer all kind of products, all you have to do is to interact with the post. If this sounds intriguing, you should check it out, you might discover a whole new world.

In the end, the future of social media apps is a blockchain. A technology that will give you the freedom to share and post whatever you like on your web corner, software owned by all the users and not just by a single dude who make billions out of people’s data. 

I’m waiting for the day when a genius will develop a social media app with serious blockchain technology until then, enjoy the apps listed above. Be cautious about privacy with any mobile app.

Do some research before you download and read all the terms and conditions before you host any app on your smartphone.


The best alternative apps to Instagram and how to get paid collaboration. instagram look alike app

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  2. Hayley says:

    Thanks for putting this list together. I was looking for Instagram alternatives and so far not many options, but I might give it a try to Ello and Pinterest. I’m not sure if you can grow as fast as you do on Instagram, but what other options do I have.

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