Temu Return Policy Explained For a Smooth Transaction. Have you bought something or are planning to buy something from Temu and wonder how easy it is to return a package and get your money back? To help you clear all your questions, I put together a complete guide on how Temu’s return policy works so you can have the best shopping experience knowing that you are well informed. So step in and take a few notes, as you might need them after shopping at the Temu website and app!

Temu Return Policy Explained For a Smooth Transaction

As an online marketplace that operates in multiple countries, more and more online shoppers are coming to explore and buy Temu. They sell in multiple countries and states, from the United States to the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, and since their launch in 2022, Temu has received tons of positive reviews from their customers. But what is Temu exactly, and how does it work? To answer these questions, you first have to understand the basics of this marketplace.

What is Temu and why is so popular?

Temu operates as a multinational marketplace where you can browse almost anything. I would say that Temu is an alternative to Aliexpress in simple words, and it gained so much popularity thanks to the ads they are pumping on almost every social media channel.

In just under a year, Temu has become one of the most downloaded shopping apps in the US! The marketplace is especially famous for providing huge discounts on their goods, most of which are shipped from China. Really, who wouldn’t want to at least try shopping here?

Because it is advertising ridiculous cheap products on its website and app, plus freebies, discount codes, and money from referral codes, Temu captivated the youth fairly quickly, but all these fairytales come with a big downside, unfortunately. The returns happen more often than you could possibly imagine in the online eCommerce.

Temu Return Policy Explained For a Smooth Transaction

So, if you bought anything from Temu and didn’t like it, or it is not what you thought it was, it begs the question: How do you return items to Temu? To help you with this matter, I put together a step-by-step guide at Missmv to enlighten you and clear all the confusion.

Whether you have already bought something or are planning to buy something, it is best to familiarize yourself with the Temu return policy for a pleasant shopping experience. Oh, and don’t forget to share this page on social media to help others familiarize themselves with the T&C of Temu return policy!Thanks

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A step by step guide to return items on Temu

To make returns on Temu, here is a simple breakdown of the process:

  • Log into Temu

If you have the Temu mobile application on your phone, log into your app. If you don’t have the app, visit Temu.com online and log into your account to carry out the return steps. For the purpose of a return, we recommend downloading the app as it is much easier to carry out the process on the app than via their website. If you purchased items without opening an account, don’t worry. Go to your order email and tap on ‘Save Your Order’ to proceed with the return.

  • Click on ‘Your Orders’

On the site, you will see a section titled ‘Your Orders’. Click on this section and scroll through to find the order that you want to return. It is important that you confirm you are selecting the right order to ensure a smooth process. Once you detect the relevant order, go to the Return option and click on it.

  • Choose a reason for the return

When you choose Return, you will be provided with options that provide the reasons that returns are conducted. Choose the most accurate reason for your return. This is important because certain reasons will require you to present more information concerning the order. Others are more straightforward. Once you have given all the information requested for a return, check for the ‘Next Step’ option and select it to move to the next stage.

  • Choose Refund Method

If this is a scenario where you don’t need to send your items back to Temu, then go ahead to choose the refund method that is most convenient for you. The options available are to be refunded via a credit balance on Temu that will allow you to purchase other products from the site. Or have your money refunded to your initial source of transfer. When you decide on what process is the most fitting for you, select the ‘Submit’ option.

  • Receive Return Label

If it is a scenario where you need to mail back your purchased item, you will be required to choose both your refund method and your return method. Make sure to choose the return method that is most convenient for you. Once you complete this process, you will be required to send back your order within 14 days, so make sure it is a method you can carry out within that timeline! After you click on Submit, Temu will give you a return label. With this return label, you will be able to send back your purchase(s). Keep in mind that without this label, you cannot initiate a return so don’t forget to have it retrieved.

  • Print your return label

Print out your return label and tape it to your package. Make sure you tape it to the exterior of the package and that you tape it properly so that it won’t rip off or get missing during movements. If you have transparent tape, this is the best option to use!

  • Mail the package out

With the return label glued to the package, mail the package out at your preferred UPS or USPS location. Now, you can go home and relax!

  • Keep up with the return status

Yes, it is possible to check out the return status of the package. Go to your Temu account and go to the order page to follow the details of the process. You can also check out the status through the Email, SMS, or Push notifications. 

Note that it is very important that you postmark your package within 14 days after you complete these steps. If you take longer than that, the return will be terminated. It is also important to note that the return label that Temu provides will only serve if you are shipping back the goods from the United States. (Although this does not include shipping out of security-restricted areas like US military bases!)

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What is the return timeline for Temu products?

If you receive your order and decide to return the item(s), you must do so after 90 days of receiving the delivery. If you take longer than 3 months to decide you don’t want a product, Temu won’t collect it. So check the items thoroughly immediately after you receive them and choose what steps to take from there. To keep or to return. Remember, once you complete the return form online, you are expected to send the package to the return address within 14 days.

Does Temu offer returns on their goods?

Yes, Temu offers returns on a fair amount of their goods. Only specific items cannot be returned, such as gifts, items that have non-refundable tags, and items that have been worn, washed, or damaged in any way. Items with lost packages and hygiene stickers also won’t be accepted. Other than these, all other items purchased from Temu can be returned within 90 days.

What is the timeline for refunds?

According to Temu’s return policy, the refunds are received after the company receives your returned items. Once the worker receives the item, inspects it, and ensures it is in good condition, you will get your refund for the package.

Your refund will arrive based on your method of payment/refund. Please know that it will take some time for your bank or financial company to send the money into your account. Let’s see how long it takes for each financial institution below.

– Temu credit card: If you are receiving the refund to your Temu credit, you will get your credit immediately after the item is confirmed.

– Paypal: If you are carrying out your transactions with PayPal, Temu will forward the money back to your PayPal within 5 minutes. PayPal will take 5 to 7 business days to process the funds and make them available for your use.

– Credit/Debit card: For refunds done through credit or debit cards, Temu will refund your money within 5 minutes and it will take up to 30 business days for your financial institution to process this refund.

– Prepaid Credit card: Temu will refund your money to your prepaid credit card within 5 minutes. And you can expect to access your money within 30 business days.

– Klarna: If you choose Klarna as your refund method, Temu will refund it within 5 minutes and Klarna will make the funds available within 5 to 7 business days.

– Cash app: If cash app is your refund choice, within 5 minutes, Temu will refund your money to the financial institution. Cash app typically takes 5 to 14 business days to make the money available for your use.

– Afterpay: You can also choose Afterpay as a refund method. Temu will send the money to your account here within 5 minutes. Afterpay will take 5 to 7 business days to process the refund and make the money available for you.

While refunds are available, based on your chosen process, it can take some time for the money to be returned to your account. Therefore, wait for the funds to be credited back to your account before proceeding to buy something else from this marketplace.

Is Temu’s return shipping free?

This depends on how frequently you have purchased items from the marketplace. If this is your first return, then the shipping for this return will be free for the order(s). Keep in mind that you must process this return within 90 days after the purchase date to get free return shipping.

If you’ve already sent back some of the items in that order but want to return more items on that same order, you can still do so–as long as it falls within the 90-day timeline. Temu will provide you with a return label and charge you approximately $8, which they will retrieve from your refund. Apart from your first order, return shipping is not free. 

To reduce the effects on the environment, however, Temu urges that customers check out every item received and handle the return process in one go. This will spare you from paying additional fees and is more eco-friendly.

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Where can the return labels be found?

The return label is a very important piece of the return process, so Temu has made it possible to access it on two different sections of their website. When you log into your Temu account, you can find your return label:

– On the Returns button. Click on the Returns button, and you will quickly find the option ‘Print return label’. Tap on ‘Print return label’ and go on to download it so that you can get the label for your process.

– Go to the ‘All Orders’ option and click on this. You will see a ‘print return label and start return’ option. Select this option. It will lead you to ‘print return label’. Affirm this and get your return label.

Can I return an order after the 90 days timeline?

If you choose to return an order after the 90 days timeline, you won’t be eligible for a refund. Remember that you only get your refund sent to your financial accounts after Temu workers have inspected the package.

If they are sure it is in good condition and all the terms have been followed, you will be refunded. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for a refund. Trying to return a package after the 90-day timeline will only waste your time and money. Since many online shops only allow a 30-day return timeline, Temu’s 90-day timeline is highly considerate. It provides sufficient time for customers to process a return. So once you get your items, make sure you analyze them on time, just in case you will have to make returns.

Besides, you have to consider that Temu will ask you to ship back the items to China which will take a few good weeks to arrive.

What items can and cannot be returned to Temu?

Luckily for enthusiasts of the online marketplace, the Temu website states that almost every item their customers purchase from their store can be returned and is eligible for refunds. Once you receive your goods and are not satisfied with their colors, texture, their size, their appearance, their functionality, or any other variations from what was expected, you can carry out a return.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Items that you cannot return to Temu are: 

– Worn out clothing items. If you buy, for instance, a dress from Temu and find out that it is two sizes smaller, do not use it again. If it ends up with signs of wear within that 90 days window of return, Temu will not accept it, and you won’t be able to get a refund.

Wearing the dress when you’ve noticed it’s not satisfactory also puts it at risk of damage. If you damage the dress, you will have to stick with it because Temu doesn’t accept damaged items. Also, do not hand-wash or machine-wash the dress. Washing it will make it ineligible for a return.

– Items with tags and packaging. Another reason it is prudent to immediately set aside an item once you realize it is not suitable is to avoid losing the tag or ruining important parts of the packaging, like the hygiene sticker. These stickers and tags are important proof that you haven’t misused the items, so don’t rip them off when you get your delivery!

– Goods with a nonrefundable label. Some of the products on Temu are clearly tagged as nonrefundable. Don’t purchase these items, hoping you can get the customer service personnel to change their mind if the product isn’t suitable for you. Only buy a product if you are entirely certain that you won’t be sending it back to Temu. Check it out to your best ability online to make sure it is exactly what you want before placing an order.

– Free gifts. Sometimes, you can receive gifts from Temu based on your orders. These gifts are freely given, therefore, there can be no return shipping here. This is fair, considering it wasn’t paid for. So if you receive a gift that doesn’t suit your tastes, you can gift it to someone else who will like it!

What do I do if my item goes missing during shipping?

If you don’t receive your order long after the expected time of delivery, chances are that it has gone missing during the shipping process. Thankfully, this is not a common complaint with Temu. But if it happens to you, you can seek help from the customer service.

Go to Return and Other help options. They will give you several reasons why you might need help. Select the reason that is most applicable to your situation. After this, you will likely be put across to one of their customer service personnel. You can speak with this person to inform them about the absence of a delivery. The customer service personnel will check out the tracking system and help you figure out what had gone wrong with the shipping.

What are the benefits of collecting refunds through Temu credits?

If you decide to return an item, the most advisable way to receive a refund is through Temu’s credits. By choosing Temu credits as your refund option, your refund will be sent swiftly to your account, and you can use it immediately.

This is a good advantage compared to other payment methods, which can take from 5 to 30 days for your funds to become available. Also, with the Temu credit, you can immediately proceed to buy a product that will serve you better than the unsuitable one did.

Since you already know what didn’t work with the first order, you can choose more carefully and have a smoother purchase process. Temu credits also do not expire! You won’t have to rush to utilize them. You can hold on to your credits until you find what tickles your fancy. Of course, this is ultimately your choice!

With the information above, we hope you have a smooth transaction with the Temu online marketplace.

Temu return policy explained


Did you enjoy reading this review? Do you have a clearer pictures of how Temu shipping and return works or are you still debating whether this marketplace is ideal for your shopping spree or not? Whatever the choice, make sure to pay with a credit card for all your online transactions. In most cases, if you don’t receive the items you purchased, or the vendor refuses to refund you, the credit card companies will take the matter into their hands and will eventually refund you. Happy shopping!

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