7 Amazing Jewellery Gifts For Milestone Birthdays. Looking for jewellery gift ideas that will steal your loved one’s heart? Look no further as we round up 7+ gorgeous gifts ideal for any occasion, not just birthdays. They are affordable and a great investment for anyone looking to collect jewellery.

7 Amazing Jewellery Gifts For Milestone Birthdays

Buying birthday gifts never gets easier, but the challenge is especially difficult when it’s a milestone birthday. Your usual ideas of chocolates and a card won’t cut the mustard here; you have to do something big for a big birthday. 

If someone close to you is turning 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, or any other milestone age, why don’t you get them some jewellery? You’ll find options for all genders, many suitable for specific milestones. With that thought firmly planted in your thoughts, here are some amazing jewelry gifts to consider for big birthdays: 

A Watch

a watch is another great gift idea for those who prefer jewelleries

Watches are great gifts for him on his special day, and they traditionally mark several milestone birthdays. A nice watch is a fantastic option for someone’s 21st, so if you have a son who is coming of age, this can be a wonderful gift idea that they’ll appreciate for decades. 

You can also buy watches for her birthday too; again, the 21st birthday is a very suitable one. It’s when you have to make a big effort and give them something to commemorate this special day. Some people also like giving out a gold watch for a 50th birthday. This is a beautiful gift idea for parents or loved ones when they reach that age. It shows a high degree of thoughtfulness, and they’ll surely appreciate the gesture. 

Do a lot of research before buying a watch, as you must get one that lasts a long time. Quality matters here; if you buy a cheap watch, then the gift loses all meaning. 

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A Signet Ring

A Signet Ring is another great jewellery gift idea

Choosing jewelry as a gift is a splendid idea as there’s so much meaning attached to gifts like these. They’re symbolic, and none more so than a signet ring. Oxford Signet Rings sells a lot of excellent designs that can be engraved with seals or other intricate designs. The beauty of signet rings like these is that they can commemorate special birthdays. 

We just spoke about the big 50th birthday, and a gold signet ring is another beautiful idea. You can have it engraved with a special sign to mark the day, so whenever the person wears the ring, they’ll be reminded of it. 

Signet rings work for virtually any milestone birthday as well. Some people use them for a 21st time, engraving the family seal on the ring. This is a fairly traditional gift to give someone when they officially become an adult. It’s almost a mark of their new stature within the family. Play around with designs to suit the birthday, and you’ll always end up with a spectacular gift. 

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Personalised Necklace

A Personalised Necklace

It’s hard to go wrong with a personalized necklace. This is one of those gifts you can rely on for difficult milestone birthdays. You know, the ones we’re talking about, 30 and 40. Both are fairly significant birthdays, yet it’s hard to know what to buy someone in either case. Neither has a “traditional” gift, so a personalized necklace saves the day. 

You’ll find loads of necklace designs out there, so pick one that matches the recipient’s tastes. Opt for either silver or gold, depending on what they normally wear – and then add some customization. 

The exact personalization can be anything you deem nice or important. Sometimes, simplicity works better than anything else. Giving someone a necklace with their name, initials, or birth date on it is a gorgeous touch. If you’re struggling, it’s a good idea to look at Pinterest for personalized necklace inspiration. You’ll find loads of concepts and ideas there to help out. 

Personalised Bracelet

A Personalised Bracelet. 7 Amazing Jewellery Gifts For Milestone Birthdays

You can buy personalized necklaces for any gender, but a bracelet may be more traditionally suited to men. It’s a more discreet type of jewelry that they’ll be more inclined to wear. The same concept applies here: find a style or metal that suits the individual and personalise it to match their milestone birthday. 

One easy idea is to engrave the date on a banded bracelet – it marks the birthday, and they’ll always think of it when wearing the piece. Or you could go down a completely different route and think of other personalization ideas.

There are bracelets on sites like Etsy that let you customize them with a Spotify code. The wearer can scan the code, and it takes them to that song on Spotify. It’s a lovely touch if the person has a specific song that might mean something to them. You’ll get super creative with bracelet personalisation – again, don’t be afraid to look online for inspo, there’s a lot out there. 

A Locket

The stunning beauty of a locket is difficult to match, which makes it a fantastic birthday gift idea for a huge milestone birthday. It’s a top choice if someone you love is turning 30, but it also feels like a great 60th birthday gift idea too. 

Choose from a plethora of locket designs from a variety of jewelers, and then select what goes inside. For a 60th birthday, you could go nostalgic and put in an old photo of you and the person from many years ago. Will it make them feel old? Maybe! But they’ll 100% appreciate the sentiment and thoughtfulness of your gift. 

There’s something so personal about a locket as well; maybe it’s because the pendant itself hangs close to your heart, but it almost feels more meaningful than a necklace. This is the type of gift you want to buy someone very close to you – it’s maybe a bit too “full on” for a friend!   

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A Gemstone Ring

A Gemstone Ring

Rings are synonymous with class and elegance, making them a fine choice for birthday gifts. The special nature of a ring means it’s ideally suited to birthdays that mean a little bit more than others. As such, you should consider them when it’s someone’s milestone birthday. However, there’s one key thing to bear in mind: we’re talking about gemstone rings. 

Gemstones carry so much significance, especially for birthdays! Every month, a gemstone is assigned as its birthstone. According to the International Gemstone Society, the list of modern birthstones is this: 

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Alexandrite
  • July – Ruby
  • August  – Peridot/Spinel
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Tourmaline
  • November Golden Topaz/Citrine
  • December – Blue Zircon/Blue Topaz/Tanzanite

Your task is an easy one: find the person’s birthstone and buy them a ring with the stone in it. This may sound like a simple gift, but it carries much weight and meaning. The person will love that you were thoughtful enough to research their birthstone – and many of the gemstone rings you can buy these days are utterly gorgeous. 

It’s perhaps more suited as a “birthday gift for her,” though if you have male family members who wear a lot of rings, maybe it’s the perfect gift for them too! An alternative to gemstone rings is to buy gemstone earrings. You’ll find loads of studs or pendant earrings with birthstones embedded in them. It still carries the same meaning and a high degree of thoughtfulness; you’re just buying them jewelry they might prefer or may wear more often. 

A Pair Of Cufflinks

A Pair Of Cufflinks

Men are known for many things, though being hard to buy for is one of the most obvious (and annoying). You’ve all got men who give no help or ideas towards birthday gifts. It’s up to you to figure out what to get them, which is even harder when they have a big birthday coming up. 

We mentioned the idea of a watch at the start of this gift guide, and some other gifts can also be suitable. There’s one other thing to consider that’s very much a male-oriented jewelry gift: cufflinks! 

These funny little things attach to shirt cuffs and can be worn on many occasions. Some men wear them when they get dressed up to go out while others wear them with their work suit every day. If your loved one wears a suit all the time, it’s the perfect gift for them. Have a look online for birthday cufflinks, and you’ll get loads of ideas running through your head.

They come in many designs and materials – you can even personalize them with engravings if you’d like. Regardless, this special and meaningful gift fits the spirit of a special milestone birthday. It’s particularly useful if you have someone who is hard to buy for and gives you nothing through hints! 

Amazing Jewellery Gifts For Milestone Birthdays

Final thoughts

And on that note, we’ve run out of birthday gift ideas for today! Jewellery is a fabulous choice for someone’s big day, especially when celebrating a milestone. You want to make these birthdays different, so they deserve a more expensive or lavish gift.

There should be more than enough ideas in this guide to satisfy your needs and help you buy something for the most difficult person in your life. Give them a milestone birthday they’ll remember forever!

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