Promptly Journals Review: Is it worth it? My honest feedback. Are you planning to buy niche journals for yourself or someone you love and don’t know whether Promptly Journals is worth your investment? To help clear all your questions, I will share the pros and cons of this brand and how they can help you capture and cherish your precious memories meaningfully. So, take a few minutes to read this unbiased Promptly Journals review!

Promptly Journals Review Is it worth it My honest feedback

In a world where we’re constantly on the go, hurrying to work, to school, to do a ton of chores at home, to sleep, and then rinse and repeat the next day, journaling is a precious activity. In those moments when we close the busy world out to express ourselves, savor and note down moments, and enjoy our own company, we can find inner peace. Journaling is also wonderful for capturing little moments in life that we could easily forget otherwise.

This makes choosing the right journal, a book that would hold our most treasured thoughts, very important! If you’re considering buying a journal from Promptly Journals and want a recount to guide your purchase decision, here is my honest review of everything you need to know about this stationery brand.

Promptly Journals Review: Is it worth it? My honest feedback

Before I share my opinion about Promptly Jourlans, I want to give you a short overview of this brand so you can have a broader view by the end of this page.

What is Promptly Journals?

What is Promptly Journals? Promptly Journals Review: Is it worth it? My honest feedback

Promptly Journals was founded in 2015 by two moms who’d initially started different journaling companies. Eventually, both saw that they could provide better services as a combined team rather than competitors, so they joined their areas of expertise and built Promptly Journals. From my research, one of the founders of Promptly Journals is Jayne Swallow, according to her LinkedIn page.

Since its founding, the brand has offered customers two main products and services. The first is the pretty journals the brand sells to help you diligently record key moments of your life over the years.

Then the other is what ‘Promptly’ stands for, which is that these journals offer you prompts for journaling inspiration. Therefore, if you like owning a journal but aren’t sure of what moments in your life are best jotted down or how best to express yourself, these prompts will inspire you on how to go about it.

What are some of the prompts you will find in the journals?

I will touch more on this below, but as this is a common question, it deserves its own section! The prompts in the products are intelligently curated by brand creators and other professionals in the fields the prompts are based on, such as therapists. There are thoughtful prompts touching on topics like:

– What makes your baby smile?

– What is the world like on your thirtieth birthday?

– What are you lucky to have in your life and why?

– What are you grateful for this week?

– What was the adoption process of your child like?

– How did you and your husband meet?

– What was the accommodation on your vacation like?

Unlike many generic journals that repeat clichéd questions, Promptly Journals go deeper to help you capture valuable experiences you’d love to savor in the present and future. It’s one of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with Promptly Journals. Both from the thoughtfulness of prompts within the journal and the exterior designs, you can see how much the brand cares about its customers.

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Do all of the Promptly journals come in the same design?

Do all of the Promptly journals come in the same design

No, they don’t! Since the brand has different types of journals, they have designed the journals to suit their purposes visually. For instance, the Christmas Memory Journal comes with a tartan design that is festive and full of Christmas warmth. The Childhood History Journal designs come in soft, cute colors that are wonderful for children’s memories. You can choose either linen covers, which can be easily cleaned, or leatherette covers, which are easy to maintain.

For any of the journals you choose, you can be sure to receive one encased in a fitting theme. Some journals also have multiple color options for the same type of journal, so you can select a color of your choice before ordering!

What journals I have bought from Promptly Journals

What journals I have bought from Promptly Journals

So, because I love traveling and self-care, I chose these two journals that help me keep a good record of my memories. By the way, I tend to forget quite easily, and writing in a journal is something I recommend to everyone who struggles to remember details or small tasks.

There are a few things I want to highlight about my purchase, and hopefully, it will help you when buying from this store.

If you plan to buy from Promptly Journals and use PayPal as a payment method, check the PayPal email address for order confirmation. In my case, I used a different email when I registered at Promptly Journals and used a separate PayPal email address for payment. This caused a bit of confusion for me as I was expecting to receive the confirmation on my main email and not PayPal one.

You can imagine how stressed I was when I waited a couple of days and didn’t receive the confirmation email. All the worries ran out when I received the package. That took around ten days to arrive in the UK from the US. As soon as I opened the parcel, the box was nicely personalized with the Promptly Journals logo, and the journals were safely wrapped in plastic covers, which was an extra layer of protection. This proves that the brand really cares about its customers.

Is Promptly Journals time-consuming?

promptly journals review

The journal is designed so that you can take however long you’d like to write in it. The brand promises you can even spend as little as an hour a year filling in your journal. If you would like to spend longer with your thoughts journaling, you can do the same. If anything, the prompts make the journaling process quicker because you already know what you will write about and don’t have to spend much time coming up with ideas!

Are there any cons to the journals’ binding?

The linen bindings are captivating and have a nice texture, but after several months or years, they can get limned with dirt. The advantage of the material is that you can clean off the dirt. But cleaning the cover is not easy, and there’s no guarantee that you can get all of the stains off without ruining the book in the process. 

If you don’t have any issues with a little accumulated stains or dust on your journal over the years, then you’ll be fine with the linen binding. Otherwise, you may end up unhappy with the outward appearance. In this case, I recommend opting for the leatherette binding instead!

What aspect of Promptly Journals products doesn’t get a 10/10?

What aspect of Promptly Journals products doesn’t get a 10/10?

This is completely subjective, but I’d say the space for photographs in the travel journal is not ideal if you like to keep a small and compact notebook. As you add more photos by filling the pockets in the journal, it starts to get bulkier, making the journal look like a thick photo album.

The best way to enjoy this feature without making the journal thick is to print out thin photos that would add little to no girth to the page and not to put mementos that aren’t super flat. Again, this is subjective. The idea is actually brilliant and another awesome way to save memories and personalize the journal. It also helps that the pockets do not have to be used. It is optional, so you can ignore that feature if you don’t want to put pictures and mementos.

The other issue is how hard to maintain the linen bindings are, as mentioned above. But there are ways to avoid staining the linen, such as buying a jacket cover for the journal or storing it somewhere dirt won’t reach. Promptly Journals also offer leather binding options, so you can easily switch to these instead of the linen.

How should the Promptly journals be used? Is it stressful?

How should the Promptly journals be used? Is it stressful?

While people are typically advised to journal hourly, daily, or weekly for consistency, one thing that Promptly Journals encourages is to journal at your own pace. Yes, the journals come with daily to yearly prompts to keep you engaged.

Yet, if you peruse their site, you’ll see that they encourage you to journal at will and without pressure because the brand’s goal is to help people find quiet time and peace. They don’t want you to feel stressed by adding journaling to a list of tasks you must complete for the day.

You can find free time during the weekends or once a month to go over your experiences that month. Even journaling a few times a year, honing mostly on the most memorable periods. Don’t let the prompts pressure you! This is your journal to use as you wish. Make it a source of enjoyment and relaxation, and not one of stress.

Does Promptly Journals ship internationally?

As I mentioned above, I received my parcel to the UK, so Promptly Journals ships internationally. To locations within the United States, products are shipped through USPS. For shipping to areas outside the United States, Promptly Journals use DHL services.

DHL delivers to almost every country of the world, but to be on the safe side, make sure your area is listed on their website before you order. Also, check the price and make sure it is affordable for you, as DHL can be quite expensive if you live outside the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

When you place an order in the US, the shipping page says to expect your journal within six business days. One business day for processing and two to three business days for shipping. If you order from outside the US, you can expect your package within two to three weeks. Three business days for processing and one to two weeks for shipping. Sometimes sooner as it was in my case, I have received the parcel within 10 days. Also, Promptly Journal doesn’t cover additional shipping charges or customs fees.

Note that during holiday periods, DHL deliveries can be delayed. This may also affect the delivery date. If you want your journal(s) to arrive as soon as possible, place your order before any holiday season!

What are the return policies for Promptly Journal?

If you are displeased with the condition your journal arrives in, you can return it within thirty days of your purchase. To return, you will need to contact their customer service and wait seven to ten days for this to be processed. Promptly Journals, however, does not offer multiple options for handling returns. 

The company does not offer exchanges for unwanted items. If you don’t like the journal you received but still wish to buy from the brand, you’ll have to return it and then go through the website to re-order a different product. If the reason for your return is that the received goods are damaged, the situation is different! You can send a photo proof to them, and they will eagerly send you a replacement.

Refunds for unwanted products are available, but the shipping fee may not be refunded. Lastly, if your package is lost during the shipping process, Promptly Journals does not take responsibility for this.

What kind of journals does Promptly Journals offer?

What kind of journals does Promptly Journals offer?

When I first discovered Promptly Journals, my first impression was that the company only provided parents with prompted journals to document the first eighteen years of their child’s life. And while the Childhood Memory Journal is one of its bestselling products, the company also offers an impressive array of journals for other purposes. Some of these are:

Childhood History Journal: This is one of the most popular journals from Promptly Journals. It has pages and prompts that begin from a baby’s birth through the first eighteen years of his or her life. The journal comes with unique questions such as what makes your children smile and what are some of their favorite toys to play with. It also has pockets for keepsakes and tokens.

Autobiographical Journals: These journals have prompts that allow you to write about yourself, your likes, your goals, your dreams, your meeting with other people, and every experience that makes you the unique person you are. While it might seem like a diary, in summary, it comes with prompts which make it a bit different.

Love Story Journals: Although the Love Story journal might be a tad cheesy, it also is super cute, especially for married couples who wish to document their meeting from their young ages to their older days, sitting together in rocking chairs on a porch. It spans from the couple’s first meeting to the seventieth anniversary. 

Blank Notebooks: If you don’t want a prompted journal, the company also provides blank books for making notes, jotting plans and schedules, and so on!

Travel Journal: One of the most interesting journals we’ve found on the site is the travel journal! This journal covers thirty days and is designed for a single trip. It comes with prompts to help you detail the most memorable aspects of your trip so that you don’t forget any of them as time goes on. The journal section includes trip highlights, accommodation, transportation, food, favorite places, mishaps, and many more.

Adoption History Journal: The adoption history journal is a thoughtful item that allows families to capture their unique adoption experiences. Its prompts touch on the adoption process up until your child’s eighteenth birthday. 

Gratitude Journal: While it can be so easy to dwell on the negatives in our lives and feel like nothing is going right, items like this gratitude journal are lovely for turning our eyes to the positive aspects of our lives as well. Taking time to write about the things we are thankful for will throw a ray of sunlight each day.

Remembrance/Grief Journal: According to the website, this item combines a Grief Workbook and a Remembrance Journal. If you know someone trying to work through their grief and keep memories of their lost loved one, this can be a kind gift to give them.

Christmas Memory Journal: This journal spans thirty days, which means you can write in it throughout December. You can start writing before the holidays, journaling the anticipation and plans until long after the festivities. It is also great for capturing the yearly milestones of a family as you look back on the year and reflect.

Birthday Memory Journal: The Birthday Memory journal doesn’t just span a day as one would expect but actually covers twenty birthdays of a person’s life! With the prompts, you can reflect on your life during each birthday and notice your growth. It also allows you to make notes on what the world is like on each date of your birth and how you are celebrating (or not celebrating) that year. This journal helps you to dwell on the positives of your life and to measure your advancement through the years, no matter how small.

Family Recipes: This is a fun journal that allows buyers to create a homemade, handmade family recipe book! With the journal, you can preserve memories and the love of your family recipes. For the family recipe journals, there are over seventy pages for recipes, along with keepsake pockets. This item can be passed along to siblings, children, and even grandchildren.

Peace of Mind Journal:The purpose of this journal is to help the user find calm in times of anxiety. It comes with one hundred and twenty-seven pages filled with prompts to help you express yourself in a helpful and guided way.

Connection Journal: This is a sibling journal to maintain relationships, resolve conflicts, and just have fun. The prompts help siblings communicate healthily and get to know each other better.

popular journals from Promptly Journals

This journal is an aesthetically pleasing book designed for couples to capture moments in their time together. It can be a little secret you share or a storybook you one day leave with your children. The journal is a great way to bond and focus on the positive moments of your relationship. Despite offering so many benefits, it goes at only $29 and comes with two colors to choose from.

This pretty journal can be used by children and adults to document twenty years of their birthdays. It has great prompts that take no more than a few minutes to complete each year. It is also a great birthday gift to give to your friends.

We especially recommend this one because it has great prompts to help you find peace in times of stress and anxiety. The spiral-bound book has a hardcover that won’t stain or wear easily!

The Pros and Cons of Promptly Journals

Promptly Journals offer several advantages that make them a popular choice among journal enthusiasts. Firstly, the quality of these journals is commendable. They are made with durable materials and designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring your memories are preserved for years.

Another advantage of Promptly Journals is their ease of use. The user-friendly layout makes it simple to record your thoughts and experiences without any hassle. Whether you’re a seasoned journal writer or new to the practice, Promptly Journals makes it easy for anyone to get started.

Furthermore, customization options are a standout feature of Promptly Journals. They offer various prompts and themes that cater to different interests and preferences. This allows users to personalize their journaling experience, making it more enjoyable and meaningful.

However, like any product, there are also some cons associated with Promptly Journals. One potential drawback is the price point. These journals tend to be priced higher compared to other options in the market. While the quality justifies the cost for many users, it may not be suitable for those on a tight budget.

Additionally, some users may find that the predefined prompts limit their creativity or restrict them from writing about specific topics they wish to explore in their journal entries.


  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • User-friendly layout and prompts for easy journaling
  • Customizable options to suit personal preferences
  • Diverse range of journal themes to choose from
  • Efficient customer service and support


  • Relatively higher price compared to other journals in the market
  • Limited availability of certain themes or designs
  • No digital version available for those who prefer online journaling
  • Slightly bulky size may not be ideal for travel or on-the-go use

Promptly Journal discount code

We all like to get a bit of discount when we shop, so Promptly Journals, just like many other stores, is offering 10% OFF when you subscribe to their newsletter. Given that their products are a bit pricey compared with other brands, I suggest collecting this discount as it can make up for the shipping fees.

Other than the 10% discount you get directly from Promptly Journals, you might be able to scoop another $ by checking coupons from Instagram influencers. Just search for the hashtag #promptlyjournals, explore all the posts, and see which one has a coupon in the description.

Lastly, there are discount coupon sites, but I found that most of the time, the codes are not working. Save yourself some precious time, follow my tips from above, and forget about the coupon sites as most of them target your precious data and collect emails for selling it to marketing purposes.

Promptly Journals alternatives and competitors

Etsy and Amazon: At Etsy and Amazon, you can find a dozen indie and well-known journaling and stationery brands. Some are more popular than others, but it’s totally up to you where you want to shop and what perks each platform offers. On one side, at Etsy, you might be able to get a discount code directly from the seller when you add a product to your favorite list or add it to your cart and abandon it. While at Amazon, you can get Amazon Prime, which is free shipping, but you don’t always find gorgeous journals like Etsy or other brands.

The Five Minutes Journal: Experience a life-changing transformation with the Five Minute Journal. No matter how hectic your schedule, all it takes is just five minutes to cultivate gratitude and unlock a wave of positivity. By incorporating this simple practice into your routine, you can effectively reduce anxiety and enhance your overall well-being. Backed by scientific research, it’s the easiest and most effective method to bring happiness into your life.

Moleskine: Moleskine is renowned for its high-quality notebooks, journals, and planners. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles, including classic hardcover notebooks and softcover journals.

Rhodia: Rhodia is known for its premium paper quality and fountain pen-friendly notebooks. Their orange and black notebooks are iconic and are popular among writers and journaling enthusiasts.

Traveler’s Notebook: Traveler’s Notebook, also known as the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, is a customizable leather journal system that allows you to add and remove different inserts, such as blank pages, grids, and more.

Paperblanks: Paperblanks offers beautifully designed journals with intricate covers inspired by art, history, and culture. They are known for their attention to aesthetics and quality.

Do I recommend Promptly Journals?

Absolutely! Their producta are excellent, and the packaging, shipping, and customer service are great, so I do recommend Promptly Journals to anyone looking for high-quality stationery.

Final words

In conclusion, Promptly Journals offer numerous benefits such as high-quality construction, ease of use, and customization options; however, they may not be suitable for everyone due to their higher price point and potential limitations regarding prompts. It’s essential to weigh both pros and cons based on your personal preferences before making a purchase decision.

Did you enjoy reading this review? Have I answered all your questions regarding Promptly Journals? Or did I miss anything? If you have something else to add, feel free to email me, and I will do my best to update this page with fresh information. Thanks for reading!

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