How bloggers and influencers developed a career monetizing their talent. How influencer marketing can boost a business overnight.

How bloggers and influencers developed a career monetizing their talent

The evolution of influencer marketing has been phenomenal in the last few years. Many youngsters, teachers, and seniors have found great success joining social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Needless to say, making a career as an influencer wouldn’t be easy if influencer platforms didn’t exist to make things easier for both creators and brands.

By joining an influencer platform, you not only find jobs as a content creator but also gain credibility, and brands will see you as a professional worth representing their company.

How bloggers and influencers developed a career monetizing their talent

Do you 
need special skills to become an influencer?

All the hassle of negotiating for sponsorships is easily waived since platforms like Intellifluence has a friendly interface to search and apply for jobs without chasing brands individually.

As a blogger, you have almost unlimited opportunities. Being an influencer myself, I couldn’t believe how many opportunities have opened since joining the influencer marketing platforms.

Looking back at how my blogger career evolved, I am proud of how far I’ve come. From endorsing brands in exchange for products years ago to getting paid hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for a sponsored post, I’m lucky to say I have the best job in the world.

Of course, my journey to become a successful blogger hasn’t always been on the rise. I’ve had moments when I had to take a break from social media and post on my blog to care for my health. Health is the main priority to achieving success in everything.

That break has been welcomed since I had time to re-evaluate my priorities and come back with fresh ideas to improve my blog and social media strategy.

Every influencer has their own story, and I strongly believe that we influence each other(bloggers/influencers) behavior, style, intentions, and lifestyle.

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2020 has been tough for everyone, but small businesses are the ones that suffered the most, especially restaurants, retail, and services.

The pandemic did not only force many businesses to close down but also professionals who had to reinvent themselves and move their services online.

Kelly Calhoun is a fashion model who had to act quickly and move her fashion career online. Given the covid-19 restrictions, fashion shows have been canceled, and Kelly couldn’t attend events anymore.

That’s when Kelly decided to join Intellifluence and become a brand ambassador for well-known fashion brands. From her interview with Intellifluence, you will quickly realize how social media changed Kelly’s life.

But Kelly is not the only one who started a career as an influencer during the covid-19. Many nano and micro-influencers make a living by posting sponsored content on social media and their blog.

All these partnerships wouldn’t happen easily if blogging networks didn’t exist. Every collaboration is taken place safely without handing over your personal details to shady brands via email or wasting time chasing payments.

The process is more hassle-free for brands who post the job on the marketplace and can scrutinize every influencer who applies for that campaign.

Moving your modelling career online will lead to more opportunities

There is no doubt that influencers are very important for reaching a targeted audience. We saw how influencers shaped our lives in the past and will do so even in the coming years.

Every single blogger contributed to people’s choices, from what we wear to what we eat or car we drive. As much as some deny influencer marketing power, direct or indirect, their surroundings are a contribution by content creators.

An important thing to mention is that even councils have used social media influencers and bloggers to reach a wider audience and speak about community projects.

Depending on how large is the marketing budget, an unknown brand can boost their online presence overnight, should the right influencers be chosen.

Considering that I’m a blogger myself, I understand influencer marketing strategies’ power. In the following months, I plan to publish my book, and without a second thought, I will use influencer marketing to promote my book release. One thing is sure. Influencers are creating fascinating content with high ROI compared with PPC campaigns.

Even if nowadays, there are still people who don’t understand what an influencer career is, perhaps in the future will start to see this job as legit as being a receptionist, or travel agent, to name a few.

So what influencer marketing trends will be in 2021?

Influencer marketing trends 2021

In 2021 brands will shift their attention toward niche blogs and niche influencers. One reason for choosing niche bloggers is that brands can target a specific audience willing to buy their product rather than a general/lifestyle blog where buying intention is slimmer.

You probably noticed already in the blogging community that everyone is talking about choosing a niche carefully. Similar to blogging, influencers will adapt, and some have already started new Instagram niche pages.

Another trend in influencer marketing in 2021 will be the rise of nano and micro-influencers. Those categories are more likely to get partnerships since they built a tight community that trusts them and will buy based on the reviews/recommendation made by a micro-influencer.

Short videos like Tik Tok and Instagram Reels will become more popular, along with the growing number of YouTube channels.

2021 Influencer marketing trends you need to know


Making a career as an influencer might not be easy, but once you narrow down your niche and become persistent in creating quality content, you have many chances to succeed.

Once established your influencer page, join a trustworthy influencer platform to get paid collaborations and sponsorships and keep investing in promoting your content to grow your fan base.

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