Why Square Meal is the best platform to book a dining restaurant and party venue. If you looking to book a private venue for a birthday party or event Square Meal covers all.

Why Square Meal is the best platform to book a dining restaurant and party venue

Finally, the lockdown is slowly easing off in UK and many of us are thinking where and how to book a dining restaurant or a venue for a birthday party while staying safe and following the covid restrictions.  

I know how much you missed going out with friends and having dinner at your favourite restaurant. Luckily now you can do that and even more, but still keep a safe behaviour implemented by NHS.

We saw it all during this pandemic. Lovely couples streaming their wedding live from their home, virtual birthday parties and virtual dating … Yes we had to be creative, but once again you can start to make plans for your big day and book a wedding venue through Square Meal.

If you don’t know what Square Meal is, you are about to have the best revelations in terms of dining and event booking.

What is Square Meal?

Square Meal is a platform that allows you to book venues for wedding and private events, restaurants and customers can collect points every time they book through Square Meal. The points collected on Square Meal will then be exchanged for luxury gifts from high-end brands.

The benefits of booking restaurants through Square Meal

Book a dining table easily with Square Meal

Apart from being rewarded for using Square Meal, you can dine at some of the finest restaurant owned by celebrity chefs in UK. How does it sound to eat at a Michelin stars restaurant? To me, it sounds like a privilege. Now that privilege is not reserved only for the rich and celebrities, but for regular people like you and me.

I have to be honest, I never dinned at a Michelin restaurant, but next time when I’ll be in London, I will love to book a table for me and my family.

Why Square Meal is the best platform to book a dining restaurant and party venue

For those passionate about gastronomy and who love to challenge their cooking skills, Square Meal regularly update their website with fresh recipes from famous chefs and restaurant owners based in the UK and around the world.

Lemon tart
Pappardelle Floral Pasta with Basil Pesto

From Lemon Tart to Pappardelle Floral Pasta with Basil Pesto and vegan dishes such as the ones listed above, you have a vast selection of recipes to choose from at Square Meal.

Unlike other restaurant and event reservation platforms, Square Meal formed a friendly relationship and educate their customers about gastronomy.

Now that you learned a bit more about Square Meal, let’s talk about how to find the right venue for an event.

Although lockdown has ended in UK we still have to follow certain restrictions regarding indoor events. Basically, from 21st June 2021 indoor events can take place if there are no more than 6 people. More about this subject and be found on the gov website.

Restaurants and event planners are desperate to get back into trading and everyone is doing their best to make their venue as safe as possible in terms of covid restrictions.

Having said that, statistics show that pubs and restaurants have taken bookings that covers months from now on.

If you are concerned about booking a venue or finding a dining restaurant table seems impossible you can browse through Square Meal website or give them a call to see what your options are.

Book a dining table at the finest restaurants in UK

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Square Meal. All the informations you found in this article is strictly my personal opinion.

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