Welcome back to Missmv.com blog. Today I have decided to write this article to answer your question of how to get sponsored posts for your blog since many new bloggers are struggling to monetize their website. Discover a full list with platforms to get paid sponsored posts for your blog and social media.

 Discover a full list with platforms to get paid sponsored posts for your blog and social media by missmv.com. Get paid for sponsored posts on your blog and Instagram

Creating a blog is one of the easiest and most exciting things, especially if you have already a social media fan base, I always advise every aspiring blogger to start a personal blog.

I wrote a detailed article where I explain why you should invest in a blog rather than social media and how vulnerable you are if you rely purely on social media to make an income.

Blogging has changed a lot since Justin Hall gave life in 1994 to what is called today “A blog”, at that time he was only posting about his daily activities, just as you write a journal.

In the following years, many people realized the potential of owning a blog, just before we get hooked up to social media, the blogging world was booming and everyone was promoting cheap affiliate programs like crazy.

Once people felt the joy of swiping on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, they forgot about blogs and many content creators abandoned their websites searching for methods to monetize their social media pages.

We all know that posting content on social media is easier than writing a blog post, but not every blogger quit posting quality content on their website and that’s proved by doing a quick search for any kind of topic.

The first results will be probably Google ads, followed by blog posts created by professional bloggers who stick with their goals and turn their blogs into profitable businesses.

Nowadays, things overturned, and millennials are becoming more interested in spending time on a blog either because they love consuming quality content or because they want to start a personal blog.

The reasons to create a blog are endless, maybe you have deep knowledge about a topic and what to share those secrets with others, or maybe you want to supplement your monthly income while doing what you like. Either reason, let me tell you that blogging is a fantastic world that opens many opportunities to make a living.

As a new blogger, it might be hard to kick off your website and make money, but the good news is, that you can actually make money blogging if you focus on a specific niche and post consistent articles in a short period of time.

For example, if you have a passion for everything related to hair, hair care, and so on, there are many chances that a company will contact you to write a sponsored post on your blog.

Enough writing about blogging, now let me show you my methods to get sponsored posts for your website and social media.

Ads networks for blogs to earn money:

  • Google AdSense
  • Mediavine
  • Media net
  • Ezoic
  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • BuySellAds

The best blogging networks to get paid campaigns for your website


Intellifluence is my number one platform to get paid sponsored posts for my blog and social media. The platform itself is very easy to use, it has a great reputation, and always pays on time, directly into your PayPal account.

When you join Intellifluence, you have many options to make money and one of the easiest is to refer influencers and brands to join the platform.

For every influencer you register and completes their profile, you will get paid $0,25. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but this is just an extra option to earn money by simply posting your referral link on your blog or social media.

To stand out from the competition, add all social media pages you have, including TikTok, Reddit, Linkedln, and many others.

Get blogged

Get blogged is another platform to get paid to write sponsored posts on your blog. I really like this network, but seems a little crowded, and very competitive and the payment is not the best. It seems that domain authority is very important on the GetBlogged platform in order to be approved for campaigns.

If your blog has domain authority of more than 30, a brand will offer more money for a sponsored post and you have less competition since not many blogs reach this kind of authority.

I strongly suggest being patient, building your authority, and then joining this platform. You will do exactly the same work as a blog with lower DA, except that you will get better paid and won’t impact your SEO ranking since your blog will be well established.


Just ignore the name, you won’t be paid $5 for a blog post. Fiverr is a platform where you have the freedom to create as many gigs as you like and charge as much as you like. From guest posting on your personal blog to writing SEO articles for other publications, you can get paid up to $70 – $100 per job.

To get an idea of how Fiverr works, register and check other sellers to see what services they sell. To get some reviews, you should list your gigs for a cheaper price and increase the amount you want to get paid when you feel comfortable enough that you can deliver awesome work.

Fiverr is a great platform to start when you are a new blogger and looking to make money.

Other than guest posting, create a separate gig for an Instagram shoutout or posting on social media.


This platform looks very interesting, with campaigns from crats, to beauty and digital products. Although I just joined BlogMeetsBrands, I already got notifications about campaigns.

I like to make it clear that I don’t accept all kinds of collaborations and I only pick the ones that resonate with me and my audience you should do the same if you want your blogging career to go long way.

Acorn Influence

Acorn influence works similarly to Intellifluence, both platforms have the same features, except one has better campaigns than the other. It won’t hurt to join it and list all your details, the more networks you join, the more chances you have to get sponsored blog posts for your blog and social media.


Izea looks a bit confusing and quite limited to making money as a content creator. They have a free plan and two options to upgrade your account in order to unlock the access the full which I find it unreliable.

As a content creator, you shouldn’t be charged for joining a website to get jobs. I understand if you get charged a commission once you complete a campaign, but not a monthly membership.

Bloggers Required

This website is a great option for new bloggers and those who accept products in exchange for a blog post, or social media post. Once you register you will receive emails about assignments every week. Feel free to apply for a campaign that suits you.

Facebook groups

There are awesome Facebook groups for bloggers to get paid sponsored posts. Here is a list of a few that you should join and connect with professional people like you:

Pitch to brands directly

You probably heard this before, but you haven’t taken serious action to build partnerships with brands.

An easy way to find brands to pitch is to write down some advertisers that Google AdSense is displaying on your blog and contact them directly to offer sponsored posts for a fixed sum( they will be more than happy to pay one time and get results for their business).

Another way to get sponsored posts for your blog is to pitch to a brand you already use for their products. Look around your house and see what brands you own, and products you consume, and contact them to arrange a content placement.


ProBlogger is a straightforward platform to find freelance jobs. From writing articles to designing logos and creating social media content for brands. To make some extra money along with your blog, Problogger is a good way to test your writing skills and get some experience as a blogger.

Contact the brands you already worked with

Contact the brands you already worked with and ask if they need extra work, maybe offer them an advertising package that they cannot resist (posting on your blog, social media, and a YouTube video, you decide your price and leave room for negotiations).

Keep an eye on blogging events

Do you know that every week there are many events for bloggers to meet up and network, exchange ideas, and discuss new trends?

On Eventbrite, you have the chance to join exclusive events where bloggers, influencers, photographers, and PR agencies meet with brands to discuss possible collaborations.

If you’re a new blogger meeting face to face with a PR recruiter might sound intimidating, that’s why is better to connect with other bloggers first, and learning from others will make your blogging career progress faster.

Once you become confident in your blogging skills, try your luck at blogging events, who knows, it might be a life-changing decision.

I want to share some tips before you decide to accept sponsored posts on your blog

Focus on one thing at a time

You should focus on one thing at a time meaning you should not start writing random articles or giving random reviews for different things. Sure, it’d help if your blog has a good reach but all good blogs and startups get success when they focus on one thing.

This will boost your blog reach and will definitely urge the sponsors to line up to your blog. For example, if your blog is only about gadgets and video camera reviews, enthusiasts will surely visit your page to learn more about the product, all the technical details, and the pros and cons of owning such a product.

After getting enough recognition and credibility for your posts, you can then begin to maximize your output and write about other things too.

Is best to write at least 10 articles for the same topic in order to gain SEO power for your blog. Repeat that for every topic and you will be a successful blogger sooner than you might expect.

Create a media kit

Be sure to create a media kit, which is basically a short form of every type of niche you can perform through your channel. This can include your work type, audience, social media pages, payment methods that you accept, and any other general information that your sponsors should know about.

The media kit will basically be a PDF or an image file and should be as attractive as possible while delivering the most information.

You can easily create a media kit using Canva for free.

Improve your SEO

SEO can be the engine of your blog to make it successful and that’s because the main traffic source is Google. If you take my advice and invest heavily in SEO, you will avoid the headache later on.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization – is a set of rules and regulations that must be followed to rank better on Google. If you improve your SEO, the chances of getting a company to sponsor your posts will improve substantially.

If SEO is done professionally, there are good chances that your articles can be picked up by major publications too, and all the hard work will be better paid off and you will become an authority in the web world.

Add traffic to your website

Improving your SEO is fine and all, but as long as the traffic coming to your website is not good enough, no one would want to partner with your blog.

Traffic doesn’t mean the robots and crawlers that are roaming around your website, the traffic that comes from real people searching for a specific keyword and visiting your blog to find more or learn something from your articles.

A good idea to drive traffic to your blog is Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook groups. You need to create attractive images and use keywords in social media posts to help people to discover your content.

Pinterest is bloggers’ favorite platform to have their content discovered. All you have to do is to create pretty Pins, add SEO descriptions for every Pin and be active, and engage with other pins (follow, save pins and send thank you messages to followers).

There are multiple ways to use Pinterest to build your audience, you need to have patience, be creative and follow the rules in order to stay safe on this social network. You can also join Tailwind if you want to speed up the process of going viral on Pinterest.

The way Tailwind works is fairly easy, see for yourself

You have a free plan, a plus plan, and an enterprise plan.

The free plan allows you to schedule 100 free monthly pins and join 5 different Tailwind tribes. Once you reach that level, you cannot submit new pins unless you upgrade your account.

The plus plan allows you to schedule 400 Pins per month or unlimited if you pay your monthly plan in one go for the whole year.

The enterprise/business plan gives you access to more features that are designed to add collaborators, track conversions, monitor your brand, and convert sales.


If you want to make a career out of blogging and look to become a full-time blogger, you have to arm yourself with all the tools available to stand out from the competition. Blogging is a tough world and you need an extra source of income before relying totally on sponsored blog posts.

I gladly appreciate if you could share this article on social media, it will help me and others who want to learn about blogging.

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how to get sponsored posts for your blog, instagram and youtube. How to get sponsored on Instagram
How to get sponsored posts for your blog right from the beginning of your blog. How to make money with your blog as a beginner even if you have low traffic. Blogging for beginners and how to make money.

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