Why you should invest in a blog rather than social media

Why you should invest in a blog rather than social media.

Why you should invest in a blog rather than social media.

This article was in my mind for long a time and I finally made time to write it for you, so check it out because you might thank me sometimes.

With today’s euphoria to become a social media star, everyone forgot about the power of blogging. Many Instagram influencers has left their personal blog in hibernation while they dream of becoming the next sensation of the internet and I don’t blame these people, nowadays even a 12 years old can get more popularity than myself :)))

Who are the buyers on social media?

There is no question about social media power, especially for brands that need to grow their business and find new customers. But my question is: are the people joining social media to buy stuff, or to socialize? 

Facebook was primarily the main social network to drive sales and make your brand recognizable, but nowadays everything has changed, the way people interact on social media has changed, even the way people spend their money has changed.

I’m not saying that everything is dead on social media, I’m talking about spending, who are the people that decide to buy on social media? Is possible that an audience range between 18-24 years old to buy your furniture/luxury goods/handmade items??? ( the majority of users on Instagram, are young people between 18-24 years old) 

Are these people your target market? What makes you think these range of audience has the power to buy? When a student barely makes a living, pays his/her bills, are these young people gonna afford to buy your luxury goods? The answer is no.

Buyers on social media
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Is it worth to run paid ads on social media?

I know that many businesses and influencers are struggling to grow their name, some even started to invest money in paid ads through Instagram and Facebook, desperate time requires desperate moves.

There is not a single day to see someone complaining on Facebook groups about low engagement and small audience reach on Instagram, yet this giant platform is affecting peoples lives like nothing else, especially if you are an influencer that makes your living out of collaborations with brands, of course, you will get mad when your posts do not reach the audience you aiming for.

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My dear friends do not desperate, Instagram is not everything, I know some influencers make millions out of this social media platform, but these individuals have a real team behind them.

These Instagram stars have strict rules and discipline, they are very creative, most of them have financial support from their family already, ( with a quick search on Google, you will discover that most of Instagram influencers are coming from wealthy families).

When you have financial support, you can afford to pay professional photographers, editors, travel costs and a marketing team. I’m not saying all this to discourage you, I’m trying to show you the reality of social media, but what you can do instead is to start a professional blog, just think about how much money you spend to grow your Instagram page by now.

Imagine if you had invested in a blog with quality content, articles that bring value to readers, those articles will show up on search results even after many years.

Can Instagram posts do that, or Facebook posts? I don’t think so, your followers will not scroll more than your last 50 posts for sure.

Gone are the days when professional bloggers were creating awesome content that could inspire others

For my personal research, I notice that many influencers either they do not own a blog, they haven’t written anything new in the last few years, or some of them just posts their Instagram feed with a large title. Gone are the days when professional bloggers were creating awesome content and fresh articles that could inspire others.

My personal advice is to focus on your blog, consider it a long time investment, there are endless advantages to own your personal website where you can measure your audience and track leads for businesses. With social media becoming oversaturated, the next marketing tool that can grow brand awareness and sales is definitely a blog.

Just think how vulnerable we all are on social media, we do not own any social media pages, they can be deleted anytime and all your hard work will vanish with no backup. I’ve seen many large pages on Instagram, even YouTube channels being hacked or deleted for no precise explanation.
Your personal blog has a backup system that will save your content, even if it gets hacked.

How does it help you if you get thousands of impressions to your Instagram page if is not converting? Imagine if you could get paid for all that traffic that comes to your Instagram page, well with a blog you can do that. Google ads do pay you for all the traffic you receive on your blog, it might not be a lot, but at least it covers your blog costs and besides that, you can join other platforms alongside Google that pays you for online traffic. 
Incredible advantages of owning a blog.​
Here I have highlighted a few incredible benefits of blogging over social media:
• It is the best way to express your ideas and thoughts online and boost connectivity with the customers online.

People are always interested in getting information, and if your platform can meet their needs, they will definitely love to return. No matter which niche you are serving to the customers, you can create a blog to update their knowledge base. 
The idea is to drive more traffic to your business platform, and soon, those random visitors can be converted into buyers. 

boost online connectivity 
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Options to monetize your content

• Blogs speak our minds:
Blogs work like personal platforms where you can share anything as per your choice. Blogs offer you an open channel to spread your words to the target audience in a more adequate, interesting, and interactive way.

They do not pose any restriction on the writer, you can edit and modify any article, images, design your blog whatever how you like and promote anything you like.

No matter what kind of niche you want to promote online, blogs can provide you with open space to express your ideas. One can even talk about upcoming products and services as well to make people aware of new collections. Social media doesn’t provide you with such a restriction-free platform for business promotion. 

•Search engine optimization:
If you are into the business world, you might have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well, in today’s competitive business industry, SEO works like key to success. Blogging can help you to raise your rank on search engines with advanced SEO tactics. The idea is to create interactive articles while incorporating all essential keywords into the content.

The fact is that blogs can even help you grow your audience with time. Just focus on the latest SEO tactics and strategies to promote your content worldwide. It can soon help you stand ahead of the competitors. 

•Options to monetize your content:
When we talk about social media, it is definitely a great tool for generating the content, but these platforms cannot help you to monetize your content feely just how a blog does. You cannot write long captions, or change an image afterwards. But when you own an independent blog, you can fill it with a wide range of content.

It is possible to embed images, videos, MP3’s, downloadable content and many other file formats; in simple terms, you can make your posts more interactive and engaging with ease. Further, the articles posted on a blog can be linked to various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So, blogs are beneficial both ways, for monetizing your content as well as to spread awareness to a worldwide audience. 

Why prefer blog over social media?

• It has a long way to go:
Social media is oversaturated. It is difficult for a new business to capture audience attention on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. without running paid ads. With the speed people are sharing posts on social media, is very likely that your content will get lost in a vast pool of images and videos.

When you are a brand new business, you have to focus on bringing value to your customers, do not expect to sell only.

To build a strong bond with your customers, you need to provide something new, teach your customers how to use your product, this can be done with writing articles and even videos. Share new articles every week on your blog and let people know by sending newsletters.

If you follow these steps, you will gain repeat customers and grow your email list. Companies are dying to grow their database because is one of the most important and powerful marketing tools at the moment.

Why prefer blog over social media?
Those who rely on social media to promote their business online are actually dependent on a third party to host their marketing campaigns. Their business is active online as long as that particular social media platform is active.

You never know when Instagram, Facebook, and other social media pages will get deleted, and with that, your business will also vanish from the market. But when you develop audience engagement online via a blog, you get full control of your marketing campaigns. You own it and make changes as per your need without any restriction from any third party.

Blogs provide complete freedom for running potential marketing campaigns online and multiple ways to monetize your blog. You can charge people for a guest post, featured article, banner ads, contextual links, Google ads, affiliate links, and many others.

Why your social media content is not driving sales

Recently I discovered an interesting conversation between some business owners, revealing how many sales the influencers drive for their brands. Many answered that their influencer campaigns didn’t drive any sale, therefore is not worth to use any more Influencers for marketing, adding that, many are using fake followers to charge more for an Instagram post.

I don’t blame those influencers, everyone wants to live a glamorous life and getting paid by sharing photos and videos on social media. 

Some content creators are absolutely nailing this job, their creativity is remarkable, while others are just a bunch of amateurs, holding a body lotion in the hand while they are on highway …

I mean, I don’t want to be rude, but what on earth has to do holding a body lotion while you are in Arizona highway, the body lotion is not even visible, not to mention the caption is starting exactly like any other “I’m in love with this body lotion, bla bla bla, or ” Since I use this lotion my skin has changed completely” 

Honestly, I cannot stand so much artificial advertising. I’m not surprised that influencer campaigns are not driving any sales, you must be mad to buy anything from such a low content when is obvious that all they do is to promote anything comes in their hand. 

These days, buyers are searching for honest opinions, reviews, what they like and what they dislike about a product. The buyer wants details, if an influencer recommends a product on social media and doing a search on google results negative reviews about that brand, you know what will happen. 

If you struggle to build your blog, you can hire someone to do it for you. All you need is a good memorable name, interactive topics and let your imagination free. You can learn pretty easy to create your blog with online tutorials, it doesn’t have to look very pretty, most importantly is the content you share, you have to speak frankly just like you talk with your friends, diplomatic talk is not for blogging.

The sooner you start blogging the better

A blog is like a tree, you need to look after it in order to enjoy its fruits. To make a living from your blog it takes time, energy and imagination, compared with social media where you are not responsible for the domain, hosting and SEO articles, you just create good pictures, short videos and interact with others to get noticed.

Although being a social media influencer is not easy either, but definitely a running a blog requires commitment and responsibility.

Just as I said before, if you write extremely good articles that rank well on search engines, you have great chances to command high amounts of money for a sponsored post, since your article will be found by people many years from the date you posted, which means will drive conversions for a brand as long as your blog will be live.

Now don’t expect thousands for a sponsored article from the very beginning of your blogging career, first, you have to prove that you are a professional blogger, collaborate with a few brands in exchange for products, or include their product in your article for free and soon or later you will get approached by other companies to sponsor your website.

With blogging you need to take it easy with aggressive adverts, otherwise, your blogging career will quickly go downhill since nobody like to be pushed into buying something.

Thanks for reading this article and share it with your friends if you find it useful.

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