Paper flowers craft ideas for home decor. How to make easy paper flowers step by step. DIY Paper Flowers. Paper craft flowers for decoration. Easy flower Craft Ideas.

Paper flowers craft ideas for home decor

Paper flowers have always been trendy and an easy way to decorate the home for special occasions, or for weddings and events.

Kids and adults love to create pretty crafts from recycled newspapers, magazines, and even tissue paper, and a good example of papercraft ideas you can find on Creative Giant Hands YouTube channel.

Paper flowers craft ideas for home decor

Whether you want to make the paper flowers yourself, or you planning a unique party decor, the following list will please your eyes and your guests. Further down you will find some paper flower bouquet ideas with tutorials to make at home.

Paper flowers are part of fine art, so if you looking to start a business and sell them, you can generate a healthy income from your hobby, especially large paper flowers for backdrop photography.

Paper flowers with song lyrics – Buy it here

Paper flowers craft ideas for home decor. Paper flowers with song lyrics

Have a school music book that you loved so much but want to transform into a piece of art? Creating a paper flower bouquet out of a lyrics paper book takes a bit of creativity, guidance, and time. But the end result is absolutely gorgeous.

3D flower in box – luxury gift – Buy it here

3d flower in box - luxury gift

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t love flowers. Thinking about how many flowers are wasted every year, makes me wonder why people still don’t embrace paper flowers instead.

Just look at these beautiful 3D flowers; it makes such a glamorous gift for any occasion.

Tissue Paper Flowers paper pom poms balls lanterns

babyshower decoration 25cm 10 inch Tissue Paper Flowers paper pom poms balls lanterns

Just by looking at these fluffy pompom paper lanterns, brings immediately the Christmas thought to my mind. The grey color of the above tissue paper lanterns will bring a Sandi vibe to your home, no matter where you place them.

Bride bridal bouquet paper flowers – Buy it here

Bride bridal bouquet paper flowers

I personally don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love roses. Whether they are real flowers or paper ones, their beautify shines, no matter what.

To create these gorgeous paper flowers, you have to pay attention to details, choose the correct paper and let your imagination flow.

Tulips Crepe Paper Flowers – Buy it here

Tulips Crepe Paper Flowers

Simple and fragile, tulips have such a controversial history, but even so, I’d be thrilled to receive this beautiful paper tulips bouquet as a gift.

Dusty blush paper flower – large paper flowers – Buy it here

Dusty blush paper flower - large paper flowers

Aren’t these paper tissue flowers the sweetest you’ve seen? They are trendy and will instantly warm up the room that you place them in, especially a teenager room décor.

Glamorous Champagne gold paper flowers – Buy it here

Glamorous  Champagne gold paper flowers

These paper flowers look very glamorous, but in fact, are very easy to do yourself. Is important to choose craft paper with a good design and the rest will follow.

Check out this paper flower bouquet tutorial to recreate them.

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Handmade paper mint and purple roses – Buy it here

Handmade paper mint and purple roses

I simply cannot take my eyes from these giant paper flowers. I’ve seen some beautiful bedroom decors with paper flowers as well as beauty salons and let me tell you that they create such a wow impact the minute you step in the room.

Kids room paper flower decoration

Kids room paper flower decoration

This pretty unicorn paper flowers decoration is all kids dream to have in their room. Simple, yet effective, you can DIY this lovely papercraft in a weekend.

Ask your kids to help you and they won’t just create a paper décor for their room, but they will learn a new skill that might help them in the future.

Origami flower bouquet – Buy it here

Origami Flower Bouquet

If you are after a mix of paper flowers and cannot decide which one to create, you can choose to make a few types of flowers and tie them into a chunky bouquet.

Pretty dahlia flowers for interior decor – Buy here the PDF template and DIY

Paper Dahlia flowers for interior decor

Whether you need some unique ideas for wedding décor, or just to add a splash of coyness to your home, paper dahlias are some of the most beautiful flowers. Suave, yet everlasting, paper dahlias will make one of the most beautiful décor for a nursery room.

Paper Dahlias and Gerberas – Buy it here

Paper Dahlias and Gerberas

Upgrade the cuteness of a nursery room by combining dahlias with gerberas for more effective interior décor. Choose lighter colors to add that warm texture to the nursery room.

White paper flower daisies bouquet – Buy it here

Paper Daisies - White Paper Flower Daisies - Home Decor

Paper daisies bouquet are not your everyday flowers. They look stunning and are perfect for a bridal bouquet, or to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day. Another option might be to use them as props for shooting aesthetic photography.

Overall, paper daisies are setting themselves apart from other flowers by their own beauty and will surely be so much fun to make them yourself at home.  

Gorgeous paper flower bouquet for gift or bridal bouquet – Buy it here

Paper flower bouquet for gift or bridal bouquet

If you looking for a vintage bridal bouquet, your search stops here. As we know the retro wedding style has been and will still be very trendy in 2021-2022, therefore why not choosing an everlasting paper flower bouquet for your big day?

Headband paper flowers crown- Buy it here

Paper Flower Crown-Paper Flower Headband

You probably noticed similar headbands on Instagram posts but you never knew that a paper headband can look just as good as faux flowers one.

Be it for a wedding, or a photo session, this paper headband looks absolutely chic and versatile.

You might like to learn how to make small paper roses bouquet step by step – Click here for tutorial

Small paper roses bouquet step by step

Heart shape paper wreath

Paper flowers heart shape wreath

Express your love towards your partner by creating a heart shape paper wreath. Bright and beautiful, this heart shape paper wreath is a budget-friendly gift for Valentine’s Day or for interior décor fanatics.

Scandinavian pom pom paper flowers – Buy it here

Scandinavian pom pom paper flowers. Paper pompom flowers

I personally love everything about Scandinavian décor. To be honest, I had my bedroom decorated with pompom paper flowers just two years ago and I loved every single moment I was spending in my bedroom.

Now I’m planning to make these pompom flowers for Christmas decorations and of course, I will create a tutorial for my YouTube channel Creative Giant Hands. If you are not subscribed yet, please do it to receive notifications in real-time. Also, I post every week new videos with crafts and recipes.

Pink Book Paper Roses bouquet – Buy it here

Pink Book Paper Roses bouquet

To make these pink rose paper flowers is not necessary to buy pink paper, you can splash a little color on any book pages that you have, that way you will save money and choose the color tone that you like.

Rose Gold Baby Shower Centerpiece – Buy it here

Rose Gold Baby Shower Centerpiece

Fluffy and pretty, these pink paper flowers are exactly the king of centerpiece decoration you need for a baby shower. They might look a bit complicated to make, but with a little practice, I’m sure you will get it done beautifully.

Single Stem paper flower bouquet – Buy it here

Single Stem paper flower bouquet

Minimalist paper flower bouquet for the wedding day for a bride who loves the vintage vibe.

Choosing simple accessories for the wedding day is not necessarily mean that you are tight on budget, is just expressing good taste and appreciation for minimalist things, as you know, less is more.

Tissue Paper Flowers paper pom poms balls lanterns

Tissue Paper Flowers paper pom poms balls lanterns

For a kid everything fluffy and color will spread a good vibe, therefore these tissue paper flowers paper pom poms balls lanterns are goals. Not just for home décor, but also for events and parties, these pompom ball lanterns are a cheap way to decorate and surprise your guests without much effort.

Paper flowers wall backdrop wedding party – Buy it here

Paper flowers wall backdrop wedding party

Just as we mentioned above, the paper flowers can create a spectacular décor for weddings and events, but also as photography backdrops. Nowadays floral walls and backdrops are very popular among coffee shops, restaurants, and beauty salons.

If you want to start a papercraft business, there are plenty of opportunities and room to expand.

Scandinavian paper star with led lights – Get here the tutorial

Scandinavian paper star wit led lights

Alright, this isn’t exactly a paper flower, but I thought you might like to see another paper craft idea and how cool will look like an interior décor accessory.

Scandinavian paper stars with led lights might be appropriate for the festive season, but who are we to argue with someone who loves the cozy vibe all year round?

Wedding Paper Flower Backdrop – Buy it here

Wedding Paper Flower Backdrop

There is no need for words to describe the beauty of these wedding paper flower backdrop. They are lush and your wedding will be the top subject everyone will talk about after attending the event.

Not to mention the gorgeous pictures that will fill social media from everyone posing in front of these luxury paper flowers.

White paper Peonies with a hint of red – Buy it here

White paper Peonies with a Hint of Red

Beautiful and suave, white peonies are the ultimate goals that can be made out of papercraft. Splash a dash of red color, or you can even dip a brush in different color and use the finger to spread small dots around these irresistible flowers.

I will definitely buy these white paper peonies and use them for my flat lay photography.

Wild paper roses for table centerpiece – Buy it here

Wild paper roses for table centerpiece

Save yourself a good amount of money by making these wild paper roses for a table centerpiece. You can use your favorite paper color or something that blends well with the room décor and you are all set.

Wording Roses – origami roses – Buy it here

Wording Roses - origami roses

Bring out all those magazines, newspapers, and old books that you won’t use again and turn them into a piece of art. Wording roses, or origami roses, these flowers favored by photographers who love to create aesthetic images.

Make them for yourself or to sell, the overall process is definitely therapeutic and pleasant at the same time.

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