25 Elements for creating a boho bedroom décor. Are you looking for the best boho elements to create a cozy bedroom decor? Look no further, as you are about to discover amazing bohemian accessories to mix and match for decorating your room dorm with quality pieces that are not only beautiful but timeless and affordable.

25 Elements for creating a boho bedroom décor

Boho chic, or bohemian chic, is a style that is characterized by a mix of modern and vintage items. From furniture to decor and even clothing, boho chic has a unique look that can be a bit challenging to create if you don’t find the right elements.

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For those looking to create a cozy boho bedroom décor but are short on ideas, the following suggestions will help you decorate your place with the most desirable bohemian accessories. You can choose other color tones too but is best to go with lighter colors when decorating a boho bedroom. 

25 Elements for creating a boho bedroom décor

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1.Boho Macrame hanging chair for bedroom

If you are looking for a unique boho furniture accessory that is comfortable, versatile, and makes a great place to relax, a macrame hanging chair may be just what you need. Hanging chairs, or hammock chairs as many are familiar with, are a fun way to relax and can be used both indoors and outside.

Macrame hanging chairs is versatile and can be used almost anywhere because they are lightweight which makes them great to take along while traveling. They come in different shape and colors and is one décor accessory that every teenager is dreaming to have in their bedroom. However, decorating your bedroom with a hanging chair requires a bit more space, therefore, this is something you should carefully consider if your bedroom is very small.

2. Aesthetic asymmetrical mirror

Boho bedrooms are popular because they are a mix of simplicity and creativity. They have a free-spirited and relaxed vibe, which is generally achieved by using natural materials like wood and woven fabrics.

To create the ultimate boho bedroom, you need to incorporate some interesting pieces of décor. One such piece is an asymmetrical mirror that can be used as a headboard or decoration in the room to create a focal point. If you live in a small space or don’t have many options for decorating, then an asymmetrical mirror is one of the best ways you can add height to your room without adding much additional décor.

3. Chunky wool blankets

One popular boho element that enhances the ambiance of the bedroom is a wool blanket. The natural fibers in these blankets will provide you with warmth during the winter and will make you feel cozy and comfortable when snuggling on your bed.

Wool knitted blankets are widely popular thanks to their versatility, durability, and soft texture, but also for providing an aesthetic visual effect. They are available in a variety of colors and designs with off-white, beige, or pure white being boho tones which will make a great addition to decorating your bedroom for your desired theme.

4.Macrame wall hanging tapestry

Macrame wall hanging tapestry is one of the most popular accessories for boho room decors. The pleasant appeal created by a macrame tapestry is tremendous. Boho wall hanging accessory like the one listed above has been trending and for good reasons. Is not just the visual effect that is created, but the ecological material used for making this macramé hanging decoration that makes it unique and favorited by many. Besides, it can be a great gift for your teenager or someone you love.

5. Wall hanging planter

The best way to make your bedroom a cozy place is by adding some greenery. A wall-hanging planter is a simple and effective way for adding some green plants to any room. This bohemian-style planter can be hung up on the wall or placed on a window sill and it pairs well with the rest of the boho bedroom décor elements.

6. Fluffy rugs

Everybody has their own style and personality, so it’s no surprise that there are many different ways to create an ideal bedroom space. However, one thing that is universal and a must for any bedroom is a beautiful rug that adds warmth and coziness to any room, not just the bedroom.

When choosing a bohemian rug, you need to consider the other colors that dominate the room, like wall paint, furniture, and the size of the rug. If you cannot decide what rug to choose for your room, you can combine two or more, depending on the room’s surface.

7. Natural wood bed

Natural wood bed frames are a great choice for bohemian bedroom decor. The natural color and organic feel of the wood give off a sense of warmth, comfort, and peace. Besides, a solid wood bed frame is sturdy and will last for many years.

8. Bohemian wall arch stickers

Wall stickers are a great way to add additional flare and personality to your space, especially in the bedroom. They can be removed without damaging walls or leaving any residue. If you’re looking for wall stickers that have a bohemian vibe, then these bohemian arch wall stickers are perfect! Wall stickers are a great way to add additional flair to your space, especially in the bedroom.

Another reason for choosing boho wall arch stickers is that save you precious time from painting the wall and we all know that if you live in a rented apartment or house, many landlords aren’t happy if you change the color of the walls. 

9. Rustic boho pom pom blanket

Have you been struggling to find the perfect blanket for your bedroom? Search no more. This rustic boho pom pom blanket is perfect for any type of room decor. It can be used in a bedroom, living room, or as a picnic blanket. The best part about this adorable throw is that it can serve as an extra bohemian accessory for creating an aesthetic bedroom decor.

10. Pretty boho pillows

A boho bedroom décor wouldn’t be complete without pretty pillows. Feel free to mix and match various sizes and shapes and patterns because bohemian pillows are not only offering an aesthetic appeal to the room but are great for comfort also.

11. Boho Fringe Pendant Light

Lighting is a key factor when it comes to setting the mood for a space. When choosing the correct lighting, you can instantly change the atmosphere and make the space feel bigger and more welcoming.

Boho fringe pendant lamps have been on everyone’s favorite shopping list since the boho décor trend dominated the interior design world in the last few years. This type of bohemian lamp ranges between a few dollars to a few hundred in stores like Anthropologie, or UrbanOutfitters. Luckily, there are other places to buy boho pendant lamps for less. Etsy is one of the best sources for finding boho décor accessories, as well as your local home décor stores. You want to get the best for less.

If you have great crafting skills, making your own macrame chandelier will be a bonus. Don’t forget that you will still have to spend money on buying the necessary materials, and if the outcome is not what you hoped for, you will waste money and time. The decision is yours of course, so if you want to decorate your boho bedroom quickly, is best to buy directly a macrame pendant lamp.

12. Artwork – Neutral Beige Boho printables

Boho art can be anything from a print on the wall to an original painting. You want pieces that are in line with the earth tones, or close shades of green, light blue, and white. Some people prefer large wall prints while others several small to medium wall art.

To decide what kind of design print you want is best to consider the color scheme that you want to create in your bedroom, followed by the size or wall art. Then is easier to search for boho printables which you can download and print at your local store, or buy printables directly from sellers who offer this service online. You will only need to choose the wall frame according to the size of the printables.

13. Green leaves and fairy lights

Green leaves and fairy lights for decorating your bedroom
image source: pinterest

Fairy lights are a great way for creating boho hygge decor. The green leaves and fairy lights are a wonderful match for decorating the bedroom walls, windows, or even the door. Some prefer to attach their favorite pictures using small wooden cloth pegs to the fairy lights. This is a cool idea for personalizing your bedroom when you’re tight on budget.

14. Boho bauble decorative candles

The boho trend is one of many that has come to dominate the home décor industry. The style is characterized by earthy tones, muted hues, vintage or rustic furnishings, and natural materials like wood, stone, or leather. That being said, candles are always great for creating ambiance in any room but they’re especially important in boho homes because they make your space feel warmer and cozier.

Candles are always great for creating ambiance in any room but they’re especially important in boho homes because they’re timeless and go with most decor. These aesthetic bauble candles make a great addition to any boho room.

15. Natural Sheepskin Rug

Investing in a natural sheepskin rug for your bedroom will help you sleep better at night. This is due to the fact that sheepskin is soft and warm, creating a cozy environment for a good night’s sleep. Sheepskin rugs are also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for allergy sufferers.

There are multiple ways of using sheepskin in interior decor. The main option is to place it on the floor next to the bed, on top of the bed, couch if you have one in the bedroom, or on a chair. Sheepskin rugs will always enhance the beauty of a room, no matter how large or small they are. The key point is to choose a natural one rather than synthetic sheep skin.

16. Rustic blanket ladder

Rustic ladders are a great decorating tool because they can be used in many ways. They can be used as a headboard, shelving, or store clothes. Their rustic style adds an elegant boho touch and that homespun look that you’re trying to achieve.

17. Rattan TV Stand Console with storage space

Maximizing the space can be difficult, especially if you’re living in a studio or dorm. With this rattan TV stand console, you can add an extra place to organize your things. The space inside the cabinet is perfect for storing books, clothes, or anything else that you don’t need too often to reach.

With its charming color, this rattan tv console is set to adorn the bedroom without the need for clutter. Even if you don’t place the tv on top of it, you can use it as a vanity, for displaying family photos, a flower vase, and your favorite Scandinavian decorative sculptures.

18. Cotton Rope Blanket Basket

A cotton rope basket is just another bohemian accessory that can create a visual impact if placed strategically in your bedroom. This lovely basket is great for keeping blankets and cushions organized and toys in the kid’s room.

Usually, cotton rope baskets or seagrass baskets are very affordable, therefore, you can get one or more to place next to the bed, the vanity, or behind the door maybe. Either way, such a small detail will make a great impact on a bohemian bedroom décor.

19. Bohemian Pleated Table Lamp

The Bohemian Pleated Table Lamp is a great way to bring some boho chic into your bedroom. This lamp is perfect for adding a little more romance to an otherwise utilitarian environment. With its sweet, feminine touch and its pretty little pleats, this lamp will serve as the focal point of any room.

20. Natural wood color rattan nightstand table

Rattan nightstands are minimalist furniture pieces that offer a cozy boho-chic vibe and complete the overall bedroom decor nicely. Boho rattan nightstands are super practical for storing books, table lamps, and a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Paired with a natural wood bed frame and tv console, this accessory is a must for avid boho decor folks.

21. Cotton linen Boho Curtains for Bedroom

Bohemian curtains aren’t exactly necessary, but the beauty of the ones listed above will likely make anyone fall in love with them. The earthy color tone and design are perfectly combined with the tassels from the edge of this curtain. Use it as a single or double curtain for a flutter style and during the day tied with natural wooden bead ties.

22.Comfy teddy chair

When decorating your bedroom with a boho theme, a teddy chair is the perfect piece of furniture. It will add that extra touch to your room and make it look even more cozy and welcoming.

A teddy chair can be used in many different ways. As an accent piece to create a focal point in the room, or it can be used as a reading nook for children’s bedrooms. The chair listed above is great for placing in front of the vanity while doing your makeup too. You can opt for beige, nude, light brown, or even green color tones for your boho-style bedroom.

23. Boho vanity table with mirror

This beautiful boho vanity table is perfect for keeping your jewelry and makeup essentials organized and for helping you get ready in the morning in no time. The color tone adds a warm vibe and, paired with the white teddy bear chair from above, will create the perfect bohemian bedroom decor.

24. Organic linen bedding

Linen bedding is a boho element that will change the whole scenery of your dorm room. You might wonder why organic linen is so special. Well, this type of fabric has a softer feel and a more luxurious look than its synthetic counterparts. Compared with cotton material, linen is more ecological and produces less carbon footprint.

The beige linen listed above is one of the best-selling items, and the reviews say it all. It is a bit pricier, but the quality is remarkable.

I have two queen-size linen bedding sets, one light brown, just like the one listed above, and the other one dark green. I like to have options for when I change things around my bedroom and that happens very often lol… But even after many washes, the color and quality are still there. Overall, this linen bedding set is one of the best investments for improving sleep quality.

25. Aesthetic Dried pampas grass

Dried flowers, or dried pampas, are boho accessories that create a powerful impact when decorating a room. For a more aesthetic appeal choose light-colored flowers to match the rest of the accessories. Dried pampas will never go out of style, therefore are a great investment and something to cheer you up when you look at.

Final words

I hope you like these boho elements that we included in this post and will help you decide how to style your dorm room. Whether you will choose all of them or just a few items from this list, I’m positive that you will create a cozy and comfortable bohemian bedroom where you will feel “AT HOME”.

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