Easy space-saving hacks for small homes. Are you looking for ideas to get more space out of your small house? Look no further, as we revealed some cool tips to maximize the space even if your house has no storage.

Easy space-saving hacks for small homes

When we are setting out to be first-time homeowners, many of us dream of purchasing properties reminiscent of the amazing opulent houses that we see on television shows such as Selling Sunset. From the outside, living a life of luxury in a mansion seems utterly idyllic.

However, the maintenance and costs involved with buying and running a larger house soon bring you back to reality! This does not mean that your first home cannot be beautiful: with the right décor, smaller properties have the potential to be just as elegant as their grandiose cousins – and you have the added advantage of significant savings in terms of energy use and refurbishment.

Easy space-saving hacks for small homes

One of the best ways to make your smaller property feel bigger is to ensure that the décor for each room is tightly focused on creating the illusion of spaciousness. For example, slimmer furnishings should be chosen over and above bulky objects, while reduced clutter will stop the home from feeling claustrophobic. However, how can you ensure that your home remains functional and holds everything you need?

Take a look at these easy space-saving hacks for the home that will help you to store everything you need while keeping your property neat and tidy and looking larger.

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Fit floating shelves

Fit floating shelves

Rather than using traditional furniture such as bookcases and display cabinets, try installing floating shelves straight into the wall. These are visibly so much less bulky than their older counterparts, and as no legs or sides are necessary to support the shelves, it leaves the space beneath free for other objects, e.g., chairs or a trunk.

Installing the floating shelves is a fairly straightforward procedure, but it requires a variety of standard tools, including a spirit level, drill, hammer, screws, and safety goggles. You may find it useful to keep everything together in an organised storage unit like a packout box so that all the equipment is close to hand throughout the process.

Floating shelves can serve as a vertical garden too, a cool way of growing your own vegetables and becoming more eco-friendly. Besides, indoor vertical gardens are a cheap way of adding character and personality to a home.

Be strategic with furniture

Furniture is the main element of any room, so it goes without saying that it is the most important consideration when you are trying to make your property look more spacious. For example, heavy wooden dining sets can be swapped for glass-topped tables, which are round in shape to accommodate more chairs around a smaller area.

Folding chairs or stackable coffee are a great option if you like entertaining but do not want your main living space cluttered with objects daily. In the bedroom, having a bed with in-built storage, such as pull-out drawers, is a great way to maximize the use of that space.

Use the space under the stairs

Use the space under the stairs

Usually, the space under the stairs is undervalued and underused, but the above images prove that this space can serve as a modern cozy reading nook if you plan it properly. The above example is great for modern and rustic homes, and the wall will add extra space for installing shelves for displaying your favorite plants or wall art.

Make use of hooks

Make use of hooks for maximizing the space in small homes

An enduringly popular design trend for the past few years, hooks are an inventive and potentially creative way to store your possessions. Try fixing hooks to the back of your doors: these are great for bulky clothing such as coats and can also store other soft items used frequently, such as reusable bags.

Cloth bags are also a great alternative to traditional toy boxes for children’s bedrooms, and they can easily be hidden away using a hook on the inside of the wardrobe door. It is in the kitchen where hooks really come into their own. However, try hanging colorful mugs beneath your cupboards for a decorative touch or dangling your pots and pans from the ceiling for a hint of farmhouse chic.

Refurbish your kitchen

Refurbish your kitchen

Obviously, a more expensive option, but refurbishing your kitchen will go a long way to creating extra space in your property. Modern designs are a world apart from the kind of kitchen that was standard for much of the 20th century.

While the outside cupboards still appear the same, they now hide all sorts of clever devices, such as curved pull-out drawers, which allow you to make much better use of the same amount of space and make it easier to reach the items that you store towards the back.

For very small kitchens, consider a retractable countertop that can be pulled out when needed and completely concealed when not in use. In terms of appliances, think of combos such as washers/dryers and fridge-freezers, and try to find smaller, sleeker versions of the essentials such as ovens. You can also install your microwave directly into the wall to save countertop space.

Whether it is genuinely creating more storage space or generating the illusion of larger rooms with strategic décor and furnishings, these simple hacks will make all the difference in making your smaller property appear more spacious.  

Final words

Making the best of your space requires a lot of imagination, research, and a little money, but that’s not always the case. Interior design is about creativity and seeing the potential of even the tiniest space. I hope you enjoy these space-saving hacks for small homes, and if you did, please give us a share on social media. It will help us tremendously. Thank you!

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