Home improvements to make this winter. Are you looking for simple ways to improve your home this cold season and create the best comfort for your family? With these tips, you won’t need to redecorate, put down a wall or go extreme, you just need to make the best of what you currently have, and take smart decisions to achieve those results.

Home improvements to make this winter

Winter can be the perfect time to make home improvements. With colder weather and darker evening, you are more likely to spend more time indoors. Although not many people like the cold season, we have to embrace it every season.

Fall and winter definitely have their own charm and are a great opportunity to get cozy wearing your favorite knitted socks while sipping from a cup of hot chocolate next to the fireplace. At least, that’s the most thing I like about the cold season.

Now enough with day dreaming, and let’s get back to the subject of how to improve your home this winter. Get ready to explore some simple things that can improve your home this winter.

Home improvements to make this winter

Additional storage

create Additional storage under stairs for improving the winter months
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Do you often feel like stuff is unorganized in your home? This feeling often gets worse during the winter months, especially at Christmas when we pull out the festive decorations and the Christmas gifts that can occupy quite a bit of space in your home. So why not solve the problem ahead of time?

Installing fitted wardrobes, investing in under-bed storage, or building sliding drawers under stairs, are just a few effective ways to ensure all your possessions are both stored away carefully but also easy to access when needed.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much additional space, there are storage solutions available for shapes of all sizes no matter how awkward they may seem. Not only will built-in storage make your home feel less cluttered, but it will also add value to your home should you ever choose to sell.

Draught proofing

With the current cost of living crisis and the increase in energy prices, many of us are trying to have our heating on as little as possible this winter. As a result, it is important that your home is equipped to retain as much heat as possible to keep you warm.

Identify any areas of your home that may be letting in a draught, this is likely to be around windows or doors. Once you have determined where the draught is coming from you can go about excluding it. Do some research into the best possible solutions, whether these be professionally installed or homemade, and set about implementing them.

Color Refresh

As the evenings get darker, winter can be the perfect time to brighten up your home with a fresh lick of paint. Is there a room that is looking particularly dull? Or a high-traffic area that has lots of marks and scuffs from over time? Set aside a weekend for painting those walls to make a really impactful difference to your home this winter.


Whilst improving the interior of your home and making it cosy for the winter months, it is important to take good care of the exterior of your home also. Despite not spending anywhere near as much time outdoors, there are still things you can do to make improvements to your home.

Firstly, be sure to keep on top of gardening, even if that just includes sweeping up the fallen leaves every couple of weeks. Although this can be a laborious task, it will save you considerable time when the summer months roll around.

Another outdoor task that you definitely shouldn’t overlook is your gutters. Ahead of the cold weather, get your gutters checked and any necessary repairs carried out to ensure they don’t overfill or freeze and break during winter.

Water pooling next to the walls and house foundation is something you should definitely take care of. The water splashing and piling next to your home foundation will cause serious damage to the interior floor which is the main reason for indoor humidity and mold on the walls.

The first thing you can do to prevent this situation is to inspect the rainwater downpipe to see if there are any cracks and if the water is leaking next to the walls. If you notice this problem, you should replace the rainwater downpipe with a new one, long enough to direct the water away from the building.

To reassure that the house walls won’t absorb too much water/humidity, you can paint the exterior walls of your home with a waterproofing coating that matches the material used for the construction of the walls.

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Prepare a few sacks with sand and salt for snowy days

Sand and salt can be very handy if you live in a state where is snowing heavily in the winter. Keeping a few sand sacks easy to reach will be a live saver for your driveway when the snow and ice start piling up. Don’t wait till the last minute when everyone is panic buying, just buy some salt and sand and keep it in your garage for emergency.

Check on your heating

There is no time more suited to giving your heating some TLC than winter. First, start by getting a boiler service to ensure that everything is running okay and that it is working at optimal levels. If your boiler is over a certain age, the heating technician may suggest entirely upgrading to a newer model.

As well as the boiler, you should also pay attention to your radiators. If radiators get air trapped in them, it is harder for the heat to circulate and ultimately heat your home. Bleed your radiators to avoid this issue.

Check the electric gates and fix them if necessary

Did the electric gates play up recently? Perhaps it is a good time to inspect the problem and have it fixed as soon as possible. Working with metal is easier in the summer compared with winter, besides you don’t want to be late at work or for an appointment because the electric gates have locked. In this scenario, calling a technician for an emergency will cost you a small fortune. So don’t delay the problem and get it done as soon as possible.

Replace your carpets

Replace your carpets
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As the temperature drops, everyone loves to have comfort in their homes. After a long day at work, there is no better satisfaction than to come home and feel under your feet when you walk, thick warm carpets. Whether you replace your old carpets with farmhouse rugs or thick carpet that covers the whole floor surface, make sure to place underneath a layer of roll foam to amplify the warmth of the carpet/rug and to trap the heat from escaping through the floor.

Make sure to consider what color will best complement the existing room décor. If the carpet is going in a room in your house that is used frequently it could be best to opt for something easier to clean, be sure to enquire about longevity when looking at different samples.

Change the traditional lights with energy-efficient light bulbs

With the rising cost of electricity, many of us, are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. One way to reduce energy consumption is to replace traditional lighting with LED light bulbs. By taking this step, you will reduce electricity consumption by around 80% which is a lot. Besides, LED light bulbs last longer which makes them a great investment for your home.

There are now plenty more energy-efficient lighting products available on the market that will help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Depending on how big your home is or where you want to replace the lighting bulbs, is best to invest in quality products that will pay off over the years.

Organize your garage and keep the tools ready to reach

Organize your garage and keep the tools ready to reach

In what condition are your tools? Are they ready to reach in case of an emergency? If not, you better start organizing the tools per category and if necessary, buy storage racks with drawers and place labels on each one of them so you can easily find the necessary tools when you need them. This is available for shovels, ladders, hammers, torches, rain boots, and everything else that might be useful in the winter. Check this page for more tips to organize your garage.

Add in character

restoring an old fireplace to improve your home this winter

Not all home improvements need to feel like a job, there are plenty of ways you can improve your home whilst having fun. Adding character to a home is a great way to not only increase its value but also increase the sense of pride and enjoyment you get from your home.

Adding character could be anything from installing crown molding to restoring an old fireplace, or installing one. This will be totally dependent on your personal style and how you want your home to look. Another thing that can add value to your home is high-quality wallpaper, kitchen cabinet units, the quality of the floor, bathroom tiles and design. All these elements might seem simple, but they can impact the comfort of your home a lot.

Final words

There is no perfect time to start improving your home for winter. When you own a house, there is always something to do. Is daily maintenance, and that’s the price you pay for enjoying the freedom of owning a property. But that shouldn’t be an issue if you love your home.

Hopefully, the suggestions from this post will help improve your home this winter and enjoy graceful the cold season next to your family. Give us a share on social media if you find this article useful. Thank you!

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