How to easily paint a door without removing it. Do you feel like is time to give your front door a makeover? If so, this tutorial is for you. You can learn how to paint a door without remove it in a few steps and get the job done like a professional. Plus I’m sharing the secret of how to paint a door without brush marks.

How to easily paint a door without removing it

Doors have significant spiritual and symbolic significance apart from acting as de-facto security guard. Research shows that the size, style, and design of the door reflect the purpose of the building structure to which it leads.

How to easily paint a door without removing it

When you want to paint a door, you will most likely do it in your own home, and being a novice is best to leave professionals to deal with color changing of the door that serves a business or institution.

Before you proceed to paint the door yourself, you have to clarify a few things, such as what color you want the door to be, or what vibe will the door reflect after you finished the project.

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Understand the mood you want the door to reflect

How to paint a front door without brush marks

As aforesaid, every door has a purpose. The main doorway of the house is usually stronger than those inside the house. When you want to create comfort and a sense of security and tranquility in your home, you have to think carefully about what color is appropriate for the door you want to paint.

Perhaps you just want to paint barn doors that serve only as a room divider, therefore you should go with light colors such as white, or light brown.

Colors influence thoughts – Thoughts turn into reality

Do you know that you see with your brain? It is a fact that you get to see something when photons released from that object hit the retina of your eye. Your eye transmits to your brain upside down. The brain processes that image, turn its proper side up, and processes other stimulus and memories to help you perceive or understand the image.

Research has demonstrated that colors affect the mind as well as bodily functions. Colors influence emotions with the energy produced by light. A European doctor demonstrated this phenomenon when a patient who had refused food started to have an appetite after being exposed to the colors red and blue using colored glasses. More about how colors affect you psychologically.

An aggressive patient turned docile within an hour of being put in a room that was painted blue. Have you noticed that the colors back and yellow are characteristic colors of the most popular action hero icons?

The color black represents power and the color yellow is representative of sunshine, purity, and absolute lack of artificiality. The two colors represent pure courage. A combination of these two pigments produces the color green. Green represents nature, and pure courage and is used by the national armed forces of many countries. 

How to paint an exterior door without removing it

No need to be alarmed. This is just an example. You are not being advised to paint your door in pure action hero or armed forces colors. For a sweet home, a bright tone combined with white is ideal for the exterior door.

A few popular colors that you will often see for exterior doors are light brown, pink, light blue, etc. If you are not decided yet what color to pick for painting the exterior door without removing it, take some time to do a bit of research, or find some inspiration online first.

Perhaps is a good idea to ask your family if still cannot decide what color to paint the exterior door.

Tools that you need for painting the door

If the door you planning to paint has glass windows you need to cover it with tape first

The following guide will only work if your door is made out of wood. This guide is not intended for plastic or aluminum doors.


In order to paint the door without remove it, we need a quality 100-grit sanding block and a few pieces of sandpaper to remove the old paint from the hard-to-reach areas.


A one-liter bottle of quality turpentine oil to be used as paint thinner.


Paint brush with soft hair and foam roller. Is best to have two pieces of each of a quality 4-inch foam roller and a good quality paintbrush.

Why I recommend two pieces of foam roller? It is because you can clean and preserve them and use them for other future projects, should you need it. Secondly, you don’t want to take the risk of abandoning your painting project due to any problem with the brush or roller.


You will also need a good-quality paint stripper. They are available in liquid, gel, or paste form. These can remove the paint stains in case you spill anything on other wooden objects during the painting process.

The primary utility of the paint stripper is for removing paint from wood on curved surfaces, hard-to-reach areas due to their intricate detail, etc.

A paint stripper works more efficiently than sandpaper for detailed and hard-to-reach areas. This is necessary if the door that you are painting has intricate details and designs on it.


A quality painter’s tape will also be required to cover the areas which don’t have to be painted, such as glass if your door is designed with glass partitions.


Also, a quality drop cloth to cover any piece of furniture or floor on which you don’t want the paint to spill.


A screwdriver to remove locks handles etc. from the door. You can also use wood putty to fill out any hole created by wood being chipped off.


Your selected paint and primer are the most important part of the project.

To secure the area where you will need to paint the door, you can create a baricade first. This is important if you have young kids or pets who might accidently touch the painted door, or will interrupt your job while working on painting the door. You can use furniture pieces like chairs or tables to create a bit of protection around the area where you will paint the door.

The painting process

Firstly, you need to remove the handles and locks of the door. To do this, use a screwdriver and place the removed bits in a safe place, so you can remember easily when you need to put them back on the door.

Hold the sanding block with the 100-grit sandpaper securely and start scrubbing the door surface in order to remove the old paint from the wood. Use the paint stripper if necessary.

Once the scrubbing has been done and the paint has been removed, use the vacuum to remove the dust properly from the door. Insist on the corners and the carved areas if there are any, or where you see dust build-up.

After you vacuum the dust properly, use a wet towel, or cloth to clean the surface one more time and to see if any area of the wood will raise when wet. If that’s the case, you will have to use sandpaper and scrub the raised area until is even with the rest of the wood surface.  Next, use the wood putty to fill out any chipped areas and let it dry. 

Your unblemished wooden surface door is now ready to be painted

However, you will have to tape off any area like hinges, rubber casings at the bottom, etc. with painter’s tape to ensure that paint does not get into areas that you did not intend to paint. Check the instructions written on the container of the primer to understand how long the primer takes to dry.

Paint the door with one coat of primer. Let the primer dry out. Paint the door with one light coat of paint of your choice. Let the paint dry. Then apply a second coat of paint. Use the foam roller to paint the flat areas of the door and use the brush to paint the more detailed, hard-to-reach areas such as corners or the edge of the door.

Clean up your act

Scan the area thoroughly to see if you have inadvertently spilled paint on any unwanted areas. Use the paint stripper to clean up those areas. Execute this part with even more patience and caring as you do not want to take off more than just paint.  Wait for the paint to dry and reinstall the door handles, locks, etc.

Remove the barricade and enjoy the new look of the door

Now that the door has dried properly, you can upgrade the look by attaching a beautiful floral wreath. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a seasonal wreath or a classic all-year-round wreath; going with this option will save you a great amount of money, but the choice is yours to make.

How to paint a front door without brush marks

The secret to paint a front door without brush marks is to use a high-quality foam roller. Is best to do two or tree light coat of paint, rather than soaking the foam roller in paint and trying to get the job done as quick as possible.

When you soak too much the foam roller in the paint, this will create drips and marks on the surface of the door. Remember that you are painting the door without removing it, which can be prone to leaks/drips.

Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry and then use soft sandpaper to brush the surface before applying a new coat of paint.

Final words

I hope this tutorial will help you paint your door like a professional and if you find it useful please share this post on social media or pin any image you like. Thank you.

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