Is Lilysilk Legit? Complete Review and Must-Know Before Buying. Are you looking to buy high-quality silk garments and bedding sets, and Lilysilk is on your shopping list, but don’t know how trustworthy this brand is? To help you come to a conclusion, I put together a detailed review unveiling everything you need to know about Lilysilk so you can shop confidently, knowing that you are well-informed. So step in and read this Lilysilk review, as it might answer some popular and less-asked questions that will benefit your purchase and experience!

Is Lilysilk Legit? Complete Review and Must-Know Before Buying

If you’re considering purchasing from Lilysilk but have doubts about its legitimacy, this comprehensive review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. With so many online retailers out there, it’s important to do your due diligence before purchasing. So be patient and read this page entirely, as it will help you see this brand from multiple perspectives!

The old Hollywood aesthetic has been a recurring trend since the 1930s up till today. Women in delicate silks with gorgeous hair and bold lipsticks that light up and intrigue in us to look and feel like them. To evoke the aura of sophistication like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe of Old Hollywood, Blake Lively, and Anne Hathaway of the present. There is just something elegant about silk that sings to our feminine side.

This trendy love of silk constantly draws customer attention to brands like Lilysilk, which is committed to manufacturing products made of silk. Through our experience with the brand and research, we’ve put together this review to answer key questions to help you decide whether to indulge your silk cravings with their products!

What is Lilysilk?

Lilysilk is a fashion company that provides its customers with an array of silk products. This includes day clothes, nightwear, pillowcases, sheets, bedding sets, and comforters. The brand has been in the business for over 13 years, designing and manufacturing silk. Since its launch, the brand has had 200,000 return customers and counting.

Lilysilk came into the spotlight when it began to provide a wider range of products in different sizes, colors, and textures over the years. Lilysilk has also received commendations from Essence magazine, ElleNew You, and Hollywood Reporter. Is that old Hollywood image coming to mind again? Because putting silk and these magazines in a sentence is certainly taking us down memory lane! In summary, it is a company for silk lovers and aspiring silk wearers to find silk clothing.

Is Lilysilk Legit?

A brand that has received editorial praise from the Hollywood Reporter and Elle magazine is definitely a legitimate one. So you don’t have to worry about being scammed! Hundreds of thousands of customers have purchased clothing and bedding from the brand and come back for more.

The company also promises to protect its buyers’ transactional information to prevent online theft. Any detail you share with them when placing an order will remain secure. How do they guarantee this safety? Lilysilk makes use of Paypal, which is a secure payment method worldwide. Going a step further, the website has an SSL (secure socket layer) technology that keeps affiliated third parties from accessing any information logged into the Lilysilk website.

These showcase the brand’s dedication to preventing its customers from falling prey to common online scams. You can expect a smooth and secure purchase process with Lilysilk.

What is the shopping experience from Lilysilk like? Is it stressful?

The shopping experience is pretty straightforward. The website has attractive, easy-to-use pages, and every section is clearly labeled. They have their products arranged under different umbrellas, therefore, it was easy for us to shop for products that suited the summer and fall months. You can also shop by looks e.g. for vacation, work, loungewear, outdoor events, etc.

This careful arrangement means you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through the blouse or dress sections just to find wedding attire. You can go straight to the wedding section and assess their offerings. Their bestseller compilation list also helps visitors know what customers are purchasing and loving.

Once you decide on the outfits you want, you move on to the payment process next. This is also fast and easy. Once you fill in your payment details, you can sit back and relax as the company works on shipping it to you.

A lovely part of the shopping experience is how the articles arrive in separate packages. This makes them a wonderful gift option as you can wrap up the package for your loved ones without having to unbox and divide products from the original package. So you don’t have to worry about a stressful shopping experience with Lilysilk! It is as sleek as silk. (Pun included, of course.)

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What is the quality of Lilysilk clothes?

The greatest strength of Lilysilk is its quality. The brand’s fabric has passed the OEKO-TEX test–a test managed by an international association. As an OEKO-TEX-approved brand, it means that the silks used for their clothing and bedding are safe for the skin. The materials do not contain any chemicals that would be harmful to you or your family’s health. If you need extra confirmation of the brand’s OEKO-TEX status, you can check out their website to learn how to confirm their approval!

Apart from guaranteed health safety, Lilysilk is also dedicated to providing premium fabrics and tailoring. You can be 100% certain that any cloth bought from here will not be compromised with inferior fabrics or manufacturing. The silk is gentle and plush against the skin, indeed eliciting the glamorous and elegant feel women seek in silk. 

The only issue to be noted here is that the clothes can generate static when they rub against certain textures. But this is common for silk in general, and there are steps that you can take to get rid of static.

Lilysilk bedding sets quality

Lilysilk beddings, such as the sheets and pillowcases, are amazing items that will allow you a restful night of sleep. Unlike many other brands of silk bedding, Lilysilk products aren’t slippery or slimy but have the perfect feel.

Your pillowcase also won’t overwhelm your pillow in a manner that is both uncomfortable and visually unappealing. Instead, the pillowcases hug your pillow snugly. The OEKO-TEX certification also gives the reassurance that you won’t risk inhaling harmful chemicals in your sleep. And because elegance is the goal: the beddings also come in aesthetically pleasing colors that will add class to your home décor!

Are Lilysilk products difficult to maintain?

Silk material is generally delicate and requires extra attention than fabrics like cotton or denim. Hence, while Lilysilk products are not difficult to maintain per se, it does take extra effort to preserve than your regular cotton products. This means that while the fabrics are machine-washable, the safest and most effective way to clean your clothing and bedding is by hand-washing them. 

If you dread hand-washing items, you might find products from here to be high-maintenance. But if you don’t mind hand-washing your clothes, then this will be no discomfort, especially since the prize is high-quality silk. On their website is a simple step-by-step process on how to hand-wash silk at home.

Another aspect that requires careful maintenance is the storing of your silk. You need to have a good wardrobe space, both for your clothes and your bedding so that they won’t end up badly wrinkled. Hangers for your clothes and a nice fold for your bedding are necessary to be a happy customer of the brand. If you tend to squash up your clothes, then purchasing clothes from Lilysilk automatically means that you’ll need to do a lot of ironing.

Lastly, to purchase silk is to be willing to take extra steps to remove statics from your clothes. This includes misting your clothes so it’s not dry enough to spark up static electricity, moisturizing your body efficiently, and using metal hangers on your clothes. 

Some might find all these to be extra maintenance that they can’t handle, but note that this is common with preserving all silk clothing and not just Lilysilk products.

Does Lilysilk ship internationally?

Lilysilk is one of the few companies that promise international shipping and actually sends goods to places beyond the US and UK. The brand ships out goods to customers in accessible countries around the world.

As long as a delivery system is available in your region, they will provide you with tracking information to track the arrival. This way, you can have peace of mind as it travels to you and plan to receive it. Lilysilk accepts payment in US dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Singapore dollar, franc, Yen, Peso, and Danish and Swedish krona. On the top of the webpage, you will see an area where you can change the currency to fit your preferences.

Now, the caveat is that Lilysilk does not deliver to any location with military or P.O. box addresses. Also, due to the COVID-19 health issues in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, some regions here have imposed measures for quarantine. This also affects the delivery services in those countries. If your government has imposed any such bans, then delivery services won’t be able to get goods across to you. In summary, Lilysilk ships to accessible countries and areas that don’t have P.O. or AFO addresses!

Does Lilysilk have special discounts for referrals?

As customers, it’s a fun part of shopping to look out for discounts, promos, and points. Not to mention a great way to save money. Like many other fashion brands, Lilysilk does offer discounts to customers who make purchases through referrals from friends and family. Yay. If you purchase products through the Lilysilk referral discount link, you can shave a few dollars off the original price. 

Before planning to buy from a referral discount link, keep in mind that you cannot adjust this link to a country of your choice. That is, if the referral link you click on is for the UK website, you cannot change the settings to shop on the US website. The website has unique systems per country. Changing the settings to another country will make the link invalid.

Also, the only people who can access the referral discount are new customers to Lilysilk. If you have purchased previously or are a regular customer, sorry, but you might have to rely on getting points to get special discounts! The discount here is 12% off for every purchase of over $150 at least. Considering the cost of most of their bestsellers, this isn’t too high an amount to pass!

But don’t be disappointed yet as there is still a way to get some discount codes for buying at Lilysilk. All you have to do is to go to Instagram and search for hashtags such as #lilysilk and check all the posts that have included this hashtag. One such example is sarah.naja post, where she shared a discount code for Lilysilk if you use her referral code. To simplify this for you, here is Sarah’s offer:

Code: sarahnaja12 for 12% off everything
Cods: sarahnaja15off for 15% off purchases over £350

How does Lilysilk work for the referrers?

The referrals don’t get to have all the fun. Referrers also get a little gift for sharing the Lilysilk link with friends and family. And we especially appreciate that anyone, anywhere, can enjoy being a referrer for the brand. All you need to do is follow the simple process to create a Refermate account, and whichever part of the world you are in, you can enjoy this boon.

Referring to your friends is a quick and easy process. Sign up for the Refermate program and get your special URL link. Share it with your friends either through text or on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, or TikTok.

As a referrer for Lilysilk, money will be paid to your Refermate account when the referral buys a product. How much cash is it? Presently, that commission is at 6% for every purchase that you prompt. You will receive a notification for every sale made through your link within a day and be alerted on how much has been transferred into your Refermate account.

Does Lilysilk have return policies?

One thing we do not take lightly when shopping and reviewing brands is the return policies. This factor is highly prioritized because, with online shopping, there is always a possibility that colors, sizes, textures, or designs will not be what ou customers initially expected. Why should we have to waste money by keeping un-wearable items, especially from luxury stores like Lilysilk, which are on the costlier side? Online brands that care about their customers allow return policies and are the only ones we favor.

So yes, Lilysilk does have a return policy. This is one more reason why we recommend this company to silk seekers. Lilysilk allows refunds and exchanges. Therefore, if you return your purchase, you have options to try again or move on. The company understands that not every purchase meets expectations, therefore, they offer a return period of 30 days to customers.

Please keep this timeline in mind as if you fail to return an unsuitable package within 30 days of receipt, you’ll have to make do. The company can’t help out afterward. The timeline is to keep the customers as accountable as the company also keeps itself accountable with a return policy.

Are there items that cannot be returned to Lilysilk?

Yes. Some of the items you cannot return for exchange or refund are the following:

Silk underwear: You must agree that this is understandable! No one wants to wonder if they are buying underwear another person has used for a full day before returning!

Customized/Monogrammed products: Products that have been specially created for a specific buyer cannot be returned as there is no guarantee any other customers would want them. This means that you should be attentive and detailed when ordering customized products to avoid regrets.

Goods you buy on clearance

Damaged items: Lilysilk only accepts returns that are unwashed, unworn, and undamaged. These products should also have their original tags in place. If, within those thirty days, you have worn out a product, damaged or washed it, the company will not accept it.

Unmentioned returns: If you send back items without contacting customer service to notify them of the return, the product won’t be accepted. You must reach out so that they can ensure all is in place for a smooth return.

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How expensive are Lilysilk products?

Alright, let’s get to the real talk. Will buying products from Lilysilk rip holes in your pocket? Well, considering this is the grand ol’ silk we are talking about–the Queen Elizabeth of fabrics–the cost is expected to be higher than other fabrics.

Their products, from outerwear to loungewear, go beyond the $100 mark to hundreds of dollars. Some people might be willing to spend over $100 on their work clothes but not on their pajamas. In this scenario, the price would be an issue for you. But the quality of the silk is wonderful, and the material is durable if well cared for, so our verdict here is that the cost is worth it!

Does Lilysilk offer bulk orders?

Yes! Lilysilk is dedicated to sustainability, and one of the ways they promote this is by providing bulk orders. So, if you love their fabric’s quality so much that you want to stock up for the next decade, you can buy it all at once. 

For your purchase to be considered a bulk order, you must make a minimum of 20 orders in a batch. According to the website, though, orders fewer than 20 can be negotiated as a bulk order. And if you love Lilysilk products and wish to partner with the brand? Great news: they offer wholesale partnerships!

To place a bulk order, select the items you choose to get a quote. Once you get this quote and decide how you would like to pay, the operator will send you an invoice, and you can fill in your payment information. Before you’re discounted for the goods, you can review the invoice and proceed with your order. Once your payment information is received, Lilysilk will put in your order and ensure you can track the package as it is shipped.

If you are planning to make a bulk order, some important things to note are:

– Lilysilk does not support returns on bulk orders. You can’t return even one, a couple, or all of the items ordered. So it is pertinent to ensure that every item you choose is the right style, fit, and color before proceeding with the transaction!

– If you prefer seeing samples before making a bulk order, you would have to purchase an individual item and test it before buying it in bulk. This is because Lilysilk does not send out samples as an incentive for a bulk order. 

– Do you wish to have customized embroidery on your items or to have the sizes customized? Lucky you. You can also get these services from Lilysilk! However, these come at an extra fee not discounted by a bulk order. For any custom service required, you’re required to pay fees.

– If you want to place a bulk order on clothing or bedding and find that they are out of stock, all hope is not lost! You can compile a list of your wants and send this product list to them. As long as it is a bulk order, they will consider providing these products for you.

Lilysilk best selling items

After reading all these details about Lilysilk you will want to know what are their best-selling products. To save you precious time, I gathered below just a few of the best-selling from Lilysilk. Happy shopping!

The Amalfi Stripe Silk Shirt

This shirt is 100% mulberry silk that is skin-friendly and breathable. As expected of great silk, it is also as light as a feather and as soft as a cloud. The bestselling shirt comes with classic vertical stripes in a versatile combination of white and navy blue. The fit is free and classy to match with skirts, pants, or any bottoms of your choice. It also fits either formal or casual events. The silk shirt requires careful maintenance to ensure durability so make sure you visit the ‘care’ section for steps to preserve it!

Full-Length Silk Pajamas Set

The two-piece silk pajama might come at a whopping $200, but it is a complete, full-length ensemble that you are sure to sleep like a baby in. Other than wearing it to sleep, you can also turn the set into loungewear to don around your house on the weekends. The button-up shirt is loose and comfy, and the pants are designed for easy wearing. The material is free of chemicals so you can wear it all day, feeling pampered and secure.

Seamless Silk Duvet Cover

Made of 19 momme Charmeuse silk, this duvet cover is classy with its glossy sheen and gentle feel. It also has a 400 thread count that makes it the perfect covering for beds. The duvet has been cut from a large silken fabric, keeping it free of seams or awkward tailoring down the center of the cover. This allows you to sleep without discomfort and also prevents splitting. The fabric is perfectly cool for warm nights and the right sensation on cold nights. It comes with a zip closure and corner ties.

Lilysilk review and must know before buying

Final words

Lilysilk is a wonderful brand that is eco-friendly, sophisticated, and committed. If you are seeking a reliable company to meet your silk needs, we 100% recommend buying from this brand!

So, did you enjoy reading this Lilysilk review? Do you have a clearer view of this brand? If so, please share this page on social media. I’m sure it will be helpful to many of your family and friends. Thanks!

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