DIY Swedish Christmas star with templates. Swedish paper star tutorial. Paper star pattern for making a Nordic Christmas star. Scandinavian Christmas star tutorial.

DIY Swedish Christmas star with templates

Making your own Christmas decorations will challenge your creative skills and allow you to create some unique Christmas ornaments. Besides, paper ornaments are inexpensive to make and environmentally friendly.

DIY Swedish Christmas star with templates

After receiving many requests for the Swedish paper star templates, I finally made time to upload them here. Once you have them, the process to make a Scandinavian star for window is extremely easy.

Swedish stars in windows

To get the best results out of this project I recommend using A4 size, 160/170gsm paper, and here you can buy it.

This paper is well suited to make the paper palm leaves too. Here is the tutorial. I normally buy more paper at once to have it for other projects, because shipping time can take forever sometimes.

As I mentioned earlier, the templates to make this gorgeous Swedish star has been offered for free for a limited time and now I have to charge a small fee of $9.50 for my time.

For those of you who download them already, I hope you enjoyed making this lovely paper art and I’d love to know your opinions in the comments below.

Help yourself with the video tutorial too and have fun.

Click HERE to buy the templates and start making your own Swedish paper star for Christmas, parties, or other events.

This is how the Swedish templates will look like when you cut the shape from the paper

This is how the Swedish templates will look like when you cut the shape from the paper
Swedish paper flower templates

And below is how the final project should look like. Of course, you can use any color paper you like. I choose white and brown but I am very tempted to try other colors too.

Classic hanging Swedish advent star for your window
Scandinavian Christmas stars
How do you make a paper Christmas star

Click here to buy the copper mugs if you want to recreate this image

DIY Paper snow flower

I’m happy to answer all the questions regarding this project, so feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Meanwhile, you can check some other paper crafts that you will enjoy, such as paper snow flower the one from the image below.

How to make a paper snow flower tutorial

This paper snow flower is slightly similar to the Swedish Christmas star, except that the design is a bit different. Both of them are very beautiful and will look fabulous placed in the window, or anywhere else without spending money on expensive decorations.

If you want to add a led light to the Swedish paper star, follow the steps from the Paper snow star, the same technique applies to both of them.

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