DIY Paper bicycle step by step with pictures. I’m pretty sure that you will fall in love with this origami bike made with recycled paper. Learn how to make a paper bike step by step with pictures and video tutorial.

DIY Paper bicycle step by step with pictures

In the following article, we will show how to make decorative paper bicycle step by step, nonetheless, you can help yourself with the video tutorial if you find it more useful.

Before you proceed take notes or pin any image to remember how to make this beautiful DIY paper bicycle. Alternatively, you can pause the video tutorial after you complete each step.

You can decorate this paper bicycle on a rack, showcase, or wherever you want. For kids, this cute paper bicycle can be used as a pen holder or an artificial or dried flowers vase.

DIY Paper bicycle step-by-step with pictures

The best thing about making a quilting bicycle is that is fun and it costs almost nothing to make it, besides the glue and the coloring paint. Kids will find this paper craft extremely enjoyable, but that’s what we can say about adults too.

If you like to challenge yourself by creating an authentic gift, this cute paper tricycle will melt the heart of anyone who will receive it. Place it anywhere in the house as a decor accessory and will instantly add a vibrant and colorful touch to any room.

So let’s start the tutorial.

Supplies needed:

  1. Any kind of paper That roll easily. I will recommend that you can make this from any newspaper or waste pages. 2. Scissor 3. Glue or Hot Glue Gun 4. Color 5.Stone or Beads


Easy step by step paper tricycle tutorial
How to make quilting bicycle with basket flowers
Easy tutorial to make paper bike

Cut the paper into stripes

Start rolling this Stripe from a corner with this type of pipe.

apply glue on a corner to add another pipe

Add some paper pipes and flat them.


Start rounding it like this with the help of a thick pipe.

Pieces of the same size.

With any round shape, make a wheel from those paper pipes.

easy paper bicycle tutorial

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Step Three

Connect 2 wheels with that 10 cm pipe

Step Four

another 30 cm pipe

Bend the 30cm pipe from the middle and Insert  wheel in it.

Origami bicycle step by step

Connect it with the help of glue

Step Five

round it & connect the two edges with each other  with the help of glue

Put a round surface under this stand like this and  fix it with the help of glue

Step Six

how to make a model bicycle for school project

Step Seven

DIY bicycle craft made with newspaper

Step Eight

easy bicycle craft
paper bicycle step by step

origami paper bike step by step

Now use any color to color the tricycle parts

simple paper bike tutorial
origami bicycle step by step

If you want to make the bicycle even more attractive and to cover the edge of the basket( is not very pleasing to the eye without some kind of cover) you can glue some gemstone in any colour you like, or small buttons. The same process goes for bicycle handlebars.

bicycle craft ideas for preschoolers
how to make bicycle with waste material

And the paper bike is done.

At your choice, you can decorate it with artificial or dried flowers. Ideal is to place pens, or why not makeup brushes. Either way, this adorable craft looks fabulous as a piece of home decor.

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Paper bicycle quilting with basket and flowers
how to make a paper bike step by step with pictures and video tutorial.
how to make a paper bike step by step with images

Step by step with pictures how to make origami tricycle
Origami bicycle step by step

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