44 Gorgeous White Christmas wreaths for the front door. Are you looking for luxury modern white Christmas wreath ideas? Look no further as we round up a large variety of elegant and pre-lit Christmas wreaths for decorating the front door, or to attach indoors and create a focal point for a room.

Decorating with Christmas wreaths is one of the easiest and most popular choices for the festive holidays, after the Christmas trees. Whether you place it on the entrance door, wall, or kitchen cabinet doors, a luxury Christmas wreath will make your home look and feel more beautiful and Christmassy.

Before we move to explore the suggestions for white Christmas wreaths, you might want to know the origins of this beautiful accessory.

What does a wreath symbolize at Christmas?

The tradition of decorating with wreaths has its origins since antic Rome and Greece times. Decorative wreaths were used in homes during the pagan new year for bringing good health and not only that. Wreaths were made from dried branches and plants and worn as a crown that represented status and skills back then.

44 Gorgeous White Christmas wreaths for the front door

In Christianity, advent and Christmas wreaths are constructed of evergreens to represent everlasting life brought through Jesus and the circular shape of the wreath represents God, with no beginning and no end.

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When should you hang Christmas wreaths?

Although many follow the rule of the 1st of December as a guide for decorating their homes with Christmas ornaments, you can start right after Thanksgiving. There is no fixed rule, so feel free to get ready for the Christmas season anytime you want.

How to choose a Christmas wreath for decorating the front door

Choosing a Christmas wreath can be a bit difficult, especially when you have so many options. To narrow your choices is best to decide on the size of the wreath if is going to be made from natural materials, or artificial. You might like to consider if you prefer a pre-lit or not wreath. Next, the color of the wreath and ultimately, what is your budget for buying a gorgeous Christmas wreath.

To help you decide on buying a white Christmas wreath, we round up some of the best finds that look luxurious and are budget-friendly. Now get ready to explore these elegant Christmas wreaths and if you decide to buy, the links can be found under each image. Happy shopping!

1.Snowy Christmas wreath for your front door

For those particularly interested in mixing a bit of rustic and modern style, this door wreath is the best match. Not too funky, not too simple, just a great combination of white flowers and greenery. Place it on the door, on a wall, or just lay it flat on the table and insert a pillar candle, and will surely spark the Christmas decor without much effort.

2.White and blue Christmas wreath

3.Luxury white rose Christmas front door wreath

4.Country Christmas Boot Wreath

5.White and silver Christmas wreath for front door

6.Large Luxury Winter White Christmas Wreath

7.Luxury white Christmas Wreath for front door

8.White and silver Christmas bauble wreath

9.White Pampas Grass and Eucalyptus Christmas Door Wreath

10.Simple white Christmas Wreath

11.White Christmas wreath with led lights

White Christmas wreath with led lights
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12.White flocked farmhouse Christmas wreath

13.White winter Christmas wreath with black cat decorations and baubles

14.Silver and white Christmas Wreath

15.White Flocked Pine and peony Winter wreath

16.Silver white and pink pastel Christmas door wreath

17.Winter Frosted Pine Cone Wreath

18.Large Frosted white berries and poinsettias Christmas wreath

19.Extra large White Christmas Wreath for Front Door

20.White Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath

21.White mesh Snowflake Christmas wreath

22.White farmhouse Christmas wreath

23.White Christmas Felt Wreath

24.Large Snowy Christmas Wreath for Front Door

25.White decorated Christmas Wreath

26.White modern Christmas wreath decorated with artificial flowers

27.Snow flocked pre lit wreath

28.White Velvet Rhinestone Poinsettia Christmas wreath

29.Eucalyptus and Lambs Ear Wreath

30.Silver and White Wooden Christmas Wreath

31.Winter Wonderland Pre-Lit white Christmas Wreath

32.Pine Cone and Red Berry Christmas wreath

33.White silver frozen christmas wreath

34.White and brown pom pom Christmas wreath

35.Large white Gypsophilia wreath

36.Modern white Christmas wreath for front door

37.Simple white and silver Christmas wreath for front door

38.Gorgeous white Christmas wreath with bow decoration

39.White felt ball festive Christmas wreath

40.Handmade white and gold Christmas wreath for front door

41.Battery operated pre lit Christmas wreath

42.Elegant black and white Christmas wreath

43.Christmas Luxury white fur Wreath

44.Luxury Christmas wreath

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