Truly Beauty Review and Their Best-Selling Products. Are you planning to upgrade your beauty and skincare routine and need new products? Has TrulyBeauty captured your attention with their adverts, and you wondered how good their products are? To help you conclude, I will review Truly Beauty and their best-selling products so you can have a better understanding of this brand. Take a few minutes to read this page, as you are about to learn much more, plus how ethical TrulyBeauty is.

Truly Beauty Review and Their Best-Selling Products

Self-care, especially skincare, is probably the hottest trend today. Everybody seems to be obsessed with “That Girl” and “Clean Girl” aesthetics, the comparison between “Asian” and “European” skincare routines, and new products and skincare brands that seem to appear every day like mushrooms after a good rain.

Truly Beauty, an American skincare brand that was founded in Miami, FL, in May 2013, definitely understood the assignment. It is probably the brightest example of how a cosmetic brand can easily ride the trends that seemed to belong exclusively to the fashion industry before and take over our social media feeds at once, becoming the new big thing on the market and our wishlists.

If you have never stumbled over the Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter or the Glazed Doughnut Facial Serum scrolling through your social media feed, it probably means that you checked your Instagram or Facebook at least 10 years ago.

Truly Beauty truly achieved the results of being one of the most praised brands out there. Some praise this cosmetic brand for its environmental commitment, inclusiveness, and outstanding designs that turn boring everyday skincare routines into fun and exciting adventures; others seem to be pretty skeptical about all those “cruelty-free” claims and suspect that $25 for a 38-ml can of body butter is a bit too much, to say the least.

So, what is the deal with Truly Beauty after all? Is it really that amazing, one-of-a-kind vegan cosmetic brand we have all been waiting for? Or is it just cheap synthetic junk in a beautiful package that makes you pay top dollar for mediocre creams and serums?

We have carefully combed through the claims and ingredient lists of Truly Beuty, studied hundreds of reviews, and sat through hours of YouTube videos, TikToks, and reels, and we believe we have the answer for you. And, as usual, it is probably not exactly what you think, so please make sure to read this article till the end before you decide to buy anything from Truly Beauty.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a commission if you choose to purchase from my referral link at no extra cost to you.

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What is Truly Beauty?

Not so long ago, skincare routine was actually routine. Nothing was exciting about it. It was either a harsh necessity in an attempt to do something with the notorious adolescent acne or a pursuit of youth. In other words, right after the teenage pimples faded away and before the first wrinkles appeared, most of us didn`t really think about skincare as something essential.

Everything changed about 15 years ago when cosmetic brands figured out that by focusing on anti-acne and anti-age products, they were missing out on a huge segment of solvent customers who would be happy to part with their money in exchange for a promise to look exactly like the digitally altered models on the pages of magazines and later, on social media accounts.

Now, don`t get me wrong; I don`t say that skincare is unnecessary. The habit of taking care of ourselves is probably the best thing that could ever come out of the desire of cosmetic brands to lay their hands on our pockets.

It is not the skincare itself but the aggressive marketing strategies that flourished in the industry that are most concerning. Back in the day, products with mercury and belladonna were the hottest beauty trends, and people said that today`s “highly effective formulations” are much different. And if you continue reading, you will understand that they are really not.

However, Truly Beauty seems to be a unicorn among an army of cosmetic moguls. The company is everything you can wish for as a conscious consumer who cares about which brand to support with their wallet.

Truly Beauty is a vegan, cruelty-free brand, which means that its products are not derived from animals or tested on animals at any stage of development or manufacture. The company stands for equity and inclusivity, featuring models of all genders and ethnicities and targeting their product to a broad audience. And, of course, Truly Beauty Cosmetics is just so much fun!

Those adorable packages and bottles look so cute on the bathroom shelves! And how much better you feel using bright-yellow star-shaped blemish patches instead of the boring, nude round ones!

Finally, in the past several years, Truly Beauty has built a whole community around the brand, employing some of the trendiest beauty influencers and launching collaborations destined for success. SpongeBob and the latest Barbie skincare collections left no one indifferent.

But does Truly Beauty really live up to its claims? Is the desire to be the leading vegan and cruelty-free brand a sincere commitment or another marketing trick? Are their products really that efficient, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, safe? And what about their colorful campaigns and social media presence? Is all the effort meant to make our skincare routines more sun-friendly, or are they designed to attract young people and encourage them to overspend money they don`t have on colorful products they don`t need?

As I mentioned above regarding the social media beauty standards, I would like you to take a look at this article, too, to understand the importance of removing toxic beauty standards from social media feeds.

Let`s review the most vocal statements Truly Beauty has recently made and some of the most common concerns about the brand, its policies, and its products so you can answer all these and many other questions yourself.

Truly Beauty is a Vegan and Cruelty-Free Brand, but…

One of Truly Beauty’s main statements and its main sales pitch is that all the products you buy from the brand are cruelty-free and vegan. Indeed, we all feel much better knowing that no animals were tortured, killed, or harmed in any way just for the sake of our clean and hydrated skin.

But what do those terms really mean? “Cruelty-free” is a statement that means that the brand itself did not undergo any animal testing during the process of development and manufacturing of the product.

However, it does not mean that your Truly Beauty body butter or face serum contains ingredients that were tested on animals. The thing is that the cosmetic industry has existed for so long that hardly any new ingredients appear on the market today. Each new cream and tonic is basically another combination of ingredients that existed and were thoroughly tested (on animals as well) long before the brand was launched.

In other words, while Truly Beauty does not sponsor or order any animal testing itself, it still uses ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Another thing is being vegan. Vegan is considered “Cruelty-Free 2.0”, a new level of enlightenment in the cosmetic industry. When Truly Beauty says that its products are vegan, it means that none of the ingredients used in its creams and serums are derived from animals in any way. And while you imagine lavender fields and rich oils pouring from exotic plants, let us remind you that synthetic ingredients are also 100% vegan. And unfortunately, this is exactly what most cosmetic brands mean when they call themselves vegan.

When it comes to Truly Beauty, the use of synthetic ingredients is particularly concerning because of the brand`s image. Those bright colors and sparkles you see all over their creams, butter, and face masks don`t exist in nature. They result from artificial colorings such as CI 15985 (bright yellow), Cl 17200 (red), etc. Unfortunately, those colorings are not just synthetic and non-biodegradable but are widely known to cause allergic reactions and even be toxic.

Glitter and sparkles are the brightest examples of microplastic pollution, which we will not discuss here as it is not the purpose of this article. Still, you are definitely familiar with the term.

Carbomer is another common ingredient used by most vegan brands, including Truly Beauty. The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) classifies it as a derivative of acrylic acid (CH2=CHCO2H). This ingredient helps to make products creamy and thick, creating this rich texture we all love so much. However, this ingredient is known for causing severe allergic reactions and skin irritations.

If you go over Truly Beauty reviews, you will often notice that people may be concerned with the “burning sensation”, irritations, and other symptoms of allergic reactions that many products cause. Most of those products contain carbomer.

So, does it mean that Truly Beauty Cosmetics is all synthetic? Of course not. In fact, it mainly consists of natural organic components, exactly as the brand claims. One of those components is Phenoxyethanol.

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Truly Beauty and Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol is a popular organic compound used as a preservative in various cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals. It is a colorless, oily liquid with a slightly sweet odor. Phenoxyethanol is often added to skincare, hair care products, perfumes, and toiletries to help extend their shelf life and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Until recently, phenoxyethanol carried ICEA and Ecocert certifications and was approved for use worldwide. However, in 2020, this ingredient started to raise concerns due to its possible toxicity and various allergic reactions it may cause.

When the European COSMOS Agency helped with extended research, the reactions and side effects caused by products containing phenol ethanol led to this ingredient being banned in the European Union. (the research page). In fact, it was proclaimed to be “toxic to human cells.” In other words, your Truly Beauty Bubble Butt Body Scrub is simply illegal in Europe.

The US standards are different; therefore, ingredients like phenol, carbomer, and others are still widely used in cosmetics made on American soil, but we believe you are entitled to know what you are choosing to apply to your skin.

Talking about the natural origin of Truly Beauty’s ingredients once again, while phenol is known to come from grapefruit and green tea, a synthetic version of this ingredient has recently been developed. It has rapidly taken over the market and is now mainly used in the cosmetic industry because it is much cheaper and easier to get.

However, this variant of phenoxyethanol is considered even more toxic and is not biodegradable. Unfortunately, Truly Beauty does not specify the exact variant of phenol ethanol the brand uses in its products.

All this information is not meant to talk you out of buying and using Truly Beuty products. Still, we strongly believe that it is essential to disclose these facts to help you make a truly informed decision when you buy Truly Beauty or any other cosmetics that claim to be “vegan”, “cruelty-free” or “organic”. Unfortunately, not everybody understands what really stands behind these attractive terms.

Truly Beauty: 3 Best Products Review

Truly Buty offers lots of amazing, colorful products—no wonder they are probably the most Instagram-worthy cosmetic brand on today`s market. We chose 3 Truly Beuty best-sellers and decided to comb through their ingredient lists, reviews, and research studies to help you understand whether they will really improve the quality of your skin and reduce the signs of aging or if those are just overhyped and overpriced dummies.

1. Vegan Collagen Booster Facial Serum

This rich facial serum contains Retinol and Vitamin C. It promises to recharge your skin and protect it from aggressive environments, keeping it smooth, youthful, and perfectly hydrated all day long.

The serum contains aloe and jojoba oil, known for their moisturizing properties. Here, you will also find the Chenopodium quinoa seed extract, which has outstanding rejuvenating qualities proven by scientific research.

Panax ginseng extract is another anti-aging ingredient widely known for its outstanding qualities.

However, the Truly Beauty Vegan Collagen Booster Facial Serum contains the notorious phenol ethanol in the middle of the ingredient list, meaning its concentration is relatively high. In addition, synthetic dyes can be found here, which, according to some reports, can be absorbed into the skin and be toxic in high concentrations.

The serum is likely to reduce signs of aging and make your skin look and feel perfectly hydrated all day. However, due to the high concentration of synthetic ingredients, especially phenoxyethanol, most cosmetologists will not recommend using it for a long time or applying it if you already have irritations, scratches, or any other kind of damage to the skin surface.

2. Truly Beauty Barbie™ Butter

Do you want to dive into the Barie Movie and feel like the fabulous pop-culture icon all day? This body butter is the magic potion that will keep your skin fresh and sleek and make you smell and feel so great that you will feel like you are dancing through your own Malibu Dream House, wherever you are!

The body butter contains coconut oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and skin-protective effects, backed by endless studies.

The eggplant extract will protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV lighting, while spirulina and soybean oil will boost collagen production, keeping your skin smooth and youthful all day long. However, here we also see the phenoxyethanol right after the soybean oil and way above green tea, rosemary extracts, and even water, which means that the concentration of this ingredient is even higher.

In addition, the fantastic smell of this iconic body butter results from synthetic fragrances, which are known to cause severe allergic reactions, especially among people who suffer from respiratory conditions.

The bottom line is that it is a rich body butter that will protect your skin from UV light and reduce irritation, especially if you choose to shave. Still, phenoxyethanol and synthetic fragrances can cause the opposite effect if you are predisposed to allergies and skin irritations.

3. Buns of Glow and Tighten Butt Serum

This ultra-hydrating serum with citrus-based methoxylated flavones is a must-have after-shower product that will help you feel fresh all day long! But wait, there is more. Finally, there is a serum that can really plump and tighten your “peach.”

In other words, this serum is marketed not just as a hydrating after-shower product that helps retain moisture and keep your skin hydrated but also promises some visible cosmetic effects, reduction of signs of cellulite, a toned and smooth look, and a smooth complexion.

Let`s not waste too much time explaining that this effect can only be achieved through a complex approach, including dieting, physical exercise, massaging, and sometimes even surgery. These magical serums and creams have been discussed endlessly, and all have been proven ineffective by numerous scientific research studies.

Let`s focus on the ingredients and the actual effect of this serum.

It contains bitter orange, known for its cleansing capabilities and deep moisturizing effects.

Watermelon extract, also one of the dominant ingredients, is loaded with Vitamin E, the vital component for skin rejuvenation.

Apricot and aloe vera extracts keep your skin hydrated, and both have outstanding antioxidant properties.

However, there are several flies in this bucket of pink serum. The first one is our old acquaintance, phenoxyethanol. Here, you will also find a pretty high concentration of carbomer, which we have also discussed before. In addition to many artificial colorings, you will also find a synthetic polysorbate, which is highly not recommended to use if you have irritation or scratches on your skin.

In conclusion, this popular serum is a tremendous after-shower product that looks and smells so nice. Sometimes, this charge of positive emotions is all we need to feel great all day. However, we strongly recommend against using this serum after shaving or if you shave in the shower. And, of course, don`t waste your money if you buy it for the anti-cellulite effect.

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Final words

Truly Beauty is a truly outstanding brand. This cosmetic company managed to reinvent the skincare routine for us and introduce the element of fun and excitement into something that used to be a tedious necessity. Their products are fun to use; they will look great on your shelf and will definitely make you feel great.

This brand is a vegan and cruelty-free company that seems to live up to its claims, but before chasing the hype, don`t forget to read the list of ingredients thoroughly and ensure that you are paying for quality and not a flashy label and heavily rotated marketing campaign.

So, did I answer all your questions in this review, or did I miss something? If so, send me a message using the contact form from the bottom of website and share your opinion, and I will do my best to update this page promptly. Thanks for reading, and please share this page on social media to educate others about the dangers that skin care products contain.

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