Henry Rose Perfume Review: Best and Worst Rated Fragrances. Are you looking to add a bit of luxury to your personal style and wonder how good is Henry Rose perfume and whether it is worth your money? Look no further as I brought you expert insight and reviews to reveal the best and the worst-rated Henry Rose fragrances. This review will save you time and money, and by the end of this page, you will have a clear understanding of this brand and its offerings!

Henry Rose Perfume Review: Best and Worst Rated Fragrances

The Michelle Pfeiffer fragrance line, Henry Rose, has drawn major attention since its release. Either because people absolutely love the fragrances they’ve tried or because they hated some of the fragrances they ordered. But as the saying goes, there is no bad publicity as long as it brings attention to the brand.

From us, the user’s side, however, we need to comb through recounts. Note the beloved products to increase the chances of getting our money’s worth of purchases. And to avoid the least-rated fragrances so we don’t step out wanting to peel our skin off.

To this end, I will review Henry Rose Perfumes, rating our best and worst fragrances to inspire your choices.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a commission if you choose to purchase from my referral link at no extra cost to you.

What is Henry Rose?

Henry Rose is a perfume line founded by Michelle Pfeiffer and designed with scents meant to embody light and fun summer days. Growing up in Orange County, California, Pfeiffer shared in interviews that she had lovely memories from her youthful days when she decided to bottle up for the enjoyment of men and women.

The fragrances are made in a light format that isn’t strongly concentrated and, hence, isn’t choking. This is an outstanding feature for those who are allergic to strong perfumes or the smell of chemicals in fragrances!

The perfumes are carefully curated to be unisex so either men or women can wear them. Our private joke here is that with this kind of genderless perfume, a woman can buy a fragrance as her husband’s birthday gift and not bother refilling her own perfume bottles because the perfume is now theirs. Who doesn’t like this kind of boon? Believe us when we say it can be hard to trust when perfume brands claim to be unisex, but Henry Rose perfumes have this mastered to the T. 

Henry Rose’s perfumes are also clean. They are water-based and made without alcohol, putting the safety of the wearer and the environment first. And this is one perfume brand whose cleanliness claim we can stand behind. Why? Apart from being verified by EWG (Environmental Working Group), they are also fully transparent.

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The Henry Rose website has an area dedicated to their list of ingredients. If there is any ingredient you are allergic to or have heard negative feedback about, you can search for it on the site to ensure the cleanliness of the perfumes. It is highly admirable that the brand goes out of its way and holds itself to such lofty standards, especially after decades of ignoring these ethical issues. 

The perfumes are also remarkable for warm summer days. On those humid days when you crave fresh air, the last thing you’d want is heavy perfume cloying on your skin. This light format of perfume is breezy and non-invasive. The scent also wears quickly, so you can throw it in your bag and spray it multiple times all day long.

The names of the perfumes–as you’ll soon see below–reflect the lightness and playfulness of the brand’s vision. Now that you have an overview of the fragrance brand, let’s delve into and rate our best and worst Henry Rose perfumes.

The Best Henry Rose Perfumes

1. Flora Carnivora

The Flora Carnivora has a light and flowery scent that was love at first sniff. It is indeed very summery as it makes you think of rolling fields with jasmines and oranges. Since we love to look at the makeup of fragrances to catch every element of their combinations, we’ll share them with you too. The top notes are orange-flower water absolute Tunisia and Neroli Blanc.

The middle notes are jasmine absolute sambac and tuberose accord, and the bottom notes are cedarwood Texas, vetiver oil Haiti, opulent musks, and amber. These are combined to create the best fragrance in the Henry Rose Perfume collections.

Another reason it is the best is its lightness. One of the missions of this brand is to create perfume that is hypoallergenic–perfumes that don’t trigger allergies! In my opinion, this is the fragrance that most provides this feature, as a few HR perfumes lean a bit on the heavier side. I could spray on this perfume and feel fresh without getting a sore throat or feeling choked by the scent. Therefore, out of 10, we are rating the Flora Carnivora a 10!

2. Jake’s House

If you have checked a number of reviews for Henry Rose perfumes, you’ll see that Jake’s House tops many of the ‘best’ lists. This is with good reason. Initially, we weren’t as excited about it as we were with other scents. But daily, I found myself talking about it and going back to spraying it on casually. For work. For a trip to the mall. To feel fresh after a shower. Eventually, it dawned. I was head over heels in love with the fragrance.

Jake’s House is a natural, fresh, and pure scent that suits both men and women. It has a watery tone to it that makes you think of the poolside or a lake breeze in the summer. It is also the perfect staple perfume that has an everyday quality to it.

Its top note is fresh marine, and its middle note has peony jasmine and neroli. The bottom note is ambroxan and musk, which gives a nice depth to the scent. It’s the type of scent people will walk over to compliment. Not just because it smells good but also because it won’t threaten to suffocate them in an elevator. On a scale of 1 – 10, we rate Jake’s House a full 10!

3. Henry Rose Windows Down perfume

The third best Henry Rose Perfume is Windows Down. We cannot recommend this fragrance highly enough! Not everyone likes floral scents. Also, some men aren’t intrigued by floral scents despite being unisex. In this case, fruit-based scents are the next alternative, and the Henry Rose brand went all out with Windows Down. Windows Down has a bergamot and grapefruit combination that you won’t want to stop smelling.

The top notes are grapefruit, neroli, bergamot, and Earl gray tea. The middle note is jasmine and orange flowers, and the bottom note includes guaiac wood and musk. The result is warm and vibrant. Indeed, if you are not a fan of Jake’s House and its cool tone, Windows Down is the perfect alternative. It brings to mind thoughts of a warm cup of tea on a crisp morning.

Like the other perfumes on our list of best Henry Rose fragrances, you can wear it anywhere and carry it in your bag to refresh. However, we’ve found that this fragrance is best appreciated on cold days. It is the perfect complement and will have people asking you where they can get your perfume from. On a scale of 1 – 10, Windows Down gets a 9!

4. Henry Rose Torn Eau de Parfum

Torn gets an 8 out of 10 for its spicy vanilla scent. Now, the reason Torn stood out was because we are big vanilla lovers. Sure, it’s safe, but then again, it is safe. Whether with ice cream, cake, or perfume, you are highly unlikely to go wrong with vanilla. But Henry Rose’s Torn fragrance adds spicy to this vanilla scent. It is truly a combination of opposites to create the best result of zesty and sweetness.

The top notes are muguet and freesia, the middle notes are violet jasmine and rose, and the bottom notes are musk, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla bean, and praline. These scents create an amazing unisex blend with a sweet layer that will appeal to the feminine side and an earthy tone that brings in the masculine scent

It also comes with a pretty and recyclable bottle that you can tuck into your bag and carry around. Wear this fragrance to travel and feel warm and cozy throughout the journey.

5. Henry Rose Fog Eau de Parfum

Fog was on the ‘good’ list until the cold, wintry months began to slip in. Suddenly, the light vetiver wood scent felt nice and fresh, and the balance of soft musk brought the aroma together perfectly. This made Fog a perfume that I’ve been returning to almost daily, and I see myself favoring it during the winter season. Stepping out on a cool day, the perfume’s fragrance melds sweetly with the familiar smells of winter and makes my mornings feel animated.

The smell comes with top notes of muguet and fresh citrus. The middle notes are white wood and magnolia; the bottom notes have sandalwood, vetiver, amber wood, and musk. While some perfume users have complained that the scent doesn’t last longer, it nods to one of the goals of Henry Rose, which is light and airy without being frustratingly intense.

I like the perfume’s lightness, and it’s also why users can carry it on the go. If the afternoon rolls around and you want to smell new and fancy again, you can take the perfume to the restroom and spray another round. On our rating scale, Fog ranks a solid 8/10!

6. Henry Rose Last Night

Last Light has a woody effect that nicely straddles the line between masculine and feminine. It has a mature aura and almost feels like being swaddled in a warm blanket. Some people, for different reasons, don’t like floral scents.

Last Light stands as a great option to lean toward. It has a sweet undertone that doesn’t overwhelm the fragrance. It’s also mild because you can wear it in close-spaced rooms without worrying about offending the people you share space with. We’ll say it’s a really good choice for offices.

Last Light has top notes of peach and bergamot. Its middle notes are jasmine and white wood, and the bottom are patchouli, musk, and amber wood. The combination is something laidback and especially appealing for anyone who likes peaches. I like peaches! So this is a 7.5 on a scale of 1 – 10.

You can actually combine one or more of the fragrances, and we’ve found that Last Light pairs very well with Jake’s House. It is like a play between warm and cool with a result we love.

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The Worst Henry Rose Perfumes

Let us quickly clarify: what is the worst fragrance for some perfume lovers will be the best for others! The scent is highly objective. However, certain elements, such as specific fruits or flowers, don’t appeal to people–whichever way they are packaged. Therefore, recognizing such elements in this list may hint that you won’t love these perfumes more than we did. Now, let’s delve in!

1. Henry Rose Sheep’s Clothing Eau de Parfum

Sheep’s Clothing is a rosy enchantment; this might be amazing for some, but roses don’t always enchant a few of us. Not the flowers and not the scents. So when I sniffed Sheep’s clothing and got that scent of pink peppercorn, my first instinct was to wrinkle my nose.

It’s hard to say why anyone would want to smell like peppercorn or make an entire scent from it, but different strokes for different folks. With the top notes being peppercorn and rose, the middle and bottom notes try to save the day with Egyptian orange flower, Turkish rose absolute, orris, amber woods, ambrette absolute, and musk. But alas, these still didn’t come together well enough to create something I wanted to wear daily or even occasionally. 

Now, if you like roses or a scent that angles to the sweet side, chances are you will like Sheep’s Clothing. You can try it out and see for yourself how you feel about it.

2. Dark Is Night Eau de Parfum

Dark Is Night is a woody, spicy combination that mixes vanilla scents with patchouli. Yes, in some paragraphs above, we mentioned vanilla being a safe base. However, the use of vanilla here didn’t stand out enough to increase the appeal of Dark Is Night. The top is green grass, the middle is freesia and vetiver, and the bottom is patchouli and vanilla beans. 

This scent didn’t feel like an outstanding addition to the collection. Because vanilla is commonly used, it requires extra effort to stand out from what other brands do with it in the market. It’s unfortunate to say that Dark Is Night didn’t manage to bring in an effort that makes it unique. This means that while the scent isn’t offensive or disturbing, it just doesn’t feel special enough, especially for the costs of the perfumes.

On a positive note, the perfume is as dark as the name implies, and if you like dark scents, you might like this one!

3. Henry Rose Smyth Eau de Parfum

Smyth came out scenting a little too plain and pale for someone who typically gravitates toward the crisp and fresh. It is a green apple and white wood mix with a watery note. But Smyth smells like the makers overdid the clean scent because, at the end of the day, we spray perfumes to add fragrance to our natural scents.

Even when we specifically don’t want something overpowering or invasive, we want the right balance of scented and fresh. This means we want a little extra tint, and Smyth didn’t provide enough. It felt really watered down, and the scent faded very quickly.

The top notes are granny smith apple, melon-pineapple sorbet, and watery notes. The middle notes are white tea, star jasmine, and apricot nectar. And the bottom notes are sheer white woods, amber, sandalwood, and layered musk. Wearing this scent could quickly make you feel like you left your house wearing nothing.

Still, we recommend it for people with a low tolerance for perfume scents but want to have something on. And if you purchase Smyth, we recommend combining it with other fragrances to make it last longer and have a bit of an edge.

4. Queens & Monsters Eau de Parfum

Queen and Monsters was a fragrance we wanted to like because it had a vanilla note. I applied it around the house or for quick errands just to get used to it and basically train my mind to love it. But soon, I realized I couldn’t make myself love a scent I wouldn’t say I liked to start with. And life is too short to wear perfumes that don’t make you feel like your best self!

So there you have it! The Best Henry Rose Perfumes that are highly recommended are:

  • Flora Carnivora
  • Jake’s House
  • Windows Down
  • Torn
  • Fog
  • Last Light

Our least liked of the Henry Rose Perfumes are:

  • Sheep’s Clothing
  • Dark is Night
  • Smyth
  • Queens and Monsters

Bottom Line

Henry Rose Perfumes are some of the safest and most ethically made products in the market. Whichever of the aromas you feel you will adore, make a purchase and enjoy good quality fragrances!

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