The Lifestyle Formula To Banish Brittle Nails Forever. If you want to have pretty nails all the time, you must understand a few key factors causing your nails to exfoliate and become brittle. In this post, I share expert tips to banish brittle nails for good. So take notes, as this is top-notch info vital for your beauty!

The Lifestyle Formula To Banish Brittle Nails Forever

Brittle nails can be a real nuisance. Not only can they ruin your manicure, but they can also be painful and even cause damage to your fingers. That’s why it is a great idea to adopt a lifestyle that prevents brittleness from occurring. While you might not be able to grow perfectly supple nails, just making a few tweaks to how you live can have a profound effect.  But what should you be doing? Let’s take a look. 

Avoid The Use Of Harsh Chemicals 

First, you’ll want to avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Some substances can cause nails to become more brittle with repeated exposure.  Particularly, ensure you minimize contact with solvents and detergents.

These chemicals tend to remove moisture from the nails, causing them to dry out over time, often without you noticing. Therefore, if you ever do any cleaning or washing up, wear rubber gloves. These will protect your nails from these drying chemicals, making them more supple over time. 

Get Enough Vitamins And Minerals

You also want to ensure you are getting sufficient nourishment through vitamins and minerals. If you aren’t, your body will start making sacrifices, and your nails are often the first victim. Insufficient biotin, iron, and vitamin C can disrupt the processes that form fingernails, preventing them from developing as well as you might help. 

The best foods are beans, leafy greens, and intact whole grains. You can also supplement your diet with nuts and fruit, as these can give your nails additional building materials and reduce inflammation in the nail bed that could interrupt proper development. 

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Stay Hydrated

At the same time, you’ll want to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water helps multiple processes in the body, including nail formation. You want at least eight glasses per day, in addition to the water in the food you consume. 

Try adding more water or green tea to your diet and see if your nail quality improves over six months. You should notice the new nail coming through feels softer and more pliable. 

If you struggle to get enough water, keep a bottle of something refreshing on your desk at work. Take sips regularly and get into the habit. 

Take Supplements

According to EatProtein Collagen, many people also take supplements to protect their nails (and hair). Eating collagen-rich foods can be an excellent way to provide the body with the building blocks it needs for all-round health. 

“People use vast quantities of collagen in their nails, hair, and skin,” the company says. “But only a minority are eating diets naturally high in collagen peptides. Getting these compounds in the form of bone broth is becoming more popular, but even these health-conscious people are struggling to beat brittle nails.”

That’s why many people are now taking supplements. These provide the body with the building blocks it needs to beat brittleness if it can’t make sufficient collagen by itself. 

“The science of collagen supplementation is still in its early stages. However, many people have told us about the benefits they experienced after using them,” EatProtein Collagen says. “It may even help people exercising intensely by providing more material for joints and ligaments.”

Moisturize Regularly

You can also improve nail health by moisturizing regularly. Keeping the nail and surroundings hydrated prevents the tissue from drying out. Formulations are usually made of ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. What’s nice about these ingredients is that they are completely natural and remain on your fingernails all day. 

You can also get special formulations designed to penetrate the nails down to the nail bed. These products won’t fix the underlying cause of the brittleness, but they can be a quick fix if your nails are making you feel frustrated right now. 

Protect Yourself From The Elements

Another way to banish brittle nails forever is to protect yourself from the elements, particularly UV light. Not only does it damage your skin, but the sun can also harm your nails. 

Think about what happens when you leave plastic out in the sun all summer. By the end of it, it looks dry and cracked, weakening it significantly. The same can happen to your nails if you don’t protect them. While we might put sunscreen on our skin, we rarely put it on our nails, leaving them completely exposed. Therefore, if you spend time in a place with a lot of sunshine this year, cover your hands. Wear gloves if you have to! Alternatively, wait until the evening before going out. 

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File Your Nails Gently

You can also try filing your nails gently. Avoid tearing into them with harsh metal files.  Nail professionals usually use emery or glass boards. These remove less material with each stroke but won’t rip and tear the existing nail (or cause big chunks to fall off). When filing, only stroke in one direction. Going back the other way can cause too much stress to the nail material, weakening and damaging it irrevocably. 

Manage Your Stress

Looking after yourself is another way to banish brittle nails. You could be living a perfectly healthy life, but if you feel stressed out because of your job or relationships, it can have a knock-on effect on the collagen-containing structures in your body. 

Stress causes the production of cortisol to shoot up, which interferes with the regular activities of the body. When you feel stressed, you invest more energy into things like preparedness instead of maintenance. Therefore, you might notice your nails look more ridgy or yellowy after a stressful period in your life. 

Fortunately, there are all sorts of stress management tools you can use to reduce the toll modern life takes on your body. Things like getting enough sleep and practicing meditation techniques can have a profound effect over time. 

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Trim Your Nails Regularly

Finally, you can reduce the risk of brittle nails by trimming them regularly. Removing the tips will expose stronger, more supple fresh growth, reducing the risk of snagging and breaking. Just ensure your nail clippers are sharp enough to produce clean clippings.

Top tips To Banish Brittle Nails Forever

Final thoughts

Banishing brittle nails forever requires a holistic approach that combines hydration, proper nutrition, gentle care, protection, stress management, and regular massages. By adopting this lifestyle formula, you’ll not only enhance the appearance of your nails but also promote overall well-being. Say goodbye to brittle nails and hello to a new era of strong, healthy, and beautiful nails!

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