Top 5 reasons to send a personalized thank you card this year. When was the last time you received a handwritten personalized thank you card? I get it. You still trying to recall that moment, don’t you? That’s because a personalized thank you note is becoming a lost art and everyone is following the trend of relying entirely on electronic communication more than ever.

Top 5 reasons to send a personalized thank you card this year

Fewer people are taking the time to pick up pen and paper to express their gratitude, to draw something manually, or to write a simple thank you note on a card. There is no doubt that technology is killing the personal touch. While it is fast and efficient to send an email, a text message, or make a phone call, technology lacks any personal connection.

Top 5 reasons to send a personalized thank you card this year

Although Gen Z might find personalized handwritten cards outdated, there are still people who appreciate this art.

Over the years, we saw multiple times, history repeating, traditions, fashion, and even art from great artists like Picasso made a powerful comeback. From abstract paintings, patterns, prints, and all kinds of interesting sculptures, you saw at least one time the female body shape print and candles.

What I am trying to say is that sooner or later, the art of sending thank-you notes will come back, and that will happen sooner than you might expect. To convince you even more to send a handwritten card this year, I’ve put together five reasons this lost art is so distinctive.

Benefits of sending handwritten thank you notes

top 5 reasons to send a thank you note to someone you love this year

1. Practice your handwritten skills

Does the thought of putting your thoughts on paper make you nervous? Is that because of your ugly handwriting? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. Being born leftie and forced to write with the right hand in school triggered multiple damages to my personality.

Naturally born left-handed people forced to write with the right hand will inevitably become dyslexic, which explains why I always had ugly handwriting that I had to deal with over the years.

I could never have a single handwritten style. I was changing it every week, if not every day, and that got me in trouble multiple times in school. Even my handwritten signature is not always the same.

Now… sending personalized handwritten letters will force you to practice this skill. In fact, you should have a notebook and write a message every day until you feel comfortable enough to write that thank you note to your loved ones.

2. A unique way of showing your appreciation

send handwritten thank you notes

Sending personalized thank you cards is a great way to show your appreciation for someone’s help or support. It’s a small gesture that can make a significant impact on the recipient’s life.

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Personalized thank you cards are an effective way to express your gratitude, as they are tailored specifically for the individual receiving them. Not only do they make the recipient feel special, but they also create a lasting impression of your thoughtfulness and kindness.

3. Helps strengthen relationships

Personalized thank-you notes and letters can strengthen relationships and build loyalty with family, friends, customers, and clients. They can also be used as marketing tools to increase customer engagement and encourage repeat business. By sending handwritten thank you cards, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to providing excellent customer service.

If your goal is to stand out from your competition, be noticed, and be remembered, the simple act of writing a note to your potential or current client or a business colleague will help you to accomplish just that.

4. Be an example for your kids

Handwritten cards add a personal touch to your communication. By sending handwritten cards, you can be an example for your kids and show them the importance of expressing care and gratitude in simple yet meaningful ways. Handwritten cards remind us that even in this digital age, some things are still best done in a traditional way.

Not only can handwritten thank you cards be used to thank someone for their help, but they can also be used to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. Writing heartfelt messages on the card and sending it to your loved ones is one of the kindest gestures you can do and is sure to make them feel special.

By taking this initiative and setting an example for your kids, you are teaching them the value of expressing their emotions through writing which will surely stay with them for life.

5. Helps to grow and improve the image of a small business

Sending a handwritten card to clients or customers is an effective way to show that your small business values them. It helps build relationships and trust, as well as improve the company’s image. Not only does it make customers feel appreciated, it also serves as an effective marketing tool for the business.

A handwritten card is more personal than a generic e-mail or automated message and can be used to express gratitude for their support, inform them about special offers, or just say hello. It also shows that you take the time to think about each customer individually, thus creating a unique connection between them and your small business.

Handwritten personalized cards are more frequent among small businesses. For example, when you buy something on Etsy or other handmade marketplace, chances are that you will receive a handwritten thank you note along with a small gift.

On the other hand, if you are a small business and want to stand out from the competition, you should allow your customers to write personalized messages if they buy the product for a loved one. This simple feature will make your customer happy, and most likely, it will result in repeat business, or the buyer will recommend your services.

Tips for Writing the Perfect Message in a Custom Thank You Card

Writing the perfect message in a custom thank you card can be daunting. Whether it’s for a special occasion or to show your appreciation, getting the right words out can be difficult. To help you craft the perfect message for your recipient, here are some tips that may come in handy.

First, make sure to express your gratitude directly and clearly. This will help ensure that your recipient knows how much you appreciate them and their efforts. Additionally, try to personalize the message as much as possible by including details about why you’re grateful or what made them stand out.

Finally, end with a sincere closing that expresses your best wishes or hopes for the future. With these tips in mind, writing the perfect message in a custom thank you card will be easier than ever!

When to Send a personalized thank you card or note?

The truth is, you don’t need a reason to write a thank you note. You can send almost anyone a personalized thank you card at any time of the year. To name a few ideas from my head, you can end the thank you card to your family, friends, teacher, doctor, neighbors, work colleagues, school colleagues, charity organization, and lastly, partner, wife/husband.

There are endless reasons for writing and sending a thank you card. For example, sending handwritten cards and small gift is quite common in business. Also, it is very polite to take the time to write a thoughtful thank you note to someone who gifted you something. It is a way of returning the favor for their time and showing genuine appreciation.

 Final words

Have you recently received a handwritten letter or card? Did you feel profoundly appreciated? If so, drop a comment below and let me know your ideas and opinions about writing and personalized cards.

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