Glam iPhone wallpapers free to download

Glam iPhone wallpapers free to download. Designer iPhone wallpapers free to download and upgrade the look of your mobile. Luxury lifestyle wallpaper aesthetics.

Ever since Apple introduced an update that allowed complete wallpaper freedom to iOS4 users, we’ve been blessed with the power of choice!

Trendy pastels, eye-catching neons, and even muted toned vibes suddenly became the order of the day for many excited iPhone users worldwide.

Whether you capture it yourself, download it, or even design it, the choice is entirely yours – how wonderful! Sticking to festive or seasonal trends is now even a possibility.

However, endless choice can certainly overwhelm even the best among us. When our wallpaper range is infinite, where do you even start? To help, I’ve compiled a list of only the most modern and stylish iPhone background art for you to pick from.

Glam iPhone wallpapers free to download

But wait, “how do I use them?” I hear you asking. It’s simple, really. If you’re on your phone, all you need to do hold your finger on the wallpaper of your choice and select the save option. Then, find it in your camera roll and select “share” before pressing “set to wallpaper,” and voila! You’ve given your iPhone display a makeover!

If you’re sitting comfortably with your laptop or at your desk PC, all you have to do is download the images and email or text them to your phone. From there, you already know the drill!

Please be mindful that I do not own the copyrights of these images, therefore you cannot use them for commercial purposes, is strictly for personal use.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some glamorous iPhone wallpapers!

Get the designer look for your fashionista phone!

Black and gold channel iPhone wallpaper aesthetic. Glam iPhone wallpapers free to download

We all love a little designer every now and then. So, why should we limit our luxury indulgences to clothes and handbags?

Our phones deserve the high-flying treatment every now and then as well. Plus, why not remind yourself of the finer things in life every time you check your phone. Which, let’s admit it, we all do hundreds of times a day!

So, give yourself a hundred little mood boosts throughout the day and make this exquisite wallpaper your own today!

“Chanel” your inner Parisian with this continental look

Chanel Eifel tower wallpaper aesthetics. Chanel parisian wallpaper.
image source: pinterest

Chanel, Paris, the Eiffel tower, can it get any more chic than this wallpaper? Not to mention that its elegant black and white design elements are easy on the eye. I think we can safely call this one the “Audrey Hepburn in Paris” aesthetic.

Sweet memories of Summer iPhone wallpaper

Clear sea water wallpaper for iPhone

There’s something about crisp, clear soft blue water that brings the best parts of Summer to mind. Simple and fresh at once, this wallpaper feels like going on holiday.

Bring your dream sun-holiday to your phone this year! It’s sure to give you a pick-me-up every time you check your phone and serve as a reminder that there are good times to come!

One for the Fall aesthetic lovers

Colourful feathers aesthetic image free to download

The classic pastels of this easy-on-the-eye wallpaper never go out of style. In fact, they’re currently topping many “must-have wallpaper” lists. More attractive yet is that there’s a certain seasonal edge to this soft print.

Though only feathers are used as design elements, they seem to minim the appearance of falling leaves in the Fall. These clever design tactics fuse to create a versatile design that’s more than pleasant to look at!

Go quirky with this funny-chic cat wallpaper

Cool cat with glasses wallpaper

Can we get an “awh” for this adorably fashionable kitty? Seriously, who wouldn’t crack a smile upon seeing this quirky cat as an iPhone background? It’s definitely one of those wallpapers that makes you unlock your phone just to show it off!

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Add a hint of fashion to your phone with Chanel galore wallpaper

Designer wallpaper background for Iphone

A high-fashion pooch for a high-fashion phone

Designer wallpaper aesthetic

Decorative flowers for an elegant yet nostalgic aesthetic

Decorative flowers for an elegant yet nostalgic aesthetic

Let me introduce one of the most elegant wallpapers we’ve ever set our eyes on. It’s got it all, and bucket’s full of artistry to top! Showcasing a redbrick background absolutely smothered in beautifully coloured flowers, this is one for you art-lovers out there.

The flowers are tastefully draped around a somewhat serene window to make an angelic effect that simply soothes the soul.

If you live a fast-paced lifestyle and want a wallpaper that’ll take you to your happy place, if even for a moment – here’s your wallpaper!

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Carefree candyfloss fun!

Glam cotton candy wallpaper background

There’s a certain aspect of giddy, childish fun to this iPhone wallpaper. It’s clear that the overriding aesthetic is “glitter and more glitter.” Still, the adorable simplistic stars bring it all back down to earth – avoiding the risk of gaudiness.

The cartoonish wispy candyfloss that make up the design bring sweetness and, well, happiness to mind.

Sophisticated flowery beauty

Sophisticated flowery beauty

You don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate the beauty of these delightfully pink-white hued flowers. They’re creative, quirky, yet somehow still very stylish – magic! Plus, they maintain an elegant, clear, and minimalistic feel while looking completely glamourous – they’re quite simply perfect.

Minimalistic yet stylish

Minimalistic yet stylish

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A whirlpool of beauty – Glam marble wallpaper for iPhone background

A whirlpool of beauty - Glam marble wallpaper for iPhone background

Getting lost in the dreamy and enchanting swirls of this masterpiece wallpaper is inevitable. The creamy white waves mix seamlessly with striking black streaks to create a blueish marble effect.

Therefore, suffice to say this is the wallpaper of nobility. However, the smatterings of glamorous glitter add a touch of “coolness” to the wallpaper that’s truly like no other we’ve seen before.

Glamour and elegance incarnate – Glam pearls wallpaper

Glamour and elegance incarnate - Glam pearls wallpaper

Pearls just catch the eye, don’t they? There’s something about their round symmetry and slightly varying sizes that make this wallpaper a wonder to look at. Even then, the decorative shells are just the icing on this elegant wallpaper cake.

Bring it all together to add a girly and glamorous edge is the oh-so-slight pink undertones that are easy on the eye.

Glam pink sweets aesthetic image

Glam pink sweets aesthetic image

Perfect for the “sweet-tooths” among us.

Glam sparkle aesthetic image – Nothing but fun!

Glam sparkle aesthetic image

It’s time to celebrate with this fun confetti iPhone wallpaper! Simplistic yet statement, this background display won’t overwhelm, but it will definitely impress.

Plus, you can’t go wrong with a soft purple; it’s one of those colours that you just can’t get tired of. And really, when is this look not in style? Pick this wallpaper, and you’re guaranteed to be on-trend no matter what the season, occasion, or current fashion!

Gold butterflies iPhone wallpaper background

Gold butterflies iPhone wallpaper background

As free as a butterfly wallpaper.

Gold marble wallpaper aesthetics – Dreamy colours

Gold marble wallpaper aesthetics

It’s not every day that you see bold watercolour strokes on a phone’s background but get ready to see a whole lot more of it. “Why?” you ask. Just look at the dreamlike colourful swathes above!

The design perfectly recreates the sift dispersion of colour when various paints are poured into the water together – how beautiful! The golden lining along individual streaks of colour adds a glam feel to an otherwise art-museum worthy wallpaper.

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Gorgeous fluffy feathers iPhone wallpaper

Gorgeous fluffy feathers iPhone wallpaper

Easy, breezy, and oh-so summery – here’s your delightfully light and insanely adorable iPhone wallpaper. Who could resist the fluffiness of the feather paired with a baby blue background?

It’s just filled with an air of lightness and freshness that we all need our eyes to feast upon every now and then! Plus, doesn’t it make you want to let out a big satisfying sigh and just relax on the spot?

If you nodded in agreement, then it’s time to give yourself a rest with this soothing background.

Pink clouds wallpaper

Pink clouds wallpaper

Take your phone to new heights with this gorgeous above-the-clouds wallpaper. Fully adhering to the easy-going vibes aesthetic, these candyfloss clouds are a treat for the eyes! Not to mention that they’re fully on-trend by being easy-going, carefree, and slightly pastel – just what you want.

Pink feather iPhone wallpaper background

Pink feather iPhone wallpaper background

A lovely and pleasant iPhone wallpaper that makes you feel ultimately calm and sophisticated at the same time. The minimalistic yet statement wallpaper.

Pink Louis Vuitton iPhone wallpaper -A wallpaper fit for a glam queen!

Pink Louis Vuitton  iPhone wallpaper

This wallpaper just screams lights, camera, ACTION! This modelesque iPhone wallpaper will give your phone a couture look with all the glam you could ever possibly want.

Feel like you’re walking a catwalk day to day or that you’re worth a million bucks? This wallpaper is for you! Let everyone know who’s boss and what you’re all about with this fabulous background.

Pink pearls glam wallpaper

Pink pearls glam  wallpaper

Sophisticated, exquisite, girly, and elegant – just some of the things this pearl background is! Add a touch of class to your phone and fill it up with pearly delights!

The light pink hue also makes sure that things don’t get too serious by keeping it in the goldilocks zone of adorableness. Plus, it can’t be denied that it’s glamourous. Really, it seems that this simplistic wallpaper has it all.

Pink rose iPhone wallpaper free to download

Pink rose iPhone wallpaper free to download

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking this wallpaper was a painting. It’s incredibly detailed textures and intricate colouring makes for a carefully sculpted work of art.

The impressively true-to-life recreation of roses is simply irresistible. It is certainly a must-have wallpaper if even to have in your wallpaper collection!

Silver sparkle wallpaper

Silver sparkle wallpaper

Let your true shine glow! Sometimes you just want to shine and those days when you’re feeling yourself call for added sparkle! This wallpaper can effortlessly fulfil your glitz & glam needs with its all-eyes-on-me attitude!

Super glam puppy wallpaper

Super glam puppy  wallpaper

Show some attitude with this incredibly adorable designer puppy!

Turquoise flowers aesthetic image

Turquoise flowers aesthetic image

Keep it cool with this icy-blue rose.

Glam summer vibe iPhone wallpaper background

Glam summer vibe iPhone wallpaper background

Summer fun wallpaper. If you’re the type of person who’s always daydreaming about their next sun holiday, you should probably get a phone background to support these habits!

Every time you lay your eyes upon this under-the-sea wallpaper design, you’ll be whisked off to your far, far away “happy place.” And just maybe, after seeing it every day, that happy place won’t seem so far away!

Why not kit your phone out with this stylish baby-blue design wallpaper and get in that Summer mood.

Exquisite rose aesthetic image for iPhone background

Exquisite rose aesthetic image for iPhone background

Ah, classic roses – you can’t go wrong with a bunch of them. They always show up to any occasion and look dapper to boot. Plus, they create that warm and welcoming effect that we all want to feel when opening our phones!

Diamond iPhone background

Diamond glass mirror

Glam iPhone wallpaper

Glam iPhone wallpaper

Silver sparkles wallpaper

Silver sparkles wallpaper

Luxurious aesthetic image for iPhone background

Luxurious aesthetic image for iPhone background

Glam sparkling wallpaper background

Glam sparkling wallpaper background

Premium iPhone background free to download

Premium iPhone background free to download

Pretty aesthetic image for iPhone background

Pretty aesthetic image for iPhone background

Aim among the stars aesthetic image for iPhone background

Aim among the stars aesthetic image for iPhone background

Choose sparkles

Choose sparkles

It’s about time we all took advantage of the iPhone’s new customizable features and made our phone truly our own! Fortunately, our iPhones are our own personal creative canvases that give us the freedom to express ourselves.

Indulge in this freedom fully and pick one of the wallpapers above. Or pick them all! You could even create a folder dedicated to wallpapers and change them as you see fit!

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