The ultimate guide for casual women fashion

The ultimate guide for casual women fashion. Use these tips to look and feel cool while wearing casual outfits no matter your age.

The ultimate guide for casual women fashion

Casual outfits have become a norm over the last few months. As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic took over our lives, a vast majority of individuals mellowed down into a slower and more peaceful routine.

Along with this, the fashion enthusiasts were seen bidding adios to their rigorous planning for outfits and over-excursion for their photography.

As the United Kingdom and other parts of the world gradually go back in lockdown, let’s take a moment to appreciate casual fashion trends that can be used during the fall and winter months for this dreary year.

We are sure that with nowhere to go and nothing to dress for, quite a lot of our readers might even go on chill mode where a tumbler of wine in the afternoon and a pint of ice-cream in the evening will come back to the routine.

With quarantine and lockdowns coming back, we believe that our sartorial choices too need to adopt a middle ground between the extremes.

So let’s start pulling outfits together from your own wardrobe to help you master the art of styling casual clothing without feeling lost at the aspect of age. Let’s embrace the power of minimalism to rock some fabulous, casual outfits.

Befriend athleisure for things other than leisure 

Raise your hands if you are prepared to keep the camera off in your next Zoom meeting while you lounge casually in your pyjamas. If you did raise your hand, then you are not alone. And it precisely what the dilemma is about comfort. Once you get used to it, there is no going back!

But as the response to the pandemic gets smarter and the distance to lockdowns decreases, there is no need for you to stick to the age-old culottes and blazers, pencil skirts and silk blouses.

You can casually indulge in a pair of athleisure trousers and a plain button-down shirt to enjoy the goodness that athleisure wear offers.

Let your graphic tees give their own statements

Graphic tees are the highlight of casual wear collections around the world. They are versatile, chic and perfect to be worn in any situation.

From pairing a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. tee with denim shorts for coffee with a friend to styling a tamed print with trousers and blazer for a casual meeting with your design team! You can easily dress a graphic tee up or down by changing lip colours, accessories and shoes!

Slip-on a satin slip

Do you plan on feeling like Cleopatra for a casual evening out with your significant other? Any slip dress in silk and satin can be adorned in the fall with a denim jacket or maxi coat.

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The love-hate relationship of slip dresses and fast fashion makes it a unique choice to amp up your fashion quotient for a movie night, date, or even a night out with friends. Just bring out a luxuriant slip dress with the tallest stilettos in your closet, and you are all good to go!

Allow your denim to work its charm

Denim is the symphony for casual fashion. From skin fit jeans to cropped denim jacket, oversized denim dresses, and denim and denim combinations, each outfit has its own charm that makes it comfortable and convenient. After all, it is one of the most flexible branches of fast fashion!

Choose an evergreen leather jacket

The evergreen charm of a leather jacket cannot be undermined at any cost. It is the perfect top layer for every fall outfit as it showers you with warmth and vibes of an exuberant fashionista.

From plain white tee shirt and jeans for Sunday brunch to a little black dress for a date, you can adorn the best-selling jacket in the U.S.A. and bask in the joy of casual dress up before the lockdowns are reinforced on us.

A genuine leather jacket is the best investment you can make for your wardrobe. It is a classic item that never goes out of style!

Have fun with the knits

Cable knits have been in fall fashion for a few years now. They have appeared on runways and model-off-the-runway looks that have made this choice rather fashionable. A knit top will add a little something extra to your look to boost your morale on the days you feel low.

So if you have knit dresses and knit tops lying in the closet, then this fall is the right time to embrace subtlety and elegance.

Touch something floral for fun

While we are still discussing flirty and fresh clothes for the season, the mention of floral prints is a must! Flowers in any size, shade and hue add romance and glory that works well for disguising the contours of your body.

A free-size, floral sundress can help you cover up a few bulges around the waist and derriere. Floral tops in olive tones have been favoured by retailers for this reason alone!

Let the pretty bralette sneak a peak

Have you realized that cute bralettes add the charm to any outfit like the Hadid sisters win hearts in the VS ramps? You can style a bralette with ease by simply pairing it up with cable knit jumpers and mesh tops to look fancy and chic during the fall.

Get a few eccentric prints the sun

Eccentric prints on a sundress are the perfect addition to your casual wardrobe for fall. They are flowy, fluttery, and cute enough to be worn on dinners and dates.

We believe that a sundress is a blessing from the gods of sartorial decisions because it can be worn in any context with non-formal dress code. From luncheons to playdates, parties to city tours, this is an outfit you cannot miss out on!

Final thoughts

We firmly believe that casual dressing is one of the most convenient, comfortable, charming forays of fashion. You don’t require the experience of Miranda Priestly or heightened sensibilities of Carrie Bradshaw to design an outfit that works well for you!

We hope that this guide helps you define your casual wardrobe according to the tenets of your sartorial knowledge, the contours of your body, and your personal choices!

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