Top 20 Best Canadian Shoe Brands that you will love. Are you looking for the best Canadian shoe brands that are not stylish but comfortable and are carefully crafted? Look no further as I gathered 20+ Canadian shoe brands perfect for every style. From rugged outdoor boots to stylish urban sneakers, Canadian shoe brands have made their mark on the global fashion scene. So get ready to explore these shoe brands; I’m sure you will love them as much as we do!

Top 20 Best Canadian Shoe Brands that you will love

Are you searching for the perfect pair of shoes that offer comfort and showcase your unique style? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will introduce you to the top 20 Canadian shoe brands that are making waves in the fashion industry. From timeless classics to innovative designs, these brands have something for everyone.

Canada is known for its rich cultural diversity and vibrant fashion scene; its shoe brands are no exception. Each brand has its own distinct identity, offering various styles to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you’re looking for elegant heels, trendy sneakers, or durable boots, these Canadian shoe brands have got you covered.

Not only do these brands prioritize style, but they also prioritize quality and craftsmanship. Many of them use sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that your shoes not only look good but also make a positive impact on the environment.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into each brand’s unique story, highlighting their signature designs and popular collections. We will explore their commitment to innovation and how they stay ahead of the ever-changing fashion trends thanks to our Missmv fashion & Lifestyle magazine.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply need some inspiration for your next shoe purchase, this guide will serve as your go-to resource. Get ready to discover the top 20 Canadian shoe brands that are redefining footwear fashion with their creativity and passion. Let’s dive in!

Top 20 Best Canadian Shoe Brands that you will love

Contrary to popular belief, Canadian shoe brands do not only manufacture practical boots for the winter months. Sure, Canada has long and intense winters, but that doesn’t mean the ladies don’t want to look elegant every now and then.

With this demand for diverse footwear, many Canadian brands are emerging to cater to different needs. These experienced companies sell beautiful stilettoes, sneakers, mules, wedges, and so many more! To help you elevate your style, we have compiled the 20 Canadian shoe brands you should know about!

1. L’Intervalle

Based in Montreal, L’Intervalle is a shoe brand that settles in the spot between low-end and high-end. If sandals are your preference for the warmer months, you will find a variety at L’Intervalle to select from. One reason you’re sure to like this brand is how their products are modern yet affordable. Special care is put into designing each footwear hence, they are handmade in Brazil, Italy, and Spain. 

Apart from sandals, they also deliver flats, mules, platforms, high-heels, and mid-heels. Their curated sections for heel lengths make for a convenient shopping experience! 

2. Matt & Nat

best Canadian shoe brands for high quality shoes

Chances are that you’ve already heard of this amazing Canadian shoe brand! If you haven’t, however, Matt & Nat is another Montreal-based shoe manufacturer that focuses on vegan products and has been in the footwear business for decades.

The designs drift from sultry to compact, but one thing is for sure, shoes from Matt & Nat will take your style from ten to a hundred! In this store, you’ll find thigh-high boots for hot girl aesthetics and ankle boots that will stand out all season long. There are also sneakers and loafers, so rest assured your different needs will be met. 

Buying from this brand means you’ll be supporting Canadian businesses for gorgeous shoes while protecting the earth.

3. John Fluevog 

After producing quality footwear for over fifty years, you can be certain that this company knows its stuff. John Fluevog is an eccentric shoe company set up in Vancouver. Here, you’ll find vibrant, unique shoes. The brand has shops in San Francisco, Chicago, and over the decades, has been highlighted by celebrities such as Madonna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. They provide both men’s and women’s shoes, so you and your partner can find a go-to brand in Fluevog. 

If you are seeking something out of the ordinary, their stores are definitely where to look. Their site also gives nice discounts every now and then, so don’t hesitate to check it out!

4. WANT Les Essentiels

This list would not be complete without WANT Les Essentiels, because more than being known for utilizing leather products, the company also presents a sturdy array of footwear. For the ladies who adore unique loafers, their Loans Mary Jane Loafers is one you’ll appreciate.

And if you like lugged soles, then their Graves Lugged Loafer will surely catch your eye! They also have sneakers and different styles of boots. One of the best things about the Montreal-based brand’s products is their top quality. You can be certain these shoes will serve you for years to come, through any season. Their shoes are also unisex, which is so cool!

5. Aldo Shoes

There is a good reason Aldo Shoes can be found in almost every boutique you visit in Canada. They are widely beloved for their quality, comfort, and chic style. Sometimes, despite wild winters, women want to feel dainty. And Aldo Shoes are where you look when you want accessories that make you feel feminine. Their strappy heels can be worn to work, as well as to weddings and dinners. Their mules, like the Aneka Heeled Mule, are classy and will beautify different looks. 

The brand also has wedge sandals that are comfortable and elegant, along with sandals, loafers, slip-on, and so many more. You have our word that you won’t go wrong with Also Shoes!

6. Poppy Barley 

Poppy Barley is a modern shoe brand that frequently updates its collections to keep up with trends! With Poppy Barley, you will never look out of style. Set up in Edmonton, they practice sustainability both in manufacturing their footwear as well as with the packaging.

Known for its leather products, the material is derived from food production byproducts, which is highly commendable. You’ll find almost everything in Poppy Barley collections. They have chic footwear for weddings that brides, bridesmaids, and guests will dazzle in.

Their collections also include ballet flats that are dynamic in function. You can wear your flats to travel, for shopping trips, to hang out with your best friends, and to pay visits. They also have some of the most gorgeous ankle boots in the Canadian shoe market, so if you appreciate the flexibility of ankle boots, you want to check out the Poppy Barley site!

The company produces heels, sandals, house shoes, tall boots, and many more. They also have more options than many Canadian footwear brands, allowing you to satisfy different needs. So to update your closet with something feminine or to find gifts for the amazing women in your life, you will be in good hands with this brand!

7. La Canadienne

For women who love luxury footwear, La Canadienne is the Montreal-based footwear brand for you! The shoes here are handmade with care and designed to lead trends. For decades, they have been making accessories that suit the Canadian weather, which is one reason we had to add them to this list.

Like the Ciel Wedge Sandals, they have unique styles that stand out. Get sandals for your maxi dresses, leggings, and two pieces from here. They also craft polished, slingback heels with catchy colors for formal events. La Canadienne boasts high-quality items that are worth the cost!

8. Call It Spring

Contrary to the name of the brand, Call It Spring provides shoes for all seasons of the year. Their 2023 summer collection is full of sandals, heels, flats, and sneakers that will beautify your leg and not feel stuffy on warm days.

This company actually is a branch of Aldo, which is another guarantee that you’ll find lovely items with them. Their main targets are Gen Z, so as a young girl seeking something modern and vibrant, Call It Spring might just become your favorite Canadian shoe brand. 

The shoes are affordable and available in numerous colors. The icing on the cake is that their products are sustainable, so buying them means playing your part in protecting the earth!

9. Vessi

If sneakers are your preference, or you want to update your sneakers collection, Vessi is the Canadian company to go to. Their focus is on designing sneakers. Hence you can be sure they use superior materials to keep your shoes functional in the rain or sunshine. 

Vessi is based in Vancouver, a rainy city; therefore, a boon of their footwear is that they are 100% waterproof! The shoes are manufactured by knit, hence are breathable. If you also live in Vancouver, Vessi sneakers will quickly become your staple. However, if you reside in warmer climates, their knit designs still mean that your feet won’t sweat in your footwear.

Another reason these shoes are highly-recommended is that they are lightweight. Most people wear sneakers for ease of movement, and what better way to enjoy that than with lightweight shoes? The waterproof shoes are also vegan, making them one of the standout sneaker brands in Canada.

Search through their collections for everyday classic sneakers, boardwalk slips-on, and storm burst footwear that boasts of a boot’s sturdiness and a sneaker’s snugness.

10. Native Shoes

Looking for shoes that add bursts of colors to your ensemble? Native Shoes is the Canadian company to look to. Perhaps, it’s due to the frequent rain and subsequent sogginess of shoes in this rainy city, but most Vancouver footwear brands really do strive to make their shoes light!

Native Shoes provide adorable shoes that snatch your attention at first glance. It’s a virtual rainbow with pink, yellow, orange, green, and ombre footwear. Their prints include collaborative patterns such as the Mickey Mouse prints from their collaboration with Disney. 

With Native Shoes, you’ll get options for sandals and sneakers for men, women, and children. To enhance their sustainability efforts, they also welcome recycling your worn Native Shoes in their remix project.

11. Thesus

Set up in Toronto, Thesus specialize in providing strong outdoor footwear. Their website has shoe sections grouped into sun, rain, snow, and all-weather. Their sun collection comprises sandals with resilient soles and flexible colors that can be worn with any outfit.

The all-weather boots are robust with careful designs—ranging from blue to red to white, yellow, sage green, and many more. You can also get vibrant orange and blue shoelaces because who said outdoor activities couldn’t be done in style? Thesus’s website says their shoes are designed from recycled materials and divert a fair percent of waste from landfills and waterways.

If you want affordable shoes for hiking, camping, and so on, you should check out their collections!

12. Brave Soles

One of the first things you will see when you check the Brave Soles website is a confessed dedication to sustainable practices. Their shoes are made with ethically sourced leather, and the soles are made of upcycled tires! Trust us; it looks just as fascinating as it sounds. And don’t worry, these soles are hand-cut and crafted to be comfortable. 

Brave Soles mostly specialize in sandals and slides that bring gladiators and ancient Rome to mind. This means that they will give your outfit character. With how much care is put into designing each pair of shoes, they produce them in small batches while frequently restocking them.

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13. Hoyden Shoes

Although their shoes are handmade in Spain, the Hoyden Shoes company is based in Montreal. This brand focuses on crafting unisex footwear, or as they refer to it, androgynous shoes. On days when you want to look tomboyish, Hoyden Shoes will reflect that mood. The shoes have an edgy, funky vibe with strong character. They are also pretty militant, so what are you waiting for if that is your style? Hoyden Shoes are waiting for you!

14. Brother Vellies

Although based in Brooklyn, Brother Vellies is a shoe brand founded by Aurora James, a Toronto native. From Kenya, to South Africa, to Italy, and New York, the shoes are manufactured around the world with African techniques. The company is dedicated to sprinkling cultural touches and symbols on its products. 

You’ll find striking footwear such as the Lauryn Boot with unforgettable cow patterns here. Or the Bowery Palms Pump that is strappy, sultry, and unique. Apart from their striking pieces, you can also find more classical ballet flats, mules, and huaraches. Brother Vellies make its products with vegetable-tanned leather and use recycled tires to create soles!

15. Simons

Indeed Montreal has some of the best Canadian shoe brands in the game, Simons included. While the Simons department stores sell products from other brands, their in-house manufacturers create captivating accessories. This summer, their theme revolves around knotted suede, wooden accents, and artisanal crochets. With cottage-core aesthetics currently reigning worldwide, these are footwear designs you want to own! 

Their sandals are supple and soft on the feet, putting a nice bounce to your steps and ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day. They are also flexible, which protects the feet both outdoors and indoors.

One of the best parts about Simons is that the brand and its stores are very up-to-date. Shopping from their stores automatically means staying trendy!

16. Casca

Although Casca shoes are designed with minimalist themes, each style is done thoughtfully. Comfort is a high priority for the Vancouver-based brand, therefore, their interiors are so well cushioned that stepping into them will make you sigh with relief! The shoes are breathable and can be washed with machines. Casca also produces indoor slippers made in alliance with Flax Home.

17. Maguire Boutique

Another brand based in Montreal, Maguire Boutique shoes is as fashionable as it gets! The shoes are all designed in the Montreal headquarters before being sent to the manufacturers. Their ethical practice includes producing shoes in small batches to prevent waste. This is a Canadian brand you want to buy from for your wedding ceremony, date nights, and other formal events. Their heeled shoes are strappy and slinky, styled to make you look hot. 

If heels aren’t your preference, fear not because they have strappy sandals too. Dedicated to making women feel gorgeous, they curate seasonal pieces that stand out.

18. Maison Bedard

For contemporary, luxury shoes, Maison Bedard has you covered. The brand collaborates with European craftsmanship to produce footwear that will compete for quality among other high fashion products. While sophisticated, the shoes are also comfortable. This way, you can look beautiful without sacrificing your convenience. Their collections range from flats, to pumps, to sandals and boots. 

One thing they do so well is craft jewel-toned footwear. Their silver and gold pumps will make every step you take glitter. These designs also come in the classic black, just in case that is your preference. Another area you want to explore is their boot collection, where you’ll find snakeskin patterns, denim boots, and heels with catchy prints.

There are cowboy boots, combat boots, queen boots, ankle boots, and many more! Prepare your wallets before diving into the world of Maison Bedard because once you’re in, you won’t want to come out empty-handed!

19. Love Jules Leather

As a person looking to patronize Canadian shoe brands, one reason Love Jules Leather should be on your list is that they manufacture their goods in-house. This means that by making their products in Vancouver, they provide more employment opportunities for Canadians.

The shoes are bespoke, created with skill and care. From them, you can purchase derby boots, slippers, clogs, and sandals in leather and suede. One indisputable fact about Love Jules Leather shoes is that they are brimming with personality and will make you feel good!

20. Cougar

Cougar shoes are for women who love boots that they can slay in. They have waterproof makes for various types of footwear, including mules and ankle boots! Cougar designs are fascinating and available for great discounts on the website.

Final words

The Canadian shoe industry thrives with a diverse range of brands catering to various preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for sustainable options, luxury designs, affordability, athletic performance, vegan choices, classic styles, or unique collaborations, a Canadian shoe brand is waiting to impress you. So why not step up your shoe game and support local Canadian businesses by exploring today’s top 20 Canadian shoe brands?

Did you like this list of the top Canadian shoe brands? Are you already a fan of some of these brands, or have you just discovered them? Whatever your answer, I’m sure you will love these shoe brands. Happy shopping!

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