Boho bedroom decor ideas to get inspiration for your room. Are you looking for boho bedroom ideas to create a cozy room? Look no further as we gathered the best 35+ bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget, plus boho bedroom accessories to recreate the look.

Boho bedroom decor ideas to get inspiration for your room

Bohemian interior décor is a mix of multicultural architecture quirks with strong vintage details that give you the feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

While boho bedroom décor ideas are not preferred by everyone, adding modern bohemian accessories and tapestries will turn your sleeping room into a relaxing oasis to escape after a long day.

Boho bedroom decor ideas to get inspiration for your room

Bohemian décor has always been trendy and over the years interior designers, but even décor enthusiasts added a twist of colors to create a harmonious and cozy vibe.

Popular among teenagers and even grown-up adults, boho bedrooms are preferred for their simplicity, warm colors, and overall, aesthetic décor.

By exploring the bedroom decor ideas below, you might fall in love with bohemian interior design. Sooner or later you might find yourself redecorating your bedroom just because is hard to resist the authenticity of boho-vintage decor.

Take your time to analyze each boho bedroom decor idea and share this page on social media to remember easily. Under each image, you have listed the boho bedroom accessories to buy and recreate the look. Enjoy!

1. Rustic bedroom decor

Warm colors paired with a natural green plant is the perfect combination to create a cozy bedroom decor without the need for extra accessories. There is a saying, “less is more” and this beautiful bedroom is a good example of how easily you can turn an empty room into a cozy bedroom.

2. White boho bedroom decor inspiration

When you’re in doubt, go for white walls. Not just walls, but white bedding sheets, rugs, and other boho home decor accessories, every single detail can complement harmoniously the bedroom decor.

Adding natural wood furniture pieces such as the bed frame and the decorative ladder it will instantly make the room feel warm and inviting. Don’t forget the wall tapestries which are a must for bohemian decor on a budget.

3. Moroccan inspired bedroom decor

Moroccan-inspired bedroom décor often has lovely architectural quirks and features from the surroundings of the Mediterranean. All the elements in this room are environmentally friendly.

Simple, minimalist wall decorations free to offer no distraction when it comes to relaxing your mind, this Moroccan bedroom is a wonderful inspiration to consider when redesigning your room.

4. Boho teen bedroom decor

Boho teen bedroom decor

We have all been teens once. The hassle to clean up your room and organize the stuff in the bedroom was a real struggle sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Kids and teenagers are hard to convince to keep their room tidy, but if you choose the right accessories this task will be a joy not just for kids, but for adults too.

Boho bedroom ideas

The key to a boho teen bedroom decor is to choose warm colors and minimal accessories. Large plants are easier to maintain and make up for the minimal wall decorations which save time when cleaning the room.

The white brick wall and wood ceiling add extra warmth and coziness to a teen bedroom. Preserve the hardwood floor if you have one because is authentic, easy to clean, and keeps the room warm in the cold season.

5. Minimalist bohemian bedroom

White and dark beige are the symbolic colors of bohemian decor. The contrast created by the two accents makes the room feel inviting, fresh, and clean. If you didn’t consider painting the floor white, is time to recalculate your interior design ideas.

6. Bali inspired bedroom decor

If dreaming to visit Bali there is no need to wait until you reach that destination. You can recreate the Indonesian decor right in your bedroom and enjoy the atmosphere every single day.

Buy beige and bamboo accessories or make them yourself if you have a knack for DIY. A big impact in this bohemian bedroom decor is created by the arch headboard wall decal that can be removed without affecting the wall paint.

Arch headboard wall decals are a cool and inexpensive idea for shabby chic decor when you live in a rented property. The peel-and-stick decals are extremely popular among tenants who are desperate to decorate the place on a budget for a homey feeling.

There are many types of wall decals that can be placed in other parts of the house creating the illusion of a large space, shelves, or even a fireplace. Take a look at how I decorated my rented apartment kitchen wall, faking a fireplace. Pretty cool and realistic look.

Now I know how hard is to find good quality rattan headboards. To help you get the best deals, take a look at these stylish bohemian-style rattan headboards and choose something that suits your style, and your bedroom decor theme, and most of all, get the best deals.

7. Beige boho bedroom decor that make you feel at home straight away

Beige boho bedroom decor that makes you feel at home straight away

Cozy and warm bedroom decor with beige accents and fluffy carpets. The moon phase mirrors are a chic bohemian accessory that makes this room unique. Showered with light and dominated by green plants is the perfect combination to bring the outdoors indoors.

Take advantage of the walls and add a few hooks for hanging your favorite hats. If possible, choose hats with the same color tone similar to your room decor.

8. Eclectic bohemian bedroom decor

What a large and fascinating bedroom decor?! Simple boho accessories that look elegant and create a calm atmosphere. The chunky white duvet makes you jump in the bed without thinking twice, so invest wisely when choosing the bedding sheets and accessories.

Wall-hanging rattan lamps are a true statement for the bohemian decor and offer intimacy for when you read until late. Placing a few green plants around the bed makes the room look fresh and welcoming.

9. Urban boho bedroom decor

Urban boho bedroom decor

Tiny bohemian bedroom decor in the loft. A simple yet sophisticated bed with a white canopy and green plants makes a pretty, cocooning design feature in any bedroom. The main purpose is to have a calming, cohesive interior decor where you can relax while reading a book or having a sound sleep.

The rounded bed looks simple enough to make yourself, and so do the canopy and the plant pots. If you need ideas for DIY bedroom decor, this is for you. Feel free to try and create your own relaxing oasis.

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10. Good vibe bohemian bedroom for those lazy days

Good vibe bohemian bedroom for those lazy days

We’ve seen this pompom blanket everywhere on Instagram. This pretty pompom blanket is so popular and for a good reason. Whether you choose pink, white, or grey, this boho-chic blanket is perfect to create a dreamy aesthetic boho bedroom decor.

11. Boho room idea for a simple but chic bedroom

Decorating with oversized accessories is a cool idea that many interior designers are doing for large houses. A natural wood frame mirror and rattan baskets for keeping the blankets organized can change the overall bohemian bedroom decor.

The white walls and bedsheets are complimenting nicely and create a fresh and clean decor, exactly what everyone needs to relax.

12. Shabby chic bedroom decor idea

This bedroom is the true definition of comfort. The medium size of the room makes it perfect for playing with shabby chic decor items such as the small couch, the rattan chairs, and the extra wardrobe.

A key role in this overall bedroom decor is played by the abstract wall canvas which selectively matches the dried pampas and the bedding throw. There is no need for fancy items here; just as they say, “less is more”.

13. Modern boho bedroom Ideas

Modern boho bedroom Ideas

Now we reach a different bedroom decor. With retro/bohemian tones and off-white walls, this room blends perfectly the old and new.

Decorating with boho accessories is a lot of fun, especially if you’re into modern bohemian decor. The above image is another great example of how to decorate a boho bedroom on a budget by choosing simple accessories.

What pops in this room is the abstract canvas on the wall and the green plant. Macrame plant hangers placed above the bed are a simple but necessary accessory for creating a boho vibe.

14. Romantic bohemian bedroom decor

A lovely combination of modern Moroccan-Indian bedroom décor that can be implemented in any urban apartment. The star of this room is the white canopy, a simple yet elegant accessory that gives this room a glamorous boho vibe.

The South Asia white-washed furniture is carefully chosen to pair with the white floor and beige curtains. This room features both dried pampas and green plants, a décor that can be harmonious only when white colors are dominant.

15. Minimalist boho bedroom decor

Regarding bohemian decor, there is no specific rule on how to decorate. You can mix a series of accents until you create the perfect comfort. One thing to avoid, though, is the bright and vibrant colors.

The bohemian interior decor is about nostalgic and calm tones, often simple but practical design. Keeping the bedroom free of unwanted and unnecessary stuff is another tip for comfort. Take, for example, the above image; minimalist yet charming, and the dried flowers on the wall add personality and a boho vibe to this room.

16. Tiny boho bedroom decor

Tiny boho bedroom decor. Cozy boho bedroom idea for a small room

A tiny boho bedroom decor that can be recreated, especially for single English bedrooms. If you ever lived in England and rented a property, you might recognize the size of the small bedrooms. Luckily even the tiniest bedroom can look and feel cozy despite its size and design.

Make sure you buy a high-quality mattress, place a few artificial flower garlands with led lights, and your favorite canvas with motivational quotes and if there is still space left, attach the tv to the wall. That way it won’t be necessary for a tv console.

17. Vibrant bohemian bedroom decor with green plants

Vibrant bohemian bedroom decor with green plants

Indoor plants are well known for their healthy properties, but also for upgrading the decor without spending money on expensive decorations. Besides, waking up in the morning surrounded by green plants it will energize you for the rest of the day.

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19. Dark boho bedroom decor

Dark boho bedroom decor

For those who cannot decide between bohemian and farmhouse bedroom decor, this is pure inspiration. Some might argue that this isn’t quite a boho bedroom because of the dominant dark colors, but the accessories used in this room clearly illustrate the rustic bohemian interior decor.

20. Simple loft bohemian bedroom

Simple loft bohemian bedroom

Rooms in the loft hold excellent potential. For nostalgic folks, this bohemian loft bedroom is a dream. Large windows and a ceiling-hanging egg chair is pretty much enough for an artist to relax or work on their project whenever their inspiration strikes.

21. Beige and cream bedroom decor

Sometimes, displaying a calming canvas on a full wall is just enough to bring the boho atmosphere to your bedroom. The beige duvet cover and washed stone lamp on the side of the bed are simple yet effective pieces in creating a dreamy bohemian bedroom decor.

22. Chic neutral boho bedroom decor

Chic neutral boho bedroom decor
image credit: @alabasterfox

The charm of this chic neutral boho haven lies in its ability to blend the old and the new seamlessly. Vintage furniture finds peacefully coexist with modern accents, creating an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and contemporary. Natural materials, like rattan and jute, make a statement, while carefully selected plants breathe life into the room, infusing a touch of the outdoors.

23. Cozy boho kids bedroom decor

Kids’ bedrooms could easily be transformed into a cozy fortress and playground when buying cute boho accessories. Placing a lovely tent with a fluffy rug and toys near the bed and a medium size boho rainbow decals, it will make the room look playful and happy.

24. Colorful bohemian gypsy bedroom decor

Colourful bohemian gypsy bedroom decor

Gypsy bohemian decor is a mix of multicultural accents that blend harmoniously creating a comfortable space even in an urban apartment. Rattan chairs and dried pampas are part of the bohemian decor style which gives you the feeling that you are back in time but in a good way.

In general gypsy, bohemian bedroom decor incorporates natural elements dominated by wood, fresh green plants, and sustainable fabrics and rugs.

25. Beige bohemian bedroom style

Beige bohemian bedroom style

Experimenting with nude and terracotta color tones can be fascinating when paired with the right bedroom furniture. In the above image, you will notice how versatile the walls can be.

The built-in wall shelves aren’t just practical storage units but look stylish, and everyone will notice your great interior design taste when applying this idea to your own bedroom. Take advantage of the natural plants and place a large one beside your bed. Usually, large plants will transform the decor instantly and make the room feel alive.

26. Warm boho bedroom decor

Warm boho bedroom decor

Another simple but charming bedroom that lures you to relax with its warm beige colors. Allowing the sunlight to enter the room through the plain white curtains makes the room feel bigger, a pivotal point in interior design.

The jellyfish wall decoration might not be ideal for every boho bedroom, but if you are a bit of a hippie, it can be the focal point of the room. You can replace the jellyfish sticker with a macrame wall hanging tapestry to match the rest of the colors in the room.

27. Spacious white bohemian bedroom decor

Spacious white bohemian bedroom decor

If you were looking for boho room ideas the above image is a good example of how effective the minimalism decor is for creating a place to relax and sleep like a baby. The walnut wood pillars and white walls create the perfect harmony for a bohemian room.

28. Chic boho bedroom decor inspiration

Chic Boho Bedroom Decor Inspiration embodies a stylish and eclectic fusion of bohemian elements with a sophisticated touch. This design concept marries vibrant patterns, lush textures, and a playful color palette with elegant furnishings and subtle glamour.

The chic boho bedroom draws inspiration from global influences, seamlessly blending vintage finds with contemporary accents. A curated mix of textiles, artistic decor, and carefully chosen furniture pieces creates a harmonious and fashionable retreat, inspiring a sense of individuality and creativity in the bedroom ambiance.

29. The view of the neutral bedroom from a different angle

Neutral boho bedroom decor

Imagine lounging on a bed adorned with soft, layered textiles, surrounded by strategically placed mirrors that capture and reflect the natural light, giving the room an airy and expansive feel. The chic neutral boho bedroom becomes a haven of tranquility, a space where every element is thoughtfully chosen to inspire relaxation and evoke a sense of effortless style. Welcome to a retreat where simplicity meets sophistication, and bohemian charm embraces a neutral palette in perfect harmony.

30. Modern boho bedroom decor

What a fabulous bohemian bedroom. This gorgeous room dominated by earth tones is decorated to create a perfect balance between the furniture, the light color of the walls, and the star of this room is the floral wreath hung on the wall over the bed.

Rattan furniture and macrame ornament pieces such as the side bed lampshade are aesthetic pieces that make a huge impact on the overall decor of this bohemian bedroom.

31. Rustic modern boho bedroom decor

The Rustic Modern Boho Bedroom Decor seamlessly merges the charm of rustic elements with contemporary aesthetics. This style combines weathered wood textures and earthy tones with sleek, clean lines and modern design sensibilities. The result is a bedroom that exudes both warmth and sophistication.

Distinctive bohemian accents, such as eclectic patterns, textiles, and greenery, infuse the space with a laid-back, free-spirited vibe. This fusion of rustic and modern elements creates a unique and inviting atmosphere, offering a perfect balance between timeless comfort and contemporary flair in your bedroom.

32. Grey Elegant minimalist boho bedroom in an urban apartment

Grey Elegant minimalist boho bedroom in an urban apartment

The Grey Elegant Minimalist Boho Bedroom in an Urban Apartment exudes a sophisticated yet laid-back ambiance. With a muted color palette dominated by shades of grey, the space achieves a minimalist aesthetic, featuring clean lines and uncluttered decor.

The infusion of bohemian elements brings warmth and character, incorporating natural textures, subtle patterns, and curated details. This urban retreat strikes a perfect balance between modern simplicity and boho chic, creating a serene haven within the bustling cityscape.

33. Beige bohemian bedroom decor with wood elements

Beige bohemian bedroom decor with wood elements
image courtesy

The Beige Bohemian Bedroom Decor with Wood Elements presents a harmonious blend of earthy tones and natural textures. Dominated by a soothing beige palette, this bohemian-inspired space is characterized by its relaxed and eclectic vibe.

Wooden elements, from furniture to accents, add warmth and a touch of rustic charm. The decor incorporates a mix of patterns, textiles, and plants, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The result is a serene bohemian retreat where the fusion of beige hues and wooden accents offers a tranquil and stylish haven.

34. Cozy bohemian bedroom decor

Cozy bohemian bedroom decor
image courtesy

Step into the realm of serenity and style of this cozy bohemian bedroom decor. This inviting sanctuary effortlessly marries the laid-back allure of bohemian design with the timeless elegance of neutral tones. Picture a canvas of soft whites, subtle grays, and warm beige, serving as the backdrop for a carefully curated symphony of textures. Now, that’s a real boho bedroom that every free soul is dreaming of.

35. Vintage style bohemian bedroom design

Vintage style bohemian bedroom design

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Take your initiative and ideas from this post and start decorating your boho bedroom for maximum comfort.

Bohemian bedroom ideas on a budget

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