Best books to read on the beach this summer. If you wonder what is a good book for summer, we gathered a list of some of the most captivating books to lose the time notion. Best summer beach reads for the holiday.

Best books to read on the beach this summer

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A great way to relax and escape from the daily grind is to read a good book. Reading a book on the beach or next to the pool is a way of disconnecting from your phone and scrolling on social media.

While on holiday you have no excuse that you don’t have time for reading. Take this opportunity to set your imagination free while losing yourself in a beach read.

There are always new books coming out that people recommend and love, but it can be hard to find a book that will intriguing and captivate your attention and interest.

Best books to read on the beach this summer

Best summer vacation reading list

Packing beach reads depends on where you are going, what your interests are, or what kind of book you like. If you’re going on a long trip, you might need a few books, but if your holiday is a 7 days trip, one or two books should be enough to carry with you. After all, you don’t want to load yourself with unnecessary baggage.

The first step is to decide whether you want to read a novel or a nonfiction book. If it’s a novel, choose one that matches the mood and setting of the vacation spot. If it’s nonfiction, choose one that will help make the most of your time there, whether it’s about food, history, or architecture.

If you want to read something productive on the beach, perhaps you should consider learning a foreign language book or dive into travel guide books. A travel guide book will teach you not only about a place you want to visit, but also the culture of the destination where you will arrive.

I’d like to add that reading other than entertaining and relaxing, reading a book on the beach ( reading in general) will improve your memory and prevent developing Alzheimer’s disease, according to NHS

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Now without further ado, start exploring the summer reading list and pick some books for your next holiday.

1. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ($12.79) Available at Target

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald beach reading book

This classic is a must-read for anyone who loves literature and history. The Great Gatsby follows the life of Nick Carraway who falls in love with a woman named Daisy Buchanan. But when she becomes engaged to Tom Buchanan, Nick and her two lovers have a violent altercation with Buchanan. A mix of romance and drama book worth reading on the beach this summer.

2. Sally Rooney’s Normal People – ($9.33) Available at Target

Sally Rooney's Normal People

This book comes from an Irish author who went the best seller in 2017 and did a comeback in 2018 with this book that is even better than the bestseller. The book is about the story of a friendship between two people that goes through different stages of life. From being kids to becoming adults and all the emotional connections between, the book shares it all.

3. Golden Girl – by Elin Hilderbrand – ($13.84) Available at Target

Golden Girl - by Elin Hilderbrand

4. Circe by Madeline Millers another great beach reads – ($11.10) Available at Target

Circe by Madeline Millers another great beach reads

The Cice book was selected for the best books of 2018 by Goodreads. The reason for this is the amazing storyline that is a perfect blend of fantasy and Greek mythology. However, the story of this book circles around a Greek female god named Circe.

5. Friends and Strangers J. Courtney Sullivan’s – ($26.99) Available at TARGET

Friends and Strangers J. Courtney Sullivan’s

A mother hires a college student to take care of her baby but instead of work, they make bonds with each other. Things get better between them before they get to know about little secrets that set them apart.

6. The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides – ($13.60) Available at Amazon

The silent Patient Alex Michaelides

If you want to be lost in the thrilling world of making guesses until you find out the right answer, then this is the right book for you. This psychological thriller is about a physiotherapist and their obsession with a patient that is mute.

This story walks around the character of the patient who was admitted to a mental hospital after she murdered her husband and is silent since then.

7. A Burning Mega Majumdars – ($11.90) Available at Amazon

A Burning Mega Majumdars

The story is about a girl from the slums of Bengal. The girl is arrested immediately after she commented on a Facebook post even for a crime that was not committed by her. From here, her story begins with a lot of interesting moments and turns of life.

8. Give Me Your Hand Megan Abbots – ($9.79) Available at Target

Give Me Your Hand Megan Abbots

This is another thriller that will keep you making guesses at different twists and turns of the story. The story is about 2 girls who formed a bond because of their interests and career choices who eventually become rivals. All of this is because of one secret. Read this book to know more about the thrilling story.

9. Hello Summer Mary Kay Andrews – ($9.99) Available at Target

Hello Summer Mary Kay Andrews

A reporter who returns to a newspaper of a small town with a juicy scandal has all the things to make a beach bad classic. The book brings a very interesting story.

10. The Last Resort Marissa Stapleys – ($11.37) Available at Target

The Last Resort Marissa Stapleys

This story is about a resort that is a great place for married couples. The story is about a couple who loves to give relationship advice to couples for making their relationship healthier. However, this influential couple loses all the value after their secrets are revealed because of a storm.

11. Happy and You Know It Laura Hankins – ($9.97) Available at Amazon

Happy and You Know It Laura Hankins

A struggling musician who is tangled in the world of a rich mommy group gets closer to them. Rather than finding love and care, she gets to know about all the untold secrets and the betrayals about those women.

12. Waiting for Tom Hanks Kerry Winfreys – ($6.81) Available at Amazon

Waiting for Tom Hanks Kerry Winfreys

This romantic comedy story is about a girl that is in search of her prince charming. She is looking for a perfect man but in her search for the perfect man, she meets a man. That man is a great person who fulfills most of her fantasies, but she has to give up on her fantasy of Tom Hanks to be with this man.

13. My Lovely Wife Samantha Downings – ($11.99) Available at Target

My Lovely Wife Samantha Downings

This is a rather unconventional but interesting story of a couple who have been married in the past 15 years. To make their relationship stronger, they plan a murder instead of going on a vacation or anything else. It is because they believe that this will make their relationship better.

14. The Summer Set Aimee Agrestis – ($17.99) Available at Target

The Summer Set Aimee Agrestis

An aging actor who finds herself back at the theater where she started her career knows a lot of secrets about her past life. The story reveals her life as the drama of revealing untold secrets starts.

15. Real Men Knit Kwana Jacksons – ($11.25) Available at Target

 Real Men Knit Kwana Jacksons

The story revolves around a man who loves 2 things the most. One is that he loves his mother and secondly, he loves dating women. However, the twist in the story that is the death of his mother leaves a lot of responsibilities on him that change his priorities.

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16. Head Over Heels Hannah Orensteins – ($9.55) Available at Target

Head Over Heels Hannah Orensteins

A girl whose Olympic dreams are shattered badly gets stable again after meeting a gymnast. She feels like this is the man of her life and this romantic story revolves around their life.

17. Party of Two Jasmine Guillorys – ($10.49) Available at Target

Party of Two Jasmine Guillorys

This romantic comedy story revolves around a girl that not only is great at baking but also a comedy and romance queen. The story is about a man who begins to follow her and tries on her with little baking attempts.

18. All Adults Here Emma Straubs – ($12.49) Available at Target

All Adults Here Emma Straubs

The story revolves around three lids and their lives who never really connected until a summer. After this summer, they made countless memories. This is a book that gained a lot of recognition and if you have not read it till now, make sure to add it to your beach reading list.

19. Pelosi Molly Balls – ($14.79) Available at Target

Pelosi Molly Balls

This is a book that is neither a romantic comedy nor a thriller. This is a book that will teach you a lot by the story of a controversial figure. The story revolves around this figure and the book is based on research and exclusive interviews.

20. Clap When You Land Elizabeth Acevedos – ($13.03) Available at Amazon

Clap When You Land Elizabeth Acevedos

A story of two sisters from the Dominican Republic being separated. The story is about a tragic plane crash that none of them know how will affect their life. Interestingly this story is based on real-life events.

21.Pizza Girl Jean Kyong Fraziers – (23.99) Harcover Available at Target

Pizza Girl  Jean Kyong Fraziers

The Pizza Girl is the story of two different girls. One of them is a pregnant 18-year-old girl who delivers pizzas to make a living while the other one is a mom who stays at home and orders pizzas for her son. The interesting part of this story is when they come to know how much they have in common. This book provides an overall emotional ride.

22. Beach Read Emily Henrys – ($2.23) Available at Amazon

Beach Read Emily Henrys

The story of two different types of writers who rent a house next to each other on the beach. As they get interested in the lives of one another, a lot of turning points take place in their lives.

23. Afterland Lauren Beukes is another good book to read on the beach – ($21.37) Available at Amazon

Afterland Lauren Beukes is another good book to read on the beach

This story brings the concept of a world where most of the men are dead and women are making the world go as usual. This is a function story of how a mother would protect her son in this world run by women.

24.You Had Me at Hola Alexis Darias – ($10.96) Available at Amazon

You Had Me at Hola  Alexis Darias

A famous star who finds herself at a public breakup is looking for the love of her life. Things get a lot better when she finds a role in a romantic movie with a very appealing co-star.

25.The Vanishing Half Brit Bennetts – ($11.31) Available at Amazon

The Vanishing Half Brit Bennetts

The story of this book is all about twin sisters who leave their town at a very young age of 16. One of them moves into a home with a baby while the other one disappears. Here the story is about the disappearing sister who makes life-changing decisions.

26. Speaking of Summer by Kalisha Buckhanons – ($13.99) Available at Amazon

Speaking of Summer by Kalisha Buckhanon

This book is the story of a woman who is restless in search of her twin sister who is missing. This is a mysterious story about this woman who starts to unravel and takes comfort with the wrong people after consistent losses in her life.


There are unlimited books that you can read on the beach while soaking in the sunshine. I tried to list some of the most popular ones but also some books that you probably never heard of, but worth checking out.

If you want to recommend a book drop a comment below and let us know if your favorite beach reads.

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