Creative Writing. 7 Efficient Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills. Writing is the art of putting your thoughts down on paper; it requires effort, skill, and proper learning time. Learn how to improve your writing skills and grammar.

7 Efficient Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills. How to improve english writing skills. Resources for improving english writing.

Here are some top efficient ways to improve your English writing skills:

  • Brainstorming
  • Focus on the subject
  • Organize your text in four headings
  • Look for synonyms and strong vocabulary
  • Plan the grammar
  • Remove the duplication using a plagiarism checker
  • Be honest and authentic

This tough process seeks to bring abstract ideas to the real world. Even if the ideas behind it are good, concise, and clear, one can make the difference between rich writing and uninformative one. The golden rule is that keep the writing simple and create short sentences with the necessary words.

Let’s discuss the tips mentioned above in detail:


Good brainstorming can help you organize your ideas. Brainstorming is used when there is a need to unleash creativity, produce many ideas, and capture possible opportunities for improvement. Once you know the topic you have to write about, we advise you to take a pen and paper and write down all the ideas related to the subject.

Learn how to improve your writing skills and grammar. Discover how to improve academic writing skills in English

Make a small diagram with points to be discussed and the ideas that you are going to add. It will take some time, but it will become easier for you to write. Once you have the outline and ideas, you can start writing.

Many professionals consider that brainstorming should have a limited time of approximately 10 minutes. Others may offer themselves the opportunity to spend several days or hours thinking, allowing themselves to create and elaborate on the different possibilities.

You can find inspiration anywhere; we recommend you always go to a place where you can write peacefully. It doesn’t matter if you are writing on paper or mobile, choose a place where you feel comfortable.

Focus on the subject

It is important to focus on the topic only that they asked you to write. It is useless to write long and perfectly punctuated text if the writing is not exactly according to the subject. Take a few seconds to read the topic again and again that they have asked you to write about.

Always remember that quality is better than quantity; if you write something that is not what has been asked of you, they may think you have not understood it. Effective writing not only evaluates your writing skills but also your ability to understand.

Organize your text in four headings

The structure of your content is very important; we recommend you complete your essay in four headings.

  1. Introduction
  2. Detailed discussion
  3. Criticism
  4. Conclusion

First of all, write a complete introduction of the subject and related definitions. After that, start discussing the topic in detail and make sure not to go beyond the subject. Then you can add your comments which can be your opinions and critics. In the end, write conclusive statements and the purpose of the complete discussion.

The middle paragraphs may vary depending on the type of writing you are doing.

For example, if you are writing the pros and cons of a specific product or material, you can use the first paragraph for the points in favor and the second for writing the points against the subject under discussion. Make sure not to put both pros and cons paragraphs together. Writing in a properly structured way shows that you are an organized person.

Look for synonyms and strong vocabulary

Do not use the exact words again and again because sometimes a writer gets stuck on keywords and continues writing them over and over again. Do not repeat them often, and look for synonyms as many as possible. This way, you will show a large vocabulary that you have controlled, and you will significantly enrich the writing.

Here are the tips to make your vocabulary strong:

  1. Write down the unknown words you came across
  2. Read again and again
  3. Learn at least three words a day
  4. Use applications and programs to find synonyms

There are many online tools available that can be of great assistance to find synonyms of the words. Thesaurus is one of the tools which is very useful in this regard; you can find many alternative words using this tool.

7 Efficient Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills

Another helpful trick to show your article as an organized essay is using connectors. Use high-level connectors like “Furthermore”, “Besides”, and “Nevertheless”. It is convenient to use connectors throughout the text, especially at the beginning of the paragraph.

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For the introduction, you can use “To begin with”. You can use “In short” or “In conclusion” to start the conclusion.

Plan the grammar

After preparing ideas and vocabulary, it is important to focus on grammar as well. A well-structured paragraph with accurate grammar can attract any type of reader, even if he is not interested in your topic of discussion. There are numerous tools to plan your grammar, however, Grammarly is ideal among them.

This tool is very useful and checks the following features:

  • Grammatical Errors
  • Spelling Errors
  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Misused words

Remove the duplication using a plagiarism checker

Duplication occurs when you steal someone else’s words and represent them as your own, which is a bad practice. However, duplication occurs not necessarily through coping with the words only; it also comes when the ideas of two writers match somehow.

Whatever the case is, this duplication is bad for your writing. So, it is recommended to remove it using paraphrasing techniques. If you don’t know how to check it, don’t worry; we will suggest online plagiarism checker that will assist you in catching the similarity.

This tool works very well in catching plagiarism in your text. We have taken some random paragraphs and pasted them into the plagiarism checker. It told us the percentage of plagiarism and the source from which we copied it. Checks the percentage of similarity and uniqueness effectively, so you should try it.

If you find a significant similarity percentage, we suggest you remove it immediately. Many paraphrasing techniques can help remove plagiarism.

Be honest and authentic

 Our last and most important tip to improve English writing skills is to be honest with your writing. Authenticity is very important; we recommend you not copy and paste the words.

If you try to do exaggerated things about a topic you have not mastered, it may seem unethical, and you might lose credibility. Instead of preaching, honestly share what you have learned. People love to hear the experiences of others.

Last words

These were the top tips to improve your English writing skills. If you follow them properly, we hope you will get good control of effective English writing. We also hope this guide can be very beneficial when you start writing for others.

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7 Efficient Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills. How to improve your english writing skills

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