What Does the Daily Practice of Relaxing Yoga Give a Person? Sometimes, this simple activity can be undervalued, and many people don’t fully understand the benefits of yoga. Therefore, if you want to get a clear understanding of yoga practice, this post is for you. Simple and straight to the point, information served directly from experts.

What Does the Daily Practice of Relaxing Yoga Give a Person?

Different people like to commit to yoga at different levels. For instance, some people only perform basic yoga stretches to gain strength and flexibility. Others commit to it at a metaphysical level by performing the meditation, mantras, breathwork, prayers, and rituals that this religious practice entails. 

No matter what your reason is, there are tons of health benefits you can enjoy by practicing every day. Keep reading to learn just a few benefits that the daily practice of relaxing yoga can give a person.  

Relaxing Yoga vs Strengthening Yoga

Before we continue, it’s worth noting that not all yoga routines qualify as relaxing. Many yoga poses and routines can be extremely difficult and are meant to burn fat and strengthen muscle. If you’re dripping in sweat by the end of your routine, that’s great, but it’s not necessarily the type of yoga we’re talking about. 

Deep breaths and soft stretching, as you move through different poses can increase blood flow and clear your mind. Such a routine might include things like: 

  • Child’s Pose
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Standing Forward fold
  • Supine Spiral Twist

These types of relaxing yoga poses are a lot easier for beginners and can be a great way to both start your morning and end your day.  

Relieving Stress 

Multiple studies have shown that daily yoga can greatly decrease the stress in a person’s body. This can happen for many reasons. Firstly, when the mind is stressed, the body can naturally tense up and restrict certain movements. Over time, this can create a build-up of stress hormones and chemicals in specific parts of the body, like the shoulders and groin. 

Doing your daily relaxing yoga routine can keep those stressed muscles loose and release hormones and tension that have built up throughout the day. If you want to increase the relaxing effect, adding meditation and breathwork is also a great way to calm your mind and release tension. 

Building Up Your Immune System 

As we mentioned above, doing yoga daily can relieve tension and reduce stress. In turn, this can also improve your immune system over time. Yoga and stretching increase blood flow and thus reduce inflammation. This can prevent the build-up of things like toxins and stress hormones. 

Studies have shown that inflammation is often the culprit behind a myriad of chronic diseases, such as arthritis and heart disease. While yoga might not prevent these diseases entirely, increasing blood flow and flushing your system of toxins on a daily basis is incredibly important for protecting your health over time. 

Improving Sleep 

All the benefits listed above and below can accumulate into one fantastic health benefit: improved sleep. With the drop in stress and anxiety, relaxing yoga can decrease insomnia. The mild exercise and release of hormones can also make you tired and more likely to fall asleep faster.

However, it isn’t just getting to sleep that can improve. With the decrease in inflammation and increase in blood flow, you may end up sleeping longer and more deeply. With that increased blood flow, your organ systems will function more optimally, and your body can better complete all of its normal functions while you sleep. This can lead to your feeling more rested and recovered when you wake the next morning. 

Improving Flexibility 

According to a worldwide survey conducted in 2016, the number one reason people do yoga is to increase flexibility. And it’s no wonder when a person practices yoga on a daily basis, their flexibility will increase exponentially. 

This is especially the case as you age. For those 65 and older, flexibility begins to decrease as physical abilities become more limited. However, performing daily relaxing yoga can keep aging joints lubricated and stretched. With the help of your yoga practice, you’ll never have to worry about whether you can pick up the set of keys you dropped.  

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Improving Heart Health

Daily relaxing yoga can improve your heart health for many reasons. Namely, the increase in blood flow. This will keep your heart muscle strong and pumping blood where it needs to go. Even if you are doing cardio and lifting weights, these practices put stress on your heart that yoga simply doesn’t. For this reason, it can be a great alternative for the elderly and those with limited physical abilities.  

Simple stretching isn’t the only yoga practice that could benefit the heart. Research has shown that the breathing exercises of yoga, called pranayama, are an excellent way to improve heart health. They’ve been shown to improve heart rate, arterial pressure, stroke capacity, and the heart’s ability to contract. 

Improving Balance

On top of flexibility, yoga has also been shown to improve balance over time. As you hold poses and transition from one to another, your muscle control can increase and improve your overall stability. As your inner core and thighs strengthen, you will be much less likely to fall when climbing stairs or reaching for something off the floor. 

This is an especially important benefit to consider for aging adults. For the elderly, a common fall can be incredibly dangerous and even deadly. Thankfully, daily relaxing yoga can help prevent these falls by promoting flexibility, strength, and a keen mind-muscle connection. All these together can tremendously improve balance and lead to a safer, healthier life. 

Nothing to Lose, and Everything to Gain 100w

One of the great things about relaxing yoga is that some routines can be completed in five minutes! Even the busiest person has five minutes to dedicate to improving their health and reducing strength. 

Relaxing yoga can be a great place to start on your journey. You might find yourself becoming more and more confident in your flexibility and balance and wanting to push yourself further into strength training. The sky is the limit with yoga, and advanced poses can improve your health and well-being tremendously. 

However, even if you’re nervous about committing to a new habit, five minutes of daily relaxing yoga is all you need to start changing your life for the better. 

Benefits of practicing every day yoga


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