The best Christmas holidays for families

The best Christmas holidays for family and friends. Is never too early to plan a well-deserved holiday. Christmas is that time of the year when you are too excited to offer and receive presents, cook fancy dinner, decorate your home and Christmas tree and visit your family members.

Best Christmas holiday destinations
Christmas is the best time to spend quality time with family and friends

Yet, every year, you follow the same Christmas rules, especially if you have kids that want to meet Santa Claus, you dedicate your time to give them the best experiences.

Are you going to spend Christmas at home or you planning a holiday already?

As we all know many people tend to celebrate at home by decorating the Christmas trees and exchange gifts while some people plan to go out of town to celebrate. In my opinion, you can enjoy the festive season when you go out and explore different ways of celebrating Christmas in any part of the world. 

Every year, more and more people tend to break the traditional way of celebrating Christmas and New Year by going to all-inclusive holidays, maybe in a hot destination, or a ski resort, either way, you choose, is a great way to create wonderful memories.

If you are tired of the Christmas rush, busy shopping centres, you stuck for gift ideas and want to skip cooking turkey, then start planning a Christmas holiday right now. The earlier you book your holiday the better.

Here are the top families Christmas holidays destinations:

Bethlehem, West Bank

Christmas is celebrated all across the globe on 25th of December and this day, the Christmas parties are in full swing but nothing compares to the celebrations at Bethlehem, West Bank, where the Jesus Christ was born. The most famous thing about this family Christmas holiday destination is the energy and celebrations at Manger Square and in the old city of Bethlehem. 

This is a popular holiday destination where people light thousands of Christmas trees, just as the clock ticks 12, the Saint Catherine’s Church lights up and many watchers see the amazing fireworks before a massive Catholic mass service. 

Book a Christmas family holiday at Bethlehem West Bank. Surrounded by Christmas spirit, there is no better place like Bethlehem, a very important place in Christianity.
image source: TripAdvisor Bethlehem, West Bank

This is a popular holiday destination where people light thousands of Christmas trees, just as the clock ticks 12, the Saint Catherine’s Church lights up and many watchers see the amazing fireworks before a massive Catholic mass service. 

Many people gather at Saint Catherine’s Church in West Bank Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas evening.

Where else can you spend Christmas other than Santa Claus Village?

Santa Claus Village, Finland

This is one of the most popular 2019 Christmas holidays destinations where you can take gifts from Santa Claus all 365 days in a year. If you do not know where to spend Christmas holidays, head up north and go to Finland’s arctic circle. 

Santa Park Hotel
Santa Park Hotel in Finland:

The best way to feel Christmas spirit is here at Santa Claus Village in Finland, reindeer slopes rides, magical snow and various activities for families with children’s.

Santa Claus Village
image source:

There is so much to do at Santa Claus Village, from taking amazing photos with Santa Claus and his elf’s, to Northern Lights Tour, Moomin Snowcastle ( tickets start from 30Euro/ per adult, and 18 Euro for children’s, Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park, you will have to spend quite a lot if you choose this destination, so make sure you arrange a monthly instalment for such a great holiday.

New York City, United States of America

New York is another popular Christmas holiday destination. The most important thing to do in New York is a sight-seeing tour by bus. Start your visit with a comprehensive city overview-type tour, which include stops at all the top sights and landmarks throughout the city and feature live narration on every bus. 

You won’t know what Christmas feels like unless you visit Times Square on Christmas eve. But, thanks to Hollywood movies, we know what Christmas looks like in New York City, cheesy music, Christmas lights, fireworks and a light snowfall throughout the evening. 

New York
Christmas holiday in New York surely has a magic flair

 Every year millions of tourists visit New York City at Christmas for its spectacular decorations and attractions. You can also witness the world’s largest Christmas tree being lit at the Rockefeller centre at the start of December.

Moreover, enjoy the ‘The Nutcracker Christmas show’ and do not forget to ice skate and shop at New York’s largest departmental stores. Of course, you cannot visit New York, without seeing Liberty statue by cruise, a panorama which you will never forget.

New York Family Location
If you like to spend Christmas holiday in the urban city of New York, rest assure that you have plenty of tourist attractions to visit

There are also plenty of museums to visit in New York, so book your holiday for as many days as you can to have time to explore everything this city has to offer.

If you travel with family and kids, ice skating is the number one choice to have fun and lose some calories.

Forget about winter coat, gloves and snow and try something more exciting for Christmas

Bondi Beach, Australia

Fancy to spend Christmas day in bikini eating turkey on the beach? Head out to one of the most unique Christmas holidays 2019 destination in Australia, the Bondi beach.  As you know that the Christmas in the northern hemisphere comes in the summer season so, beach, sand and great BBQ parties are great for spending Christmas cheerfully.

Who said you have to spend Christmas holidays in knitted jumpers, watching tv and drinking hot chocolate?

Yoga by Bondi Beach
Get out of ordinary traditions and choose to spend Christmas holidays with family and friends by doing yoga on Bondi Beach Australia

Bondi Beach is a famous family Christmas holiday destination as the most famous and popular DJs and singers rock the pavilion. Moreover, you can also find your soul mate here and enjoy loud festive songs in a prevailing festive atmosphere. 

Bondi Beach is not just to lay in the sun and swim in the Pacific Ocean, here is a list with many other things you can do while visiting this destination:

► Private Sightseeing Tours in Bondi by walking, cycling, or motorbike
► Surfing Lessons on Sydney’s Bondi Beach
► Dare to try delicious street food at Bondi farmers market
► When not on the beach, visit Bondi store and treat yourself with some cool fashion items
► Bondi Open-air Cinema located on 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive | Bondi Pavilion, Bondi, New South Wales 2026, Australia, this is a special experience and you should try while visit Bondi Beach.
► Dive Centre Bondi – Boat Tours & Water Sports, Classes & Workshops, Scuba & Snorkeling, Lessons & Workshops. Learn scuba diving and water sports while on Christmas holiday.
► Yoga By The and Saltsoak Float Studio, but also plenty of Massage Studios to relax your body and mind.
► For people who love art, there is Cooee Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Can you imagine yourself spending Christmas on Bondi beach purifying your body and mind through yoga?

Midnight Mass, The Vatican, Italy

The Vatican is known as the spiritual heart of Catholicism. For religious and non-religious people, this city is a Christmas holidays destination where you can celebrate and embrace festive season spiritually. The entire city of Vatican is magical 365 days a year, but December brings in some extra frisson and festive atmosphere. 

You can enjoy eating the roasted chestnuts and almonds, being sold at every corner of the city. Majority of Vatican’s people tend to spend the Christmas holidays spiritually by attending the massive Catholic service or known as the midnight mass service in Saint Peter’s church or Basilica on commencement of the Christmas eve.

Vatican Italy the best
Rome Vatican City Italy Tiber St Peter’s Basilica – image source: pixabay

The Christmas affairs in the afternoon would surely be memorable for you. Other than attending Saint Peter’s church, you can explore museums, castles, and hop-on bus tour.

Step into a magic land rich with traditions – Brasov Romania

Brasov – Romania

This destination is surely something you should consider if you want to have a magical Christmas evening.  Just in case you don’t know yet, Christmas is an extremely important celebration in Romania and the locals from Brasov knows very well how to celebrate no matter what.

If you’re after traditions, exceptional food, homemade cakes and drinks that will shake the core of your body, then Romania must be on your Christmas holiday destinations list. 

Steam train offer you
Enjoy a ride with the old steam train climbing Brasov mountains.
Image source:

There are specialized tours packages that will schedule your entertaining program for each day. Some Christmas activities that you can enjoy in Brasov or any other part of Romania is learning about the life of locals who craft traditional costumes, the process of Palinca ( is a very strong alcoholic drink, created with natural ingredients, such as plumes, apples, or grapes).

Take some folk dance lessons, experiment with cooking, learn the process of glass and clay vases, watch the locals dressed in special costumes for New Year festival ( the bear dance is something you won’t see anywhere else in the world)

Things to do in Brasov:
► Ski, is the main sport during the winter season.
► Climb the mountains through cable car – you will have a superb panoramic view toward the entire city of Brasov
► The Bran Castle ( known as Dracula Castle) 
► The Sphinx, located 40km from Brasov, is a must-see attraction. This symbolic place is the subject of many stories, as locals believe this whole area has a special vibration that cannot be explained. More information about The Sphinx you can find here:

► Listen and learn carols in the Christmas eve, some hosts will take you through the village to sing carols from house to house and in exchange, you will be greeted with baked apples and walnuts, cakes and mulled wine.
► Some holiday packages include horse sleigh riding, make sure you dress properly, wear fluffy gloves and hats because temperatures can drop bellow -15/20 in December in Brasov.
► Some other mountain areas in Romania have winter photo tour, ride by steam train, which is known by Mocanita. The train passes through spectacular landscapes of mountains and valleys and with the winter snow adding a touch of magic.
► For relaxing choose the hot pool with mountains view, steam and hot sauna and spa services, most of the hotels around Brasov will have tailored packages, so make sure you get all information before you book your Christmas holiday in Brasov Romania.

Germany has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe

Nuremberg, Germany

This is one of the popular holiday destinations because of its Christmas market. You can enjoy shopping from 180 stalls that sell toys, candles, chocolates, gingerbread, trinkets, coffee, mulled wine, candies and sizzling bratwurst.

It is preferable to visit the Christmas market after the dark as the coloured Christmas fairy lights create an enchanting festive atmosphere. You will never forget this kind of Christmas shopping. 

Nurenberg has best Christmas
Nuremberg Christmas Market will send you back to your childhood instantly. image source: pixabay

Zurich Switzerland

Zurich in Switzerland is the best families Christmas holidays destination because of the world-famous chocolates and the tourist attractions. Zurich organizes some of the best Christmas markets and Christmas singing festivals. Also, do not forget the Christmas carols and performances by the youngsters on the streets of Zurich.

image source:

As Brasov, Zurich has horse sleigh riding services through some of the best rustic areas that will fill your hearth with joy, refresh your lungs with pure air and give you the opportunity to create remarkable memories along with your friends and family.

Spend your family enjoy

For those people who dream to create glamorous photos, you can book a hotel room in Zurich with jacuzzi and Alps view,  champagne and swiss chocolate for romantic moments. Sounds good this option, but comes with a fat price, so book from now your dream Christmas holiday 2019, to get the best offers.

Christmas is not just about eating good food, exchanging gifts and singing carols, Christmas is a period for reflection and relaxation

These destinations are just a fraction of where you can spend your Christmas, if you have any other ideas, or you already been to places listed above, share your experience with us and let us know what you like the most, or what you don’t recommend.

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