How to wear a Polo T-shirt as a woman. Have you always overlooked polo t-shirts because you find it difficult to match them with other fashion pieces stylishly? If so, you are not alone. Many women skip this fashion piece for the same reason. To help spark your creativity, I compiled the following style guide to master the art of wearing a polo t-shirt like a true fashionista. So gather the polo T-shirts and the other garments listed in this post and rock your fashion style!

How to wear a Polo T-shirt as a women

Women can wear whatever they want: dresses and skirts, three-piece suits, chinos, jeans, blouses, button-ups. Yet, one seemingly genderless article of clothing that continues to befuddle legions of women around the Western world is the simple, basic polo.

As the name suggests, the polo shirt was originally designed and worn by polo players — primarily those in India, where temperatures rose much higher and thus necessitated more breathable fabrics, though short sleeves would come much later.

More casual athletic wear was slowly adopted in Great Britain and throughout the rest of the continent during the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries. Then, in 1929, a French tennis player named Lacoste invented a shirt for himself to wear during matches, but the style was an immediate fashion sensation worldwide.

Today, polos are incredibly versatile tops that look professional, casual, smart, and cool depending on how they are styled. If you want to become more comfortable buying and wearing women’s polos, read on for some top tips.

A Boxy Polo and Dad Jeans

Dad jeans are the latest jeans revolution, a high-rise style that is straight through the legs, creating a slouchy, baggy look. Pairing dad jeans with a similarly boxy polo creates an appealingly androgynous casual, comfortable, and chic look. You might drive the look home with a chunky pair of dad sneakers and a dad cap with a funny phrase or logo.

An Oversized Polo and Wide-leg Pants

If you want a more upscale look that remains on trend, you should nix the dad jeans in favor of wide-leg trousers. A pleated trouser or a chino would look equally good, but you may need to tailor your pants to ensure that the hem ends just above the ground; you don’t want your slacks getting muddy and torn.

On top, you should opt for a polo that is a bit oversized, though perhaps not boxy in shape. Then, you can tuck the front of your polo into your trousers in the French style to elongate your legs. Heels or wedges hidden underneath your trousers will enhance this effect.

A Slim-fit Polo With a Flowy Skirt

If you don’t want to go full genderless with your polo outfit, you might consider pairing your polo with a feminine, flowy skirt. In this case, you might opt for a more tight-fitting polo shirt which can be tucked into your skirt for a cleaner waistline. The skirt you choose should be longer, midi or maxi length, and you can finish the fit with sandals or boots.

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A Cropped Polo Over a Plaid Skirt

The preppy style is always trendy, and polos fit easily into the American Ivy aesthetic. If you are looking for a preppy outfit that screams “young,” you should pair a cropped polo with a well-fitting pleated plaid skirt. With some simple white tennis shoes at the base, this look could come right off a prep school campus. You get bonus points if you have a charm or tennis bracelet and bobby socks to accessorize.

 A Monochrome Polo and Pants

There is something timelessly striking about a monochrome look, so you should feel confident rocking tone-on-tone with your polo outfits. Most people find that neutral monochrome outfits are the easiest to achieve, but because polos come in every shade of the rainbow, you might try to put together a brighter, more exciting look. Bright colors are in, so you shouldn’t feel out of place creating a polo outfit that is bright purple from top to bottom.

A Statement Polo Under a Strappy Dress

If you need to curate a high-fashion look, you need to think about contrast. The humble polo tends to be casual and genderless; in contrast, a strappy ballgown is the height of formality and femininity. Therefore, if you layer a polo beneath a dress, you will achieve a totally unique style. The footwear you choose is totally up to you, likely dependent on your event — heels might work better for more formal spaces, but sneakers are great for casual affairs.

You don’t need to feel daunted by any article of clothing, least of all the polo. The more you experiment with wearing the polos, the more easily you will find integrating this clothing staple into your everyday wardrobe.

Final words

Don’t underestimate the power of embracing the classic elegance of women’s polo shirts. They are more than just comfortable garments that can effortlessly elevate your style and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. So why not add this timeless wardrobe essential to your collection today? Embrace the versatility, sophistication, and charm of wearing women’s polo shirts – because sometimes simplicity speaks volumes!

So, did you like this guide to style your polo t-shirts? Will you put those garments to work, or are you still doubting? If you haven’t decided yet, I’m sure your imagination will come over, and the right time to wear those polo t-shirts will find its way to you. Just wear what you feel comfortable with, but don’t forget to experiment. After all, that’s all fashion is about!

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