55 Sun kissed Summer nails ideas that you will love. Are you ready to enjoy the summer yet? Did you plan your outfits and look and now all is left are the nail designs? Rest assure that we round-up some of the most unique summer nails to stand-out anywhere you go. From simple to luxury nails, you will find 55+ ideas to get summer ready.

Get ready to flaunt your fabulous fingertips this summer! As temperatures rise and vacation plans unfold, it’s the perfect time to elevate your nail game with the hottest trends of the season. From vibrant hues to playful designs, we’re diving into the must-have nail looks that will add an extra dash of style to your summer adventures.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or jet-setting to exotic destinations, these trendy summer nails will ensure your hands are as Instagram-ready as your vacation snapshots. So, grab your favourite polish and let’s embark on a journey to nail perfection!

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1. Colourful summer nails design

2. Flower summer nails

3. Pink Lavender Floral summer Nails

4. Dusted pink summer nails

Dusted pink summer nails
image via @alinahoyonailartist 

5. Camomile flowers press on nails

6. Luxury Summer Yellow Hot Pink Gel Press On Nails

7. Pink and white v French tip floral nail gems 

8. Stiletto turquoise nails design

Stiletto turquoise nails design
image via @alinahoyonailartist 

9. Floral Summer nails design

10. Floral pink press on nails

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11. Yellow and Pink summer nails

12. Stiletto pink summer nails art

Stiletto pink summer nails art

13. Lime green daisy flowers almond nails design

14. Cute French stiletto nails

Cute French stiletto nails
image via @alinahoyonailartist 

15. French Blushed Reflective Green Cat nails design

16. Pink neon square nails design

17. Wildflower French tip short nails design

18. Forest Green French tip nails design

19. Yellow Press on Nails Almond Shaped Acrylic Nails

20. White French Tip Press On Nails Almond nails

21. Stiletto Neon summer nails

22. Ombre stiletto nails

Ombre stiletto nails

23. White and beige ombre nails design

24. Gradient black stiletto nails design

25. Yellow French tip summer nails

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26. Blue Sky and White Cloud Press On Nails

27. Coffin Yellow Floral Press on Nails

28. French tip with 3D flowers design

29. Tropical summer nails design

30. Elegant Cherry Blossom nails Design

31. Y2k pastel French nails design

32. Classy stiletto summer nails inspo

Classy stiletto summer nails inspo
image via @alinahoyonailartist 

33. Blooming Yellow Tulip flowers Press On Nails

34. Cute summer nails design

35. Summer Ombre acrylic nails

36. French gold almond nails design

37. Short summer nails with wildflowers design

38. Light pink lavender nails

Light pink lavender nails

39. Floral french tip matte glossy nails design

40. Luxury Gel Press On Nails

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41. Cute summer nails

42. Stiletto yellow summer nails

Stiletto yellow summer nails

43. Beach Holiday Summer Vibe Long Stiletto Press On Nail

44. Luxury coffin summer nails

Luxury coffin summer nails
image via @nailsbymel.co

45. Short French tip Pink and White nails design

46. Coffin acrylic nails design

47. Pink French Tip glitter summer nails

48. Sunflower summer nails design

49. Simple Almond summer nails

50. Coffin shape blue nails with summer flowers design

51. Acrylic y2k nails design

52. Peach colour stiletto nails with rhinestones

Peach colour stiletto nails with rhinestones

53. Simple square milky pink nails design

Simple square milky pink nails design

54. Green forest summer nails design

Green forrest summer nails design
image via @karolina_orzechowska

55. Stiletto chrome nails

Stiletto chrome nails
image via minea.nails

Final words

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