8 Ways the world is getting better. Despite the news of natural disasters, wars, and other tragedies that seem to be dominating the headlines, there are many uplifting reasons why the world is becoming a better place. From advances in technology to increased access to education, there is more to be grateful for than you might think. So take a few moments to bring some cheer into your life by unveiling a few reasons why the world is becoming a thriving place right now.

8 Ways the world is getting better

Take a look at the news, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world was a mess. But take a deeper dive, and you’ll find that not only are things not as bad as many people believe, but in many cases, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.

8 Ways the world is getting better

If you asked the average person whether things were better in the past or today, most people would say the past — but they’d be wrong because the facts don’t support that view. It’s easy to romanticize days gone by, but when it comes down to it, you’d much prefer living together than at any point in history. In this blog post, we will run through some of the key reasons why the world is much better than you might think it is.

People Are Healthier

We’d all agree that our health is important. For most people, it’s the most important thing. On that front, then, you’ll be happy to be living today. Why? Well, there are many reasons. But let’s start on the most basic one: many illnesses that plagued past generations (including the plague!) have been eradicated. In the olden days, you’d be lucky, and I’m not kidding, to make it to five years old. Most people didn’t.

Today, infant mortality is infinitely lower than it was in the past, to the point where most people take it for granted that their child will survive their first few years. That’s a beautiful thing, but it wasn’t always that way. 

Access to Education Is an All-Time High

An educated population can do brilliant things. Today, most people than ever before receive an education, and that’s especially true of people from poorer backgrounds and young girls, who have been historically overlooked in certain parts of the world. This fact has a positive impact today, but it should also be an encouragement for the future, too — who knows that life-changing idea exists in the head of someone who’s receiving an education today? 

The Internet is a Force For Good

The internet can be problematic. But the people who focus only on that side of the web have the same problem as those who think that the world is in bad shape — they’re ignoring all the good things that the internet offers. Just imagine, for a moment, how difficult it would be to send a message to a relative that lives on the other side of the world back in 1800.

To all intents and purposes, the relationship would cease to exist in any meaningful way. Today, in 2023, you can talk to people wherever they are over video chat for absolutely free. The next time you think the world sucks, remember that you can pull out your phone and send a message to your loved ones instantly, order food online and have it delivered to your doorstep in real-time, or shop for your favorite outfit and guess what? The next day you can happily open the parcel that you just ordered one day before. Don’t take that for granted!

Technology Is Improving Various Industries

Most people don’t think about how the world’s leading industries work, yet how they function does have a massive impact on the world. And it certainly has an impact on the workers. If you worked in an equipment-heavy role two hundred years ago, you would be at serious risk of injury or even death.

Technological advancements have made the safety record of potentially dangerous industries much better today. Tech advancements don’t just create a safer environment, either; they also allow capital-intensive industries to work better. Take a look at drones impact on mining, and you’ll see that technology alone has done wonders for improving efficiency and accuracy. But whatever job you work in, you’re probably benefitting in a big way from technology — just think about how much more difficult your job would be if you didn’t have tech tools by your side. 

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Emergency Response Has Never Been Better

If you were caught up in a natural disaster one hundred years ago, you’d almost certainly be looking at death. From around 1900 – 1950, roughly one million people were killed yearly due to extreme weather conditions.

Today, that number has come way, way down. You still wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a natural disaster, but it’s no longer the death sentence it once was. That’s because humans as a whole are much more resilient than they were even one hundred years ago. Plus, technological advancements have made it easier to locate survivors than it used to be. 

It’s a Peaceful Era

It’s important to note that conflicts are currently happening worldwide, and we should work together for them to end. But as a whole, if you look at the data, you’ll find that this is essentially the most peaceful time there’s ever been, with fewer wars taking place than at any point in recorded human history. That’s due to countries working together to avoid conflict, which they’ve done with a level of success that is not always fully appreciated. 

Mental Health Improvements

We talked earlier about how people are physically healthier than they were in the past. But there’s another area of health where we’ve made significant progress in the past few decades: our attitude to mental health problems. In the old days, the treatment of conditions was often inhumane, and in many cases, it wasn’t even formally acknowledged.

Luckily times have changed, and today it’s increasingly acceptable for people to be open about their mental health struggles. This shows that we’re moving towards a more empathetic, understanding society, even if it might not always look like it. 

Gender Equality

The established patriarchal dominance is still with us; the battle has not been won yet. However, if you’re looking for signs of progress, you’ll find them. There are more women in positions of power than ever before, and with the current trends in education, we’ll likely see more women in top positions in the next decade. It’s a significant step in the right direction. 

Final words

Did you enjoy reading this article? Has it changed your life perspective a bit, or do you still think that life is hard and you are at a disadvantage? However you might feel right now, it doesn’t matter, because … as you know, we only appreciate something once we don’t have anymore. So go ahead and enjoy what life is offering you. with all the possibilities because you never know when times might change again.

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