Why manuka honey is good for skin

Why manuka honey is good for skin. We know that this might be something new for you and that’s why we decided to enlighten you about Manuka honey process and endless properties for your health and skin.

Why manuka honey is good for skin.

Before we explain all the benefits of manuka honey, let’s talk about the origins of this nectar.

Manuka Honey is commonly produced by bees in Australia and New Zeeland. The process is identical as normal honey, except that bees are extracting the honey from Manuka Trees/ Tea tree which is well known for antimicrobial and pharmaceutical properties.

Why is manuka honey so special?

Since ancient times, manuka honey it’s been used for healing wounds and to treat various skincare problems, thanks to it’s Unique Manuka Factor (the UMF number found on every jar of manuka honey, reveals the purity and quality, the highest the UMF number shows the concentration of the compounds).  Usually, a higher number of UMF tends to have a darker colour and a specific taste, something like medicine and is used for a common wellness remedy.

Another thing that makes this honey so special is the price. Since is very expensive it can be considered a luxury remedy for skin and immune system and many beauty brands introduced already manuka honey in their products.

Here are just a few properties that manuka honey is used for:

1.Clean skin

Manuka honey is said to contain many anti-bacterial properties like Methylglyoxal and almost a hundred percent more than in the normal honey. It can kill many harmful bacteria and therefore prevents them from growing and spreading on your skin causing skin irritations or diseases. For people who suffer acne breakouts, or blackhead spots, this anti-bacterial honey can reduce blemishes on the skin with regular application.

If your skin has been suffering from some inflammatory problems, it might be due to pimples or too much stress because of makeup removal, applying manuka honey can easily soothe the inflammation on your face, I applied as a mask.

2.Miracle anti-ageing

Since manuka honey contains anti-oxidants in high quantities, which makes the skin age at a slower pace because it prevents the MMP which are enzymes that tend to destroy the collagen. The collagen is what keeps the cells of your face together and prevents them from hanging loose.

Once the collagen is destroyed which happens due to age or bad product usage on the skin, your skin starts to sag, but these effects can be repaired if manuka honey products are used accordingly, even a homemade facial mask combined with argan oil will improve skin texture.

The people who suffer from dry skin should consider using natural body scrubs, you can buy from our store our delicious body exfoliant Manuka Honey & Argan oil body scrub. We use Manuka Honey with the highest MGO/UMF to create a real moisturizing elixir for your skin.

3.Heals wounds

Although manuka honey has been used in ancient times for healing wounds, we do not recommend this. There is no medical recognition that manuka honey can be applied on raw wounds or burn skin, only a professional doctor can help you heal affected wounds properly and you should never try alternative health for serious health conditions.

4.Spot treatment

If you have acne problems, congestion, and clogged pores, manuka honey works like wonders thanks to its any-bacterial properties. Acne happens mostly because of oily skin that supports bacteria growing.

Once you start to use manuka honey face exfoliant, you will open your pores and skin will be free to breathe, most likely acne will be a thing of the past if you repeat the process a few times a week.

Many beauty brands are claiming to have manuka honey in their ingredients, when in fact all they use is the extract of manuka honey, a very very tiny bit, that probably won’t contribute with anything to your skin.

You should choose natural skincare instead of over-processed products that use preservatives and parabens (choosing a beauty product that has manuka honey in their ingredients and parabens won’t do any good, is like curing something and damaging something else at the same time)

The best way to use manuka honey is to have a teaspoon on empty stomach, is enough to maintain your immune system, you can also add in tea, coffee milkshake, etc.

Make sure you choose wisely the place to buy manuka honey, as there are many counterfeit products on the market and is hard to distinguish legit ones.

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