Why bitcoin is a viable investment

Why bitcoin is a viable investment – Do you think Bitcoin is a smart investment? Let’s find out.

bitcoin investment

In these days of uncertainty, we all wonder what is going on with worlds markets, investments, and our financial future. I’m not a money expert, but my instinct never failed me, all the decisions I made in my life regarding finances was basically made through my intuition.

Why bitcoin is a viable investment

As conservative as I am, I did manage to flip some properties, decorate and refurbish few apartments, and during all this process I learn important fact and this is patience. 

Patience is a virtue, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you just have to sit all day long and. Not doing anything, I’m talking about the kind of patience in investments.

When I look back now, I realize how fast time moved and I’m glad I took the right decisions in the past so I can enjoy the financial security now.

Personally, I’m a very savvy woman, I hate waste, I hate people throwing money on unnecessary things, but that’s everyone’s decision, I’m trying to become a better me, to evolve and gather more wisdom.

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This article is particularly written to open the eyes of many people who lost their faith in building financial freedom, becoming better with their finances or people who are very confused and don’t know where to invest their money.

Like me many other people saved their entire life, many build a house portfolio, other people trade stock market, but not many people are investing in cryptocurrency as they should. 

Nano ledger
In this Nano Ledger, you can store and carry your crypto coins

Is been proved that Bitcoin investment is far more profitable than any other investment, without even owning a physical product.

When I heard about Bitcoin in 2013, I was afraid of this technology, sound like an extra-terrestrial method of payment back then, but now realizing what I have did, I cannot forgive myself for not being open mind in 2013 to invest in bitcoin, I was chasing different money-making ideas which failed and here is bitcoin, standing still and more powerful than six years ago. 

I’ve learned my lesson, I learned to be open mind to any kind of technology because this is the future, the money will actually become a thing of the past and this is already happening in Sweden where people embrace digital currencies more than any other country in the world.

I’m addressing this lesson I learned to you guys who don’t know how or where to invest your money, for the love of your finances choose cryptocurrency and you will thank me in the future. If you are a student and want to save as little as you can, go for the cryptocurrency.

Once bitcoin started to draw attention in November 2017, I took the decision to invest in cryptocurrency, I listen to my intuition, I even trade some crypto on 500plus until they upgraded the stake and I couldn’t afford to trade too much money and I stick with investments only.

What are the benefits of investing in bitcoin?

Markets are very bubbly, the economy slows down, but, at the price bitcoin is right now, you must be crazy not to buy, and not only bitcoin, but there are also many altcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, ripple, naga coin, and many others.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have many benefits, is easy and simple to transfer funds from peer to peer, or make a payment, you can carry a huge amount of money with you in a simple nano ledger like mine.

Just imagine you don’t have to carry your wallet with you full with cash or a large stock of credit cards, by choosing a nano ledger( virtual wallet) you will avoid thieves to rise an eye on your wallet full with cash, problems like fake notes and microbes from cash will also disappear.

Basically, technology is here to stay, we did advance pretty fast in the past few years, but our financial systems are still backward, they still charge us enormous commissions, we are still victims of identity theft and we still need to buy currency when we travel around the world. 

In the end, I just want to add that you should be aware of this amazing investment option which is bitcoin, business analysts have predicted that is not impossible that one bitcoin to be worth 1 million dollars, more details can be found in this article: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-needs-to-be-worth-1000000-to-be-a-legitimate-currency-2017-09-15

Don’t make the same mistake as me guys to avoid technology, bitcoin is here to stay and is the most viable investment in this turbulent period. 

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