What makeup to wear during the summer

What makeup to wear during the summer. In this article, I will share my makeup routine for summer days and some little tricks to make it last longer. Who said you cannot wear makeup when is warm weather?

What makeup to wear during the summer.

Everything is shining and full of life when the sun is out, but our makeup might not be so in good relationship with high temperatures. I know you love to wear makeup even on sunny days and that’s why I did this article to share what cosmetic brands help me keep my makeup in place. 

Eyelash extensions are a lifesaver in the summer

Recently one friend of mine made a joke about how I’m able to wear makeup in hot temperatures like 35Celcius and that’s why I decided to write this article mainly, to show you that you can look like a barbie doll in extreme conditions. 

Just as everyone else, I like to wear makeup, even on sunny days when I have to go for dinner or an event, I want to look good, no matter what. 
When I choose to wear makeup I need to have a strict routine because my skin is very oily and the foundation will melt quite easily if I don’t respect some specific steps.

Keep reading to see what cosmetics brands I’m using and how I’m applying my makeup to achieve a glamorous look.

My makeup is quite simple, I do not want to clog my skin with many layers of foundation especially in summer, and you shouldn’t either if you want to keep your skin fresh and healthy. 

Eyelash extensions are a lifesaver in the summer. Eyelash extensions is a must for summer makeup if you want to look glamorous.
Eyelash extensions are a lifesaver in the summer.

Probably the best make-up element to wear in the summer is lash extensions. If you have a good skin texture and no spots, you don’t even need any foundation or extra makeup.

One main thing that will require special attention is dark circles. I know that they can make you feel uncomfortable sometimes, that’s why you can apply concealer and a very thin layer of foundation to improve the appearance of under-eye area.

We all know what glamorous look gives you eyelash extension if done professionally and you can enjoy your superb look even at pool or beach. Now let me explain how I’m doing my makeup in hot summer days and the tricks that make it last longer.

Before you apply make-up make sure your skin is well hydrated

The first thing you have to do before you start to apply make-up is to hydrate your skin properly. When your skin is hydrated properly your pores are closed and is much easy to apply the foundation; also sweat and dirt won’t clog your skin pores.

Well-hydrated skin looks healthier, youthful and plumper, so this is the base of your makeup routine.
To give a boost of hydration to my skin, I’m using collagen mask sheets from Foreo and Lancome. You can choose either of them and use it every day to see significant improvement in your look.

Here are a few options for face mask sheets that will improve your skin texture in a matter of minutes

Your eyes need special attention during the summer time

Take care of your eyes during the hot days. An eye spray can do wonders if you have pollen allergy.

An important trick that will make you your eyes look fresh the entire day, is to spray the top of your eyes with Optrex ActiMist spray. I started to use this eye spray in the spring when I had very bad heigh fever episodes. I was in such bad condition that my eyes were literally crying.

After I spray my eyes with Optrex ActiMist, I felt so much better, light, awake and my white eye was bright for the entire day, despite wearing makeup.

You can buy this spray from Boots if you are in UK, or you can find it online, but I suggest to buy from certified stores for your peace of mind, to avoid buying any imitation.

Once the skin is ready, I’m applying La Roche-Posay Redermic Anti Wrinkle Firming Face Moisturizer with Vitamin C and Clinique dark circle corrector.

You can find the products listed here:

Next step, I’m applying Olay Regenerist day cream, this specific cream I’m using it for a few years and I fall in love with the texture from day one. I never had another day cream with such a soft texture, is filing the skin pores so perfectly and leaves the skin moisturized for the entire day. 

Once the cream is settled for about 2 minutes, I’m applying a light shade eye makeup from Elf Cosmetics and then a very thin layer of La Roche Posay foundation.

I just love these nude palettes from Elf Cosmetics

Choose a foundation that has powder incorporated in its ingredients

La Roche Posay foundation is perfect for summer makeup because it contains powder and lasts longer than any other foundation brand.

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Why I choose La Roche Posay foundation is because the texture is richer, is a combination of liquid foundation and powder and you need to apply a very tiny bit and will be enough to cover your whole face. 

A pro tip

When applying the foundation on the face, always use movements from up towards down. Avoid doing circle moments so you don’t make the hair follicles more noticeable.

Foundation is the key to a successful makeup in the summer and La Roche Posay does a great job covering all imperfections but also will keep your face matte for a few good hours.

I did test many other face foundations and so far this brand is one of the best, compared with others that melt shortly after you apply them on the face.

Next, I use mascara, my favourite one that makes my lashes long and creates fake a lash extension effect is Maybelline New York. This mascara has become my favourite one and I will probably use it many years from now on.

I want to advise you guys to avoid waterproof mascara, especially the one that contains wax. Avoid at all cost the waterproof mascara, it will simply destroy your lashes and will make you look ridiculous.

Your lashes will glue together and inevitable you will lose part of them. Trust me I’m talking from my from real experience.

Is almost impossible to remove the waterproof mascara which has wax as ingredients.

Depends on what I want to wear, sometimes I like matte or glossy lipstick from Sephora. Nothing can beat this brand when we talk about makeup.

Keep your makeup as simple as possible when temperatures are extreme.

So basically this is my makeup for summer days, I do not add any highlighter or eye contour, I keep it simple, then I finish my look with a ponytail hairstyle or dutch braids.

If you want your makeup last longer is better to keep your hair tied up to avoid sticking on your face. By doing so, you will sweat less and feel much comfortable moving and doing normal activities.

I hope this article will help you and maybe you have some other tips to look great on hot days, do share it with us in a comment below. 

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if you buy from my referral link, at no extra cost to you.

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Beauty hacks for summer  makeup plus the best makeup rbands that will make you look and feel confident in hot days
Keep your makeup as simple as possible when temperatures are extreme.

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