Vaschy backpack review

Vaschy Backpack review – What I keep in my waterproof Backpack

Hello, my friends, 
In this article, I will review the Vaschy waterproof backpack, but you can also check the video version on my YouTube channel. 
I’ve been contacted by Vaschy company to review this unisex backpack and I will reveal all the features and show everything I carry in my bag when I travel to different cities. 

Vaschy Backpack review - What I keep in my waterproof Backpack

20% Off for this backpack on Cyber Monday

Before I show you all the details of Vaschy waterproof backpack, I want to give you great news that you can purchase this compact school rucksack with 20% OFF on Cyber Monday from Vaschy Amazon store. 

Follow the link to buy and enjoy wearing this super cool bag that can be one of the best articles if you travel daily by bus, train or you are in a busy crowd. 

I have to mention that the shipping was extremely fast, once I ordered this bag it has arrived in 2 days which made me add this brand on my favourite list, as you might expect, fast shipping is vital for online shopping. 

The size of my Vaschy backpack is absolutely perfect for the things I need to carry, the design is well made, compact and is not bulky to cause you trouble when moving. A 15-inch laptop will fit very easily in and out, leaving enough space to close the zipper without stretching the material. 

A waterproof backpack is essential for United Kingdom weather

As for UK weather, Vaschy waterproof school backpack is one of the best choices if we consider the quality and the price of this bag. To surprise you, even more, these guys from Vaschy are offering one year warranty for all their backpacks, that’s amazing, for £21.99 you can get your rucksack replaced if it gets damaged.

How many companies do they offer warranty for a backpack, especially for this price? Not many from what I know; so this makes Vaschy one of the top-rated backpack companies on Amazon, but also the reviews from people proves that this bag is great and does exactly the same thing as an expensive branded bag. 

Now I will tell you what I keep in the front compartment of my Vaschy a backpack. Usually in the outside compartment of a rucksack, you need to add things that you need to reach them very quick and easy and that’s exactly what I keep in there; my iPhone charger, a notebook ( when I have some ideas, I have to write them down immediately before I forget them), antibacterial hand gel, my leather gloves, and a pen. 

Amazon school waterproof backpack review.

Any content creator carry a backpack with extra outfits when travel across different places

Once I unzip the main compartment, we have two small pockets for the size of my palm, another one with a zipper and one without any kind of closure. Right on the top, there is another small compartment which fits perfectly my wallet and it has a zipper to keep it separate and easy to grab it.

I usually wear my backpack for trips to different cities and I like to carry with me my makeup bag, extra pair of shoes ( high heels shoes for chic photos), sometimes my laptop, but that’s not happening often cause I don’t need the laptop as long as I can do all the stuff I need with my smartphone. 

On the outside, this backpack has got a little accessory to tie your keys or your sports shoes and save space inside the bag. The last things I want to add is the way you can clean this bag; on the inside label, you can find the care instructions and is writing clear not to wash it in the washing machine, clean it by handwash. 

Overall, this unisex backpack is great for any journey and the design is simple and neat exactly how the Vaschy logo says. 

If you prefer to see the video version of Vascky backpack, check the link below.

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