Today is about

Today is about
In a preview article, I write about Krenig wallets that I ordered and how much I love my new accessories. 
I already had a wallet, but the quality wasn’t as good as Krenig, everyone knows that nothing compares with leather items, quality is exceptional, long-lasting and stunning colours and design. the best leather wallets for every style

Perfect gift for women’s

Every now and then, I like to make a change in my personal items, I like to give a fresh vibe to my cash and cards, so a new wallet is exactly what I needed.

From the photos, you can see how carefully is crafted this leather wallet, the lining of the wallet is padded with a high-quality satin branded with the Krenig logo. My leather wallet and key case, arrived wrapped in a soft handkerchief with the Krenig logo and packed in an elegant stiff lacquered cardboard box, all these details has given me the certainty that this brand is one of the top in marketplace, a brand that can become the next Louise Vuitton sensation and I’m super happy that I purchased a desirable accessory in early stage.

Here are a few images with my Krenig wallet, logo printed on inside fabric, on the zipper also, these signs show that this is an authentic product with a strong name on market.

Leather wallets will always be trendy

My key case from is a total time saving

Is impossible for me to separate from my key case, I keep my car key and change organized and most importantly, looks very fashionable.
Shopping online can be a time saving and wonderful experience, but at the same time can turn into a nasty experience if you go for a dodgy website. I have explained already about Instagram pop-up shops who try to push you to buy for a discount and most of the cases, the buyer never receives the item.

This is how I wear my krenig key case 🙂

This key case from is so practical and versatile has a well-established reputation online, their leather wallets can be found on every large platform like Amazon, eBay, and many others. There is no comparison between a dropshipping store and Krenig, dropshipping websites have a bad reputation with items imported from China through platforms like Aliexpress and Alibaba, while are designing and manufacturing their own products in Europe with premium leather. 

I don’t want to say that all dropshipping stores are bad, but most of them do sell cheap and low-quality products. Is everyone choice what they buy, at the end of the day, everyone realizes that quality is the way to go. I have leather bag since 5 years ago, I wear it every day and still looks good and not a single scratch on it, that wouldn’t be the case if I had chosen a cheap leather imitation bag. 

My advice is, choose something that lasts, it will always have value, especially if is leather. Go to and choose your leather wallet for your loved ones, or for yourself, you deserve it. 
If you bought leather accessories from let me know, tell me how do you like their products and if you agree that this brand will be the most wanted fashion item, drop a comment below and give arguments. 

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