The story of a sweet family business – chimney cake company

The story of a sweet family business – chimney cake company. How chimney cake took the UK by storm with its delicious taste.

Hello friends, today’s article is about a special dessert created with the passion and dedication of a skilled family business.
I’m not sure if you have heard or tasted before a Chimney cake, but I’m sure after you read this article, you will want to try it for sure.

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What is chimney cake and to eat it


I personally know The Chimney Cake for many years, I have tasted and fall in love with the unique and creative shape, look and taste. This dessert is well known in countries like Romania and Hungary by Kurtoscalacs name and most of the people from these countries know this special cake from entertaining festivals.
In the UK, The Chimney Cake Company is operating as a family business franchise with locations in many towns. If you curious and want to check their location and festivals they attending, visit their website and Facebook page for a more detailed image about this sweet family business.

When I heard the first time that you can find Chimney Cake in England, I was intrigued and decided to find more about this business.
Following a short interview with Ionut S. the owner of The Chimney Cake Company, I asked him, what made him start such a dessert franchise, and his answer put a smile on my face and I felt motivated to focus more and invest more energy in everything I do.

Discover a little from the secret of how The Chimney Company started

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” When I started the first location of The Chimney Company, I was a bit anxious like any entrepreneur, but I had a strong instinct that this business will become a huge success, which it did after few years of hard work and dedication.
I quickly realised that Chimney Cake is something new, no one else was doing such a traditional cake and this was an advantage because British people love new dishes, they love to discover delicious desserts and surprisingly, at every Food Festivals we attend, people are queuing up to buy a Kurtoscalacs”

The successful entrepreneur of The Chimney Cake Company told me about the process of doing this unique cake, a process like no other cake follows.
The recipe to make Chimney Cake might sound simple, but this creative team are highly skilled and follow a strict traditional process in order to create that fluffy chunky spiral.


Passion and dedication are what this family has put into making The Chimney Cake Company so much in demand.

Often they collaborate with different charities around UK, and helps them raise money for good causes.

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irresistible chimney cake

Sometimes schools, baptism and wedding event planners are approaching this business for customized orders, which is good for the company, but it requires extra working hours, more labour and of course more skilled staff.

What makes it The Chimney Cake Company so unique, is the fun way those spirals are created, the joy of people when tasting it and decide to recommend to their friends.

Being so versatile, The Chimney Cake is usually sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar, coconut flakes or chocolate bits.

The fun is not ending here when you visit The Chimney Cake Company at their stall, you will have a large variety of toppings for your cake: ice cream is number one choice along with Nutella and cream, this delicious dessert can be consumed along with a coffee, juice or on it own.
Now that you have discovered a new dessert, I would love to know your opinions about the chimney cake.



Other than being a family business, The Chimney Cake Company is looking to collaborate and expand their franchise around the UK.
If you want to start a small business that really stands out, brings good income and is fun to run, get in touch with the owner of The Chimney Cake Company to discuss further details about opening a new location.

You will receive full support and training to be able to generate sales and establish your food stall, without too much investment.
Such a business can even be run part-time, by going to food festivals, seaside locations, weddings, and other particular events.
Visit The Chimney Cake Company website for more info, follow them on social media and check their Facebook page for events planned.

Check their social media pages for updates and events:

Facebook: ( they already have listed on their page the events they attending)


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