The power of online reviews to drives sales

The power of online reviews to drives sales – How online reviews can boost sales to your business overnight.

Online reviews

 Most of the people are aware of the customer reviews or product reviews which they are seeing at different online stores. Easy access to the web and online stores has changed the way people used to shop almost everything of their need.

From the dentist services to high-tech products, people can buy almost anything online. But over the time it has become increasingly hard to decide if you should make the purchase or not.

Does your business have enough online reviews?

Why reviews are so important for your business?

A review is what makes a buyer spend the money on your product or not. A review is like a magic key, just as you introduce the right key and open a door this is how online reviews and word of mouth are.

How many times have you searched a store, a service provider or a business for reviews? Depends on what results you found; it did convince you to buy, or not.

A thorough review has made it easier for people to understand what they are going to get from a service provider and what quality of services and products are available there. According to a survey, in the year 2016, 90 percent of the shoppers made their purchase decision after reading at least one online review of the product or service.

Even more, 94% of online shoppers have reported that a negative online review convinced them to avoid getting services of a business. This is clearly showing the importance of having online reviews for any business.

Use reviews to grow your business and drive more sales

A few types of online reviews that can be more effective for your business

If your business hasn’t got any reviews yet, you should take action and ask your customers to write to complete a short survey or email them a link to the platforms where they can leave a feedback.

Many times, people either forget to rate a business, or they don’t care once they receive their item, is your responsibility as a business owner to engage and persuade people to write reviews for your company.

1. Reviews with the specific type of praise

Although all of the positive reviews are effective to build the reputation of your business effectively, the ones who are pointing out some specific aspects of your services or products will carry more weight.

These reviews can signal to what buyers are appreciating in your services or products. Even more, such kind of reviews will help people to understand easily what amazing features they can access by buying your products and services.

power of influencers

2. Industry experts’ feedback

You should embrace expert feedback. When a well knows expert, be it money, investing, gadgets will review your product or services, the public will trust that expert blindly because he/she has already a name and reputations and will talk deeply about your product, all-pro, and cons, but the end feedback matters.

Once that expert will recommend that product/service, you should prepare to see a large increase in sales.

Usually, experts charge a lot of money to review a product, if your budget is tight, you might want to hire bloggers and freelancers to reviews your business/product.

Do you know how valuable is a blogger/influencer opinion?

3. Reviews which are left by the influencers

Well, these days influencers are affecting the decisions of the customers more than anything else.

Working with influencers to get online reviews is quite easy, you need to make a list with pages that get the most engagement, or even micro-influencers will contribute massively to build your brand.

When you make your business plan, marketing is a strong point which will decide the fate of your company. From the beginning, you need to consider products in exchange for honest reviews and there are many nano influencers with a few thousand followers happy to accept your product for feedback.

The easiest way to do that, are Facebook groups, make sure you communicate professionally and write exactly what you expect in exchange for the product.

4. Sceptical converts’ reviews

These are reviews in which the customer admits that he was initially hesitant to buy a product or service from you. However, he did make the purchase and now is happy with your services. This type of reviews is perfect to win the people who are not sure about your services, but because such feedback, it did convince the buyer to complete the transaction.

We often see these kinds of reviews about small businesses, especially start-ups, when very few people dealt with that company.

Businesses still underestimate the power of online reviews

Importance of online reviews

Many people still underestimate the power of reviews and that’s because business owners do not understand what a business implies, (either is a newbie who wants to be his/her own boss, or they rely purely on advertising on social media because is easier to do).

Speaking from a customer point of view, many shoppers buy from instinct. Advertising agencies make a product looks so irresistible and people decide to buy without searching for feedbacks first, that’s when they get burn and decide to search info about that company.

Now let’s see the facts of online reviews:

1. Improved sales

Increased sales are the ultimate benefit of positive reviews which you can never get with any other mean.

Online reviews that drive sales are not only going to give more authentic information to the people about your business but also help visitors to make a better purchase decision in the long term.

2. Online feedback can improve the overall satisfaction of the customers

 Whether short or long, user feedback can benefit your prospects and company both by giving detailed insights.

3. Reviews can improve your online rankings

Online reviews can play an important role in improving the results of your SEO services. Even more, these can help you to get higher ranks in research results with ease. Your business get’s discovered through platforms that accept reviews, giving strong signals to Google that your brand is important and deserves a better rank in search results.

4. Allows customers to have a voice of the brand

The customers who are sparing some time to write an online review for your services or business are feeling a certain loyalty to your business. Even more, these customers will keep coming to your business again and again and can influence the decisions of other people too.

5. Online reviews can do marketing

A handful of positive reviews can change the image of any business. Running paid ads will convert nothing if your business hasn’t got any online feedbacks. Buyers will search about your brand and if not enough information’s will be found, they will move to the next store.

All you have to do, is to put yourself into buyers’ shoes, how much will you trust a business without any online opinions? I think you know the answer.

Be aware of negative reviews attacks

Final Words

Without any doubt, online reviews have a huge impact on the success and improved sales of any business. Nowadays consumers have become web-savvy, they want to spend carefully and want to know what other people are saying about your products or service before they proceed to make the purchase.

This is not only helping them to know the level and quality of your products and services but also to understand the customers’ experience with your business in a more effective way. Even more, this is also being considered as the cheapest way to promote your services and to catch new customers more effectively with ease.

In the end, I want to warn about the attack of negative reviews to businesses. Since competition is so fierce, many companies are using black hat techniques to ruin your business.

How does this work?

This dirty practice is applying to any kind of business (be it a service provider, plumber, dentist, flower shop, restaurant) some companies don’t like to have competitors and to take them out of the trade, they will hire people to write negative feedback about your business.

There are freelancers on various platforms that offer this kind of services and the only way to defend your business image is a software like Google Alerts who sends you an email every time your business is mentioned. Every large corporation uses this tool because they care about their image.

So what can you do if your company suddenly gets dozens of negative feedback? Many review platforms will allow you to respond to these reviewers, you can ask details about their purchase and if you discover that the feedbacks are fake, they can be removed if you provide enough evidence.

In the next few weeks, I will write an article about how to improve your brand image if it gets hurt by negative reviews, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and be the first one to receive updates.

Unfortunately, there are people who like to write gossips about businesses and influencers/bloggers and chances are that you cannot remove these articles since they are written on independent websites. You can contact the admin and ask to have your name removed from their article, but there is no guarantee that will agree.

Many influencers had to deal with trolls who tried everything to defame them, from creating and faking adult videos/images to scamming people using their photos, which resulted from the influencer to be accused of something she/he never did. If you are not ready to deal with negative stuff, it can affect your mental health quite a lot.

The digital world is fascinating, it helped us evolve and completely transformed the way we shop and interact with each other. To enjoy the benefits of the digital world, you need to protect yourself and your business and always be prepared for any situation.

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